Can Innovation be Structured ?  TRIZ
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Can Innovation be Structured ? TRIZ

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Presented at Pecha Kucha - Edition 6 - 5th November....

Presented at Pecha Kucha - Edition 6 - 5th November.

Topic of the Presentation deals with how Innovation can be done using a strict set of rules and how the results are equally fabulous.

TRIZ, ARIZ, Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, Altshuller, Contradictions Matrix

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  • 1. PechaKucha Night Vol#6 Text HYDERABAD
  • 2. devised & shared by Klein Dytham architecture
  • 3. TM : PechaKucha Night Foundation
  • 4. V. HARICHARANBlogger | Libran | Start-Up Observer@This_Is_Hari |
  • 5. In the bhaag daud of this Zindagiits bahut zaroori to take stock of jo bhi ‘Pecha Kucha’ hai. - Yours Truly Original Tweet by @Jaya_Misra – 28Oct
  • 6. Everybody has problems !!! Everybody wants solutions !!!Can you give Innovation / Creativity - a Structure to which it must adhere / conform to ? Elegant Cost-effective Time-Saving Creative
  • 7. • December 1948• “Dear Comrade Stalin” - “To J. V. Stalin, The Prime Minister of the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics”
  • 8. • “... There exists a theory that can help an engineer invent…”• The repercussions
  • 9. • First Author’s Certificate at the age of 12 – for an underwater diving apparatus.• At the age of 14 – a boat that used Carbide for fuel.• In 1946 – a mechanism to escape out of a submerged submarine without any equipment.• Father of TRIZ - teoriya resheniya izobretatelskikh zadatch
  • 10. • Before Genrich Altshuller – Inventions were the result of accidents, mood or “blood-type”.• “If a methodology for inventing did not exist, one should be developed.” Invention Is nothing more the removal of a technical contradiction with the help of certain principles. Invention is certain if an inventor possesses knowledge of these principles.
  • 11. • Work in the Patent Office• KGB and FBI• 200,000 patents narrowed to 40,000 patents.• Levels of Innovation
  • 12. • Classification of the patents – industry wise posed problems because the core-issue remained the same in many industries.• The same problem had been solved over and over again using some fundamental inventive principles - Access – More Quickly and efficiently.• Thus was born the Contradictions Matrix – Altshuller Matrix
  • 13. The Contradiction Matrix !!!
  • 14. • An Example, In line with Dynamization- Trend/Principle: Nokias bending phone.• NOKIA FLEX
  • 15. TRIZ Principles - In Practice• Principle 8. Anti-Weight – in Business• To compensate for the weight (downward tendency) of an object, merge it with other objects that provide lift.• In a merger of two companies, one “lifts” the other with whatever its stronger features are (distribution system, marketing, methods, capital, etc)• Companies increase flagging sales by making connections with other rising products (e.g. movie tie-ins)
  • 16. TRIZ Principles - In Practice• Principle 6. Universality - in Construction• Make a part or object perform multiple functions; eliminate the need for other parts.• Fire glass - glass with steel wire re-enforcement that prevents release of broken glass upon breakage.• Built-in wardrobes/cupboards/etc• Velux windows - provide illumination, heat insulation, ventilation and weather-proofing
  • 17. TRIZ Principles - In Practice• Principle 26. Copying - in Educational Institutions• Instead of an unavailable, expensive, fragile books, use simpler and inexpensive copies.• Benchmark competitors. Copy their Best Practices.• Borrow images or 3D simulations of items from local museums, corporations, etc.• Utilize teacher-made worksheets, to get Data rather than re-inventing the wheel again
  • 18. TRIZ Principles - In Practice• Principle 27 - Cheap Short-Living Objects – in Marketing• Replace an expensive object or system with a multiple of inexpensive objects or systems, compromising certain qualities (such as service life, for instance).• Inference statistics methods at survey: sampling instead of census.• Low paid, temporary staff (students, etc.) for telemarketing and telephone survey.
  • 19. TRIZ Principles - In Practice • Principle 8. Anti- Weight – in Construction • Builders of Pyramids in Ancient Egypt – used Kites to transport Heavy stones to the site.
  • 20. TRIZ Principles - In Practice• Principle 5 – Consolidation – in Software Industry• Do multiple operations in parallel• Software Analogy: Make processes run in parallel• Multitasking operation systems, multithreaded applications, hyper-threading, multi processor applications• Some file sharing applications see that the requested file is available at multiple remote PC’s. Different chunks of the file can be downloaded from different PC’s combining them locally.
  • 21. TRIZ Principles - In Practice Principle 9 – Counteraction – Wire Roller Principle 13 – Inversion – Reverse Osmosis Principle 25 – Self Service– Automated Taps
  • 22. • Essence of TRIZ is the recognition that systems evolve towards the increase of ideality by overcoming contradictions mostly with minimal introduction of resources.• For creative problem solving, TRIZ helps us - to understand the problem as a system, to imagine the ideal solution first, and to solve contradictions.
  • 23. • Further Topics of study under TRIZ would be ARIZ – Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving (85 Step by Step procedures to solve any problem logically)• Substance-Field Analysis – SuField Analysis• USIT – Unified Structured Inventive Thinking