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V Giolito - LinkedIn - CIM - Icima - Insead 1jun13.key
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V Giolito - LinkedIn - CIM - Icima - Insead 1jun13.key


Published on

Slides of the session at Insead with Paul von Trotschke.

Slides of the session at Insead with Paul von Trotschke.

Published in: Business, Career

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  • 1. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comMy LinkedIn profile:How to bestpresent myselfINSEAD Alumni AssociationClub Consulting & Interim ManagementFontainebleau, 1 June 2013
  • 2. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comIntroductions - Who I am• INSEAD EMBA 04"Pioneers"• Career coach‣ NouvelleCarrière• Author‣ Le Livre pour Trouver votreTravail, Sept. 2013• Social networkingExpert‣ LinkedIn member since 2007(275k / 200m)‣ 30+ LI recommendations‣ 12k Slideshare views‣ Top 1% of profiles in 2012
  • 3. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comIntroductions - What I do• Executive coaching• Entrepreneurial coaching• "Back to a job" outplacement seminars‣ 6-week and 12-week programmes, 1-2 k€‣ Recommendation rate 100%• LinkedIn training‣ Workshops with alumni since 2009‣ ½-day and 1-day seminars, 200-500 €
  • 4. ©Vincent Giolito - But enough with me!Who are you?Who are you online?Who are you on LinkedIn?Lets get to know more..
  • 5. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comTakeaway #1Profile feedback• This is what peopleknow about youbefore your meeting‣ Is it accurate?‣ Is it what you wish?‣ How is it referenced?• 60% of all Googlesearch is aboutpeople - incl. you!
  • 6. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comAnd now some bad news...
  • 7. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comOf course,you are a star
  • 8. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comBut heresthe LinkedIneffectLinkedIn: 4m+profiles in France,200m worldwideand counting
  • 9. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comThe good news
  • 10. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comA framework to best presentingyourself on LinkedIn•Who is your audience?• What is your message?
  • 11. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comTo whom do you wantto be visible• In so large a universe, targetting yourprofile is the only way to getting theattention of recruiters and clients.• LinkedIn is the greatest tool ever to gettingto know the P E O P L E you target beforecontacting them.• It also is the greatest tool ever to select theright targets thanks to:‣ Search basic and advanced functions‣ Contacts, direct and indirect
  • 12. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comSmart targetting"Logic"targets"Dream"targets"Needy"targets
  • 13. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comTakeaway #2:LinkedIn framework for targetingHow to use LinkedInLogic targets‣ Check your current companys page‣ Check their competitors page,‣ Use the Similar companies button, the other profiles companies‣ Check profiles of your actual & past colleagues, bosses, DRsDream targets‣ Do your dream companies have a LinkedIn page?‣ Can you spot profiles of people who have the job of your dreamsNeedy targets‣ Visit the Careers section, check what companies are busy hiring‣ Use the basic and advanced Search functions‣ Spot the sectors, the geographies‣ Follow the companies, get their news‣ Check their Recruitment pages
  • 14. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comSmart targettingSearch functions
  • 15. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comSmart targettingSearch functions
  • 16. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comSmart targetting
  • 17. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comTakeaway #3Tools and models for profile writing• Official "about us" info: key figures, activities,values, etc.• Keywords‣ Sector keywords, company keywords, rare words‣ Brands, technical words, jargon• Personal profiles!‣ Trajectories, careers, company preferences‣ Key contacts: managers, HR, executives‣ Personal networking preferences‣ Good & bad profiles: career-wise, communication wise• Locations
  • 18. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comAu travail!
  • 19. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comSmart targetting• Pick ONE company‣ Either logic, dream or needy‣ Browse company pages, offers, personal profiles‣ Spot what seems to make sense for this company• Sum up your findings‣ 3 things you didnt know‣ 5 specific keywords relevant to you‣ 1-2 personal profiles you deem a model‣ 5 potential contacts
  • 20. ©Vincent Giolito -
  • 21. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comA framework to best presentingyourself on LinkedIn• Who is your audience?•What is your message?
  • 22. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comProfile DosPick your best pic.Up close,professional attire,clean backgroundMind Caps in nameTitle: refer tocurrent or latest.Check conformityto industryusages. Use thespace to indicateyour projects.Ask for recommendationsHave enoughcontacts: 300 is aminimumMention the website ofyour employer / companyCite your personalblog & Twiter if active
  • 23. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comSummary & Experience DosForget about monthsexcept if young gradEmployer: use officialdenomination (logowill appear on profile)Job title: use actual oruse one that is easy tounderstandExplain and flattercurrent & past employersPepper with:•Keywords•Figures•Knownbrands•Technicalterms(some)
  • 24. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comOther DosExpertise:• Pick relevant ones• Get recommended• Spot trendsRidinconsistencies!Use opportunities torepeat competencies,expertiseShow your personalitythrough precisionsMention:+ Certifications+ Books+ Software
  • 25. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comQuestions?
  • 26. ©Vincent Giolito -• A good profile is...‣ Concrete. Mention brands,figures, job titles, jobdescs thatare easy to understand andmatch the vocabulary of yourtarget.‣ Connected. Contact with allpeople you met. Getrecommendations.‣ Consistent. Repeat keywords (e.g. competencies). Backclaims with figures andrecommendations.• Mistakes include...‣ Too much jargon‣ Too general terms‣ Confidentiality breaches‣ Lengthy wordingTakeaway #4Precise guidelines for profile writing
  • 27. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comAu travail!
  • 28. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comProfile writing• Write your profile title and summary‣ Start from a blank slate‣ Respect tips‣ Use findings and feedback you received• Get feedback‣ Ask the other person next to you‣ Check Concreteness & Constance.‣ Give vice-versa feedback
  • 29. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comTakeaway #5A more powerfulLinkedIn profileIn addition to...# Profile feedback# Targeting framework# Profile tools & models# Profile guidelines
  • 30. ©Vincent Giolito - vincent.giolito@nouvellecarriere.comThank - rue Balzac - 75008 Paris - +33 1 53 53 69 81
  • 31. ©Vincent Giolito -