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Denton howard

  1. 1. INHOPEThe International Association of Internet HotlinesINSAFECyprus MeetingMay 2011Denton HowardINHOPE Service & Training Manager "The project is co-funded by the European Union, through the Safer Internet plus programme" Visit: Co-funded By the Co-funded European By the Union European
  2. 2. Our Mission The mission of the INHOPE Association is to support and enhance the performance of Internet Hotlines around the World, ensuring swift action is taken in responding to reports of illegal content to make the Internet a safer place Co-funded By the European Union
  3. 3. Who is INHOPE?• INHOPE was founded in 1999• INHOPE represents and co-ordinates the global network of 42 Internet Hotlines (many of these are SIC’s & INSAFE members)• INHOPE is “owned” by its Members and managed by a five member Board of Directors (all newly elected)• Secretariat based in Amsterdam, Netherlands• Primary funding is from the European Commission• Is a sister project of INSAFE and partner in the current EC contract Co-funded By the European Union
  4. 4. Countries Saying No to Illegal Content Co-funded By the European Union
  5. 5. What is a Hotline?• A national point of contact where members of the public can report illegal content or activity on the internet• The Hotline will asses the Illegality of the reported site which involves investigation by trained professional analysts• Origin of the illegal sites is traced• Information concerning the illegal site is passed to the member Hotline in the country of origin• Hotline in the country of origin informs the national law enforcement agency and Internet Service Provider subject domestic agreement• Cooperation between Hotlines is governed by agreed binding Best Practices. Co-funded By the European Union
  6. 6. International Cooperation• Illegal activity on the Internet is a cross border problem• Often material reported to Hotlines is hosted beyond the borders of their own country• Internet Hotlines have proven to be an effective first line of defence against illegal activity online• INHOPE is a single point of contact for global reports of illegal content• As an international organisation it has the ability to collect & collate statistics on the situation Co-funded By the European Union
  7. 7. Awareness Vs HotlinesWhats the difference?• AWARENESS = before – how to avoid problems• HOTLINE = after – dealing with issues after they have been encounteredDifferent tasks but shared objective:-• “To make the Internet a safer place” Co-funded By the European Union
  8. 8. INHOPE - current projects1. INHOPE Reports Management Database (IHRMS)Objectives• Improve responses to reports of illegal content including web and internet• Reduce duplication of reports passed to Law Enforcement• Provides a global view of the problem related to the images of child sexual abuse• More relevant information for developing strategies to tackle the problem• Improved statistics• Shared and stand alone clone Co-funded By the European Union
  9. 9. INHOPE - current projects2. IIRMS (Hotline in a box)Objectives• In-house database for individual Hotlines to allow reports to be tracked and recorded.• Replacing the legacy “Remabase” product.• Automatically feed statistics and limited data to the IHRMS• Tool to facilitate Hotlines that may be legally limited in their participation in the IHRMS. Co-funded By the European Union
  10. 10. INHOPE - current projects3. INHOPE FoundationObjectives• A charitable foundation to allow donors to contribute project specific funding.• Provide support to Hotline initiatives that are starting up that do not yet have the resources to become INHOPE members (not funding)• “Foundation Hotlines” will contribute statistics / reports but will not have voting rights and must complete the full membership process within 2 years.Current:Legalities completed 2 weeks ago (work in progress)2 INHOPE staff currently in Columbia.Costa Rica and Chile will follow on in the near future. Co-funded By the European Union
  11. 11. INHOPE - current projects3. “INHOPE Mobile” reporting APPBackground• Microsoft TechTalent4Good program intern – Michalis Tolkas• Majority of all new internet connections via mobile devices• INHOPE Mobile allows users to report content from their device.• When user adds report APP does a number of checks on the URL reported – once validated the report is sent to the relevant Hotline for investigation and the IHRMS is automatically updated.• New version released for all major mobile platforms including iPad. Co-funded By the European Union
  12. 12. INHOPE - current projects4. INHOPE Strategic Review• INHOPE began a strategic review of its current structures and processes in early 2012.• Coincided with the need to develop a future strategy for 2015 and beyond.• Also coincided with John Carr’s blog article• Ruth Harris conducted & presented the review at the INHOPE Members meeting in London in April.• INHOPE has accepted her report and is currently in the process of developing the “2015 & beyond” future strategy through the newly elected board of directors Co-funded By the European Union
  13. 13. INHOPE - current projects5. INHOPE Analyst workshop• A development in training services to allow experienced Hotline Analysts to meet in an intensive “Hothouse” environment for 2 days• Agenda and topics developed by the members through discussions on a special blog• Analysts applied to attend but evaluated on what they could bring to the discussions (not just what they would gain)• Funded via financial support from Microsoft• Held in December – fully subscribed • Each topic was led by the analyst that proposed it• Solutions developed / demonstrated by group• VERY SUCCESSFUL! – will definitely be repeated Co-funded By the European Union
  14. 14. INHOPE - current projectsINHOPE / INSAFE – Sharing skills and experiencePlagiarism!Its true!We copied! Co-funded By the European Union
  15. 15. INHOPE - current projectsINHOPE / INSAFE – Sharing skills and experienceThe Hotline5ProgramShow and tell concept “borrowed” from INSAFE Co-funded By the European Union
  16. 16. INHOPE and its stakeholders areleading the fight against illegal content Co-funded By the European Union
  17. 17. Contact Details: Denton Howard INHOPE Services & Training CoordinatorEmail: Mobile: +353 87 2399550 Co-funded By the European Union