Johnny B Goode


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Learn one of the most famous guitar lead songs in the world with Ben Lowrey of Vguitarlessons

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Johnny B Goode

  1. 1. Ben’s Blog : Part 10 You are a Fast Track member! That means you get a 10% discount when you learn songs from our website. Here is your 10% discount code >>> vgrocks123 <<< Have you ever seen a film called quot;Back to the Futurequot; staring Michael J Fox? Do you remember the bit at the end of the film where he gets on stage and plays Johnny b good at the high school prom? That's What I'm Talking about! Rock 'n' Roll is Great Fun. It's a type of music, which is hard to dislike because it has 'feel good factor'. When songs like 'Grease Lightning', 'Happy Days', 'Jail House Rock', 'Johnny b good' and 'Rollover Beethoven', come on the radio, people go into a profoundly stupid mood and start wiggling and jiving to the beat. Rock n Roll always has a smile on its face, and that's why it's worth learning to play. Reggae also has the same 'universal appeal'. Even the most hard core 'death-metal shred-head teenage dirt-bag' would be happy to relax to the sound of Bob Marley and it's the same for Rock 'n' Roll. Do you want the good news?? , Rock n Roll is simple to play!! Most Rock n
  2. 2. Roll songs actually use the same set of chords, just with different lyrics over the top. The chord sequence is called a '12 bar'. This is also the same for Blues. Blues and Rock n Roll are Cousins, Blues tends to be slower, Rock n Roll tends to be faster, and both can be played with the same technique. Blues can also be a lot of fun. Lyrics like quot;I woke up this morning, my baby had left me, my dog was dead, and the car had been towedquot; ン spring to mind! It can be a lot of fun to play lead guitar and improvise over the top of a blues songs. Blues is typically very moody. It's a good opportunity to express some emotion in your playing. One of the segments of this eCourse is all about how to put plenty of expression and emotion into your improvising, you will receive it soon. Blues is a very cool way of learning to do this. About 5 years ago I was in a covers band called 'Chew Blue', we played lots of rock n roll and 70s tunes. Obviously, the type of bookings we got were 50th and 60th birthdays. At the time I was still a teenager so most of the audience were at least twice my age, but it was fine because bands tend to get treated well, fed good food and paid generously at gigs like that. Also, I spent a few years in a Duo called quot;The Funk Junkiesquot; with a singer called Matt Baker. We also included a lot of rock 'n' roll in our set even though we were playing night clubs and student balls a lot of the time. People of all ages appreciate rock n roll so it's worth learning! So, Would you like to learn some boogie woogie riffs that you can entertain your friends with? Would you like to learn the intro to 'Johnny b good' (like
  3. 3. he plays on 'Back To The Future')? , Ok Good. Slick your Hair back and get your shad e s on, we're gonna learn some rock n roll! (If you have been playing for some time already, you may already be familiar with blues and rock n roll. If so, I sugge st you watch the mini-video anyway, becau s e there are many different technique s to learn, and my way is probably slightly different to somebody else's way, so you're bound to pick up some new tricks. Once you've watched it, then click the link below and go to the archive where you will find 'full-length- video- guitar- lesson s ', more advanc e d technique s and song s which will challenge your playing ability even further. This 2-part eCourse is mainly aimed at beginner guitarists so some of it may seem obvious to you. However, stick with me, becau s e each segme nt I send you will focus on different technique s, so there's plenty here for you to enjoy. To Watch Your MINI-VIDEO- GUITAR- LES S ON 'Rock n Roll / Blues Style' (I sugg e st you do watch it!) click the download link above or below. Once you've watched the mini-video- guitar- lesson, BROWS E THE ARCHIVE At www.vGuitarLes s on There's a whole selection of different rock n roll song s such as 'Roll over Beethoven’, 'Jailhous e rock’, 'Happy Days', 'Johnny b good' and many more. Also, if you have friends who are learning guitar, send them this link www.vGuitarLes s o n becau s e I'm sure they will benefit from this eCourse also.
  4. 4. Until next time, keep practising, and enjoy playing guitar no matter what stand ard you are at. I'll see you in a few days with the next segme nt of your eCourse, where I’ll introduce you to 'Funk'. Remember don't make it more complicated than it needs to be, start simple, follow my instructions, and your ability will improve as you continue to practise. Ben Lowrey http://www.vguitarles s on