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Vva chapter 862 june 2010 newsletter

  1. 1. VIETNAM VET “GAZETTE” Issue 96 Together Then ..... Together Now June 2010 Up-Coming Meetings BOD Meeting 2nd Wednesday of the Month 7:00 PM Regular Meeting 3rd Wednesday of Month At our “New Home” ROCHESTER VFW Be Sure To Important Dates to Remember Upcoming Events— Page 11 Vietnam Veteran 862 member Jim McGeehan holds a plaque representing the Army's 1st Avia- tion Brigade at his home in Hopewell Township. McGeehan is planning a trip this summer to visit the family of his old buddy Dennis Stecker, who was killed in Vietnam in 1970. Mark Stecker always wondered about the events surrounding his brother’s death in 1970 on an airbase in South Vietnam, and for 40 years Jim McGeehan remembered. Stecker, of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. near Green Bay, will fi- nally get some answers this summer when he and his family meet with McGeehan of Hopewell Township, who served with Dennis Stecker at Bien Hoa Air Base and was there the day he died. “I thought about him often,” McGeehan said. “I’d see his name on The Wall (the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.), rub my hand across his name and think about that day. It’s just one of these things that you never forget.” McGeehan, a lieutenant with the Beaver County Sheriff’s De- partment, and Dennis Stecker served in the U.S. Army’s 118th Assault Helicopter Co. McGeehan was a helicopter door gunner. Stecker repaired the choppers. They met by chance, possibly in a mess line or at the enlisted men’s club, or the maintenance han- gar where Stecker worked. McGeehan isn’t sure. McGeehan said Stecker was quiet, not loud and boisterous like many of the soldiers on base. McGeehan liked that. They only knew each other for a short period — maybe five months — before Stecker was killed, but they forged a bond. “We just became friends,” McGeehan said. “I was from a steel town in western Pennsylvania (Midland) and he was from the Midwest. We always talked about our friends and families and the type of life we had back home.” (Cont on Page 4)
  2. 2. Page 2 2 Page VIETNAM VET GAZETTE Vietnam Vet Gazette June 2010 August 2001 Chapter 862 Officers & Committees COMMITTEES POW / MIA Executive BoardArea724 Area Codes (All 724 All Codes) “REMEMBER OUR POW/MIA'S” L. Skip Haswell - -President -843-6930 Executive Board When one American is not worth the effort to be found, Mike Mikulich - - 1st V.P.—266-6663 L. Skip Haswell -- -2nd V.P.—891-2089 Jon Neely - - - - -President - 843-6930 We as Americans have lost. Jon Neely - ---- - -Secretary —775-3027 Lee Corfield - -1st V.P. - -891-2089 PeteMuns - - - ---Treasurer-—643-9169 Bill Petrosky - - -2nd VP - - 643-8999 According to Department of Defense (DOD) figures, as of 2 May, 2010, Lee Corfield - - - - Secretary - - 775-3027 Board of Directors 1,720 Americans are still listed as missing and unaccounted for from the Larry Googins- - - Treasurer- -- 869-7090 Blaine Allinder——————375-4168 Vietnam War, though over 450 were at sea or over water losses. In South Bob Eiler———————— 457-8234 Board of Directors Bill Harlow——————-—378-0984 Vietnam there are 835 still missing. In North Vietnam, there are 478. CliffLaughner———-———-843-6828 Bill Hawes - - - - - -3- - - - -- 728-5065 Another 341 are missing in Laos and 59 in Cambodia. An additional 7 Blaine Montgomery———-—827-2782 James Allinder - - - - 3 - - - - - -375-4168 are missing in the Peoples Republic of China territorial waters. Nick Namath———————847-9296 John Pavkovich - - - -3- - - - - - 847-0592 NickLaughner - - - - -1 - - - - - -843-6828 Bill Pavkovich——————847-0592 The number of Americans returned and identified since the end of Tom Villella———————-843-7401 Don Robes - - - - - - 1- - - - - - 728-4334 Don Weiss————————827-2460 Bill Villella - - - - - - 1- - - - - - 843-7401 the Vietnam War in 1975 us now approximately 863, though another 63 Rich Kamzelski Delegates- - - - -728-2479 - - - - 2- American personnel were recovered post-incident and identified before Gary Shaffer - - - - -1st 2- - - - 847-9389 JoAnna Williamson - —— - 643-8941 the end of the war, bringing the total to approximately 926. Of the 1,720 Rich Tindell ———————513-0389 Tracey King - - - - - - -2 - - - - - 336-5457 unreturned Americans still unaccounted for, 90% were lost in Vietnam or Reuben Fuller ——————-378-4990 areas of Laos and Cambodia under Vietnam's wartime control. Delegates Nominating Committee Skip Haswell Denotes -Chairman * - - - - - - - - - - - - 843-6930 Jon Neely - - - -*- - - - - - - - - - 891-2089 Bill Bischak - - - - - - - - - - 774-4198 From 20 May to 22 June, JPAC will do another excavation at the Bill Laughner - - - - - - - - - - -847-9389 JoAnna Wiilliamson -843-6828 site of Major Bobby M. Jones (Flight Surgeon) and Pilot Jack Har- Nick Pavkovich - -- -- --------------643-1714 Tony Squadrito 847-0592 vey. The site was last excavated in 2008, where a blood chit was Lon Hogue - Agent - - - - - - - - 846-8857 - - - - Orange Lee Neely- - *- - - - - - - - - - - - -775-3027 found. They are hoping to find co-mingled remains of the crew. If Jon Corfield - - - - - - - - - - --891-2089 Pete Petrosky --------------- -------843-0706 John Helbing - 643-8999 enough DNA evidence is found, it will make the identification possi- Larry Yannachione------------- ---770-2267 Tony Googins - - - 869-7090 ble. They are also hoping to find dog tags belonging to either of the two Rich Kamzelski - - - - - - - - - -728-2479 Associate Liaison men. With this evidence, they will close the cases of the two men. Ma- PhillipPickering - -- -- * - - - - - - 643-4397 Cheri Morris - - 643-5725 jor Jones's sister is a member of the board of the "National League of Dave Tucker -- Denotes- Chairman • - - - - - - - - - - 774-4074 POW/MIA Families", and a former executive director of same. John Wakeley - - - • - - - - - - -378-6938 - Agent Orange Color/Honor Guards Jon Neely- - *- - - - -- -- -*------- 827-2782 James Montgomery - -891-2089 The author has mentioned before that in the course of research, he Don Pickering - - - - -Liaison -643-5267 AVVA - - - - - asked questions and went to lengths that had a tendency to step on peo- Linda Pavkovich - - * - Affairs -847-0592 Community - - - - - ple's toes. One of the several organizations he offended was the "National John Namath - - * - - - - Guards Color/Honor - - - --847-9296 League of Families". The major source of contention with this organiza- Ray Litzinger -------------- --------843-7401 Don Villella - - 378-5855 JoAnna Williamson - - -Affairs Community - - - - 847-9389 tion was the resignation letter of Colonel Millard Peck. For those of our Dan Sinclair - - * - - -& -By-Laws Constitution - - - - - -846-7475 readers with computer access, type in Colonel Millard Peck on the search Reuben Constitution- &-By-Laws Fuller - - * - - - - - 378-4990 line, and you will be able to access his resignation letter. What you may William Weiss - - - ---------------643-9169 Bill Muns - - - - * - 827-2460 not find was that Colonel Peck attached his resignation to his superior's Tony SquadritoNewsletter- - - 643-1714 ------- door with a K-Bar. Lee Corfield * Editor* ------- -847-9389 JoAnna Williamson - - - 775-3027 Finance Bill Muns - - * - - - - - - - - - - 643-9169 Finance Ergo, one of my closest contacts from the National League is no longer Bill Bischak - - ---------* - - - - - -869-7090 Larry Googins -- 774-4198 speaking with me. Because of this, I take most information received Lon Hogue - - -Legislative- - - 846-8857 ------- from the League as questionable. It is the belief of the author that many BartLaughner -* - - - - - - - - - - -777-2193 Bill Farzati - - - 843-6828 just want to remove names from the list, and will use any means avail- Membership Legislative GaryPetroskey - - * -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -643-8999 Pete Shaffer - - -* -643-8941 able. Mike Mikulich - - - - - - - - - - 266-6663 Merchandise Bill Laughner Membership- - - 843-6828 -----* -- POW News (cont on Page 3) Lee CorfieldMinority - - - - - - 775-3027 - - * - - - Affairs Bill Harlow - - * - - - - - - - - - - - 378-4990 Reuben Fuller - -378-0984 Bill Bischak -Vets -4 - Vets - 774-4198 --- - --- Rich Tindell - - - - - - - - - - - -- 336-5457 Tracy King - - - - - - - - - - - - - 375-4046
  3. 3. Page 3 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE June 2010 VVA 862 POW News (cont from Page 2) COMMITTEES (Cont) This brings us once again to H.R. 111. This bill is asking for a POW/MIA Gary Wink - - * - - - - - - - - - - 728-2810 congressional committee to investigate POW affairs, and has over 280 PTSD co-sponsors. To put this in perspective, more than half the members in Jon Neely - - - - * - - - - - - - - - 891-2089 congress have signed on to this bill. This bill has been in committee for Scholarship years, is re-introduced every year, and has never been to the floor of the Lon Hogue - - - - * - - - - - - - - 846-8857 house for a vote. Sgt of Arms Roy Barlett - - - * - - - - - - - - -378-0272 Veterans Affairs POW/MIA affairs are just the author's little niche. We have oth- Jon Neely - - - - * - - - - - - - - - 891-2089 ers in our organization dealing with other Veteran Related bills. I have Hospital Committee checked on some of these bills, including Agent Orange, the Homeless Blaine Allinder - - - - - - - - - - - 375-4168 Bills, and several other bills, particularly those related to Vietnam Veter- Auditing Committee ans. Most of the bills have been in committee as long as H.R. 111, with Bill Wright * - - - - - - - - - -- - -775-0738 enough co-sponsors to get them passed. Wayne Cumer - - - - - - - - - - - -947-3859 Joe Mavero - - - - - - - - - - - - - 494-1505 It is only the author's opinion, but it is very convenient for our congress people to tell us they support us, citing that they co-sponsor all Webmaster Lee Corfield - - - - - - - - - - - - - 775-3027 these bills. My question is why, If supporting our veterans is so popular, can none of these bills ever get to the floor of the House or Senate to get Nominating Committee passed? Lon Hogue -*- - - - - -- - - - - - -846-8857 Bart Farzati - - - - - - - - - - - - - 777-2193 We need to get H.R 111 on the floor for a vote before we are too Gary Myers - - - - - - - - - - - - - 728-8620 old for it to matter. Please Note, Next Edition "THIS IS OUR SOLEMN PLEDGE" VIETNAM VET ***UNTIL THEY ARE HOME*** GAZETTE "WHATEVER IT TAKES" DEADLINE "HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES" July 7th 2010 "WHATEVER THE COST" ********************************************************** VVA 862 WEBSITE http://www.vva862.org FRIENDSHIP RIDGE __________________________ Come and visit our Veterans! Do we have any VVA Musicians? Next Visit is Monday If you play an instrument and haven’t played for awhile, and would like to get together for some June 14th, 2010 fun, Please Contact: Come out give us a hand as we visit each Veteran At the Friendship Ridge Facility. Chet Kozlowski @ 724-775-4117
  4. 4. Page 5 8 PAGE4 Page VIETNAM VET GAZETTE VIETNAM VET GAZETTE VIETNAM VET GAZETTE December 2010 February2009 June 2007 McGeehan Story (cont from Page 1) McGeehan remembers that Dennis Stecker always had on a white T-shirt, unlike the other guys who typically wore olive green. He always had a smile on his face. He never got angry. “I never even heard him swear,” McGeehan said. That was Dennis, Mark Stecker said in a recent telephone interview from his home. “He would be smiling, no matter what,” he said. Mark, who was one year younger than his brother, said he always regretted not being there for his brother when he was killed. Maybe things would have been different, he said. Maybe he could have done something. “Ah, who knows,” he said with a sigh. He vividly remembers the day two local po- lice officers pulled up at the family’s home. Everyone was there: his parents, two younger brothers and a sister. They knew immediately. Dennis Stecker was dead at age 21. Killed in action. “They (the officers) didn’t have much more to say than that,” he said. Later, the official Army version came in a letter: early morning attack; shrapnel; Dennis didn’t make it. “All we knew is my brother came home in a coffin,” Mark Stecker said. “It was all a dark area.” McGeehan remembers Nov. 17, 1970, like it was yesterday. The rockets looked like giant sparklers falling from the sky, he said. **************************************************************************************** “SUPPORT THE TROOPS” RALLY SUNDAY Date: JUNE 13TH, 2010 Location: Gazebo in Beaver Time: 1:00 PM Come and Bring a Lawn Chair and enjoy the festivities. Your own “American Flag” would look nice too!!! Remember our VVA Motto: Never again will one generation of Veterans abandon another!
  5. 5. PAGE 57 Page VIETNAM VET GAZETTE VIETNAM VET GAZETTE September 2010 June 2005 Lee’s Tid Bits Hi Folks, The Ride to the Wall 2010 - turned out to be another great trip. We did have a few who went for the first time and I’m sure if you ask them, They will agree, it was great. We also had some new folk do the Rolling Thunder ride on Sunday morning also. They were very impressed.. We again are looking forward to next year. Well, You will notice that the minutes from the May meeting are missing. I still haven’t figured out what happened. We had an outage here at the house where we lost everything, Cable, Phone & Internet. I’ve been able to recover mostly everything, but I can’t find the minutes from the May meeting. I was working on the newsletter at the time and I believe I hadn’t clicked on “save as” yet. When I went to open everything back up, after the power came back on, everything I worked on was gone. So I had to start over. If I find them, they will be in the next newsletter. As some of you know, We have 2 of our members are under strict medical care. Bob Grant has had some problems and was at the Kindred Care section of the Medical Center and has been moved to the Friendship Ridge for rehab for his knee and he is doing very well. He is on Annex 2 in room 233W. Our President Skip Haswell has recently undergone a Triple By Pass. After a few days in the Medical Center, Skip is now at home recuperating. Support The Troops Rally - Don’t forget the upcoming “Support the Troops Rally” on Sunday June 13th at the Gazebo in Beaver. Bob Gwin has put a lot of work into this and has asked for our help. If you have some free time on that Sunday, stop down a little early and see where we can give him some assistance. It will be greatly appreciated. Upcoming Bike rides - I have been approached by several of our Riding members to look into some upcom- ing rides during the summer. I know there is one coming up in Butler July 17th which leaves out of the VA hospital and ends up at the Lyndora American Legion Picnic Grounds. There is also another veterans ride coming up in Pittsburgh. SW Viet Vets Parade Aug 22nd. As I get the details, I will send them out. Don’t for- get the Ride out in Ohio on July 24th. Details are on Page 7. Well, that’s it for now, Don’t forget to get signed up for Kokomo if you’re going. We can’t wait till the last minute. This must be done early. Let Skip know if you want added to the list. It will be here before you know it. The views and opinions are solely that of the writer and Mailing Deceased Members do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions or poli- cies of the Vietnam Veterans of America, (National, State Newsletters or Local). All articles written by the editor unless otherwise stated. Out of all the deceased members, I’ve had one phone call Submissions will be gladly accepted by the editor. Lee Corfield - Editor VVA 862 Beaver County, Pa Who asked to remain on our mail- 140 Knob Vue Drive ing list. Freedom, Pa. 15042 . We reserve the right to edit submissions as space allows. All others will be removed.
  6. 6. PAGE78 Page 6 Page ShortRounds VIETNAM VET GAZETTE VIETNAM VET GAZETTE VIETNAM VET GAZETTE December 2010 February 2009 June 2007 What Blumenthal might have learned from the war zone I have a thing for Marines, always have. It began a long time ago when I watched my older brother amble away in the night toward his barracks at Camp Pendleton near San Diego. I cried myself dry that evening, thinking that I might not see him again, knowing that the next morning he was off to Vietnam. Khe Sanh, his ultimate destination, might as well have been another planet. As it turns out, it was Hell. Jack came home eventually, a different boy than the one who left. Still just a teenager, he was leaner and meaner. His eyes gave nothing away. When our father and I visited Jack at the Naval Hospital in Philadelphia, where he was being treated for "battle fatigue" and other afflictions, we stuck to safe subjects: college, cars and girls, his primary interests at that point. To this day, I've yet to hear any stories of war from him, or, for that matter, from any of the men in my family, all of them veterans of various conflicts. A few scattered pictures of tough boys sporting knives and guns occasionally find their way to the top of a shoe box, but there are no videos or journals, no displays of Purple Hearts. Like most veterans, with a few notable exceptions, my brother has expressed no desire to re- visit that time and place, nor any need to boast of his exploits. When you've witnessed the horrors of war, you apparently don't need to tell anyone. Blumenthal had every right under the law to seek deferments. He had every right to be proud of his service during the Vietnam era. But he did not have the right to build personal equity on the borrowed suffering of others. Had he gone to Vietnam, as he apparently thinks he should have, he would have learned that, and this: Real heroes never brag, and real Marines don't lie. This was from the Washington Post today and written by Kathleen Parker Special Thanks goes to VVA 862 Mike Rampenthal from Port Angeles Washington for this article
  7. 7. Page 7 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE June 2010 Ohio Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park Clinton Ohio July 24th, 2010 This is a Very SpecialMotorcycle Ride in Honor of the 3,095 Ohio Vietnam Veterans who paid the ultimate price! Clay’s Park Canal Fulton, Ohio Staging will be from 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM We will be leaving here early Saturday Morning _________________________________________________ We Are Collecting “Eyeglasses” Last year, Bill Laughner assisted one of our VVA members Tom McCormack in collect- ing 4 boxes of eyeglasses. Tom McCormack travels every year to South America to take them Medical Supplies. Bill would like to do the same thing this year. He will be bringing in boxes from the Lions Club to collect your old eyeglasses. He will be doing this for the next 3 meet- ings. That would be June July & August If you have some, Bring them in: See Bill Laughner VVA CHAPTER 862 GOLF LEAGUE STONECREST GOLF COURSE Every MONDAY EVENING LEAGUE TEE-TIMES 5:30 PM BLACKHAWK GOLF COURSE Every THURSDAY EVENING LEAGUE TEE-TIMES 6:00 PM
  8. 8. Page 8 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE June 2010 VVA CHAPTER 862 IS ACCEPTING ORDERS for memorial walkway bricks to be placed at the Vietnam Memorial in Beaver. You may honor Veterans of the armed services, loved ones and friends (both living and deceased) with an “In Memory of” brick. You may also want to honor your American Legion post, your Veterans of Foreign Wars post and/or all Veterans Service Organizations. Orders are accepted year round, with placement every spring and fall. Engraving is donated by Rome Monument in honor of county veterans. Mail completed forms to: William Laughner 119 Jonathan Drive Darlington, PA 16115 BEAVER COUNTY VETERANS EXPO JUNE 19th, 2010 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Penn State, Beaver 100 University Drive Monaca Pa 15061 A FREE EVENT FOR VETERANS, SOLDIERS AND THEIR FAMILIES THE PUBLIC IS INVITED CONTACT: BEAVER.PSU.EDU.VETERANSEXPO Sponsored by Penn State & Beaver County Times
  9. 9. Page 9 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE June 2010 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Legislative Update June 2010 TO OUR VA Sec. Shinseki has proposed legislation titled “The Veterans Benefits Im- MEMBERS provement Act of 2010 “intended to change the way the VA would deal with the claims backlog. He proposes that the law do away with “reasons and ba- July sis” for board decisions and impose only a “plausible” reasoning requirement Albert Walters July 1 on the VA boards. This means that almost no VA decision will be overturned Charles Inman July 2 by a court and will surely do away with the backlog caused by those pesky John Elliott July 2 attorneys who represent veterans. (See vawatchdog.org for more info) Dan Householder July 2 Ray Nixon July 2 Senator Jim Webb (VA) has delayed the implementation of the payment of Doug Smith July 2 claims for the three new Agent Orange presumptives. Hairy cell leukemia Gary Wink July 2 Luke Patrino July 3 and other chronic B cell leukemia's, Parkinson's disease, and ischemic heart Rich Raich July 4 disease have been added to the list of presumptives for service connection Ronald Dominici July 7 and now congress will have 60 days to rule on the VA decision. William Reed July 9 Louis George III July 10 The Senate has completed its version of the Defense Authorization bill. This William Silver Sr July 10 bill would reduce this year’s military pay raise from 1.9% (as proposed in Nick Veitz July 10 the House version) to 1.4%. It would also take the first steps toward repeal- Jim McTaggart July 12 ing the DOD “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy which will allow openly gay peo- John Wakeley July 12 ple to serve in the military. Roy Barlett July 13 Steph Bollard July 13 Dennis Smith July 14 H.R. 5041 has been signed into law. It recognizes all VA health care pro- Randy Tallon July 14 grams as meeting Minimal Essential Coverage under the new national health James Boots July 17 care law. Huxley Lipscomb July 17 H.R. 1017 “Chiropractic Care to all Veterans Act” has passed the House and Bernie Strauss July 17 is now in the Senate. If this bill passes it will make chiropractic care avail- John Malack July 19 able in 75 VA hospitals and clinics by 2013 Tom Devin July 20 John Vongray July 20 The Agent Orange Equity Act now has 257 cosponsors and is still in com- George Haskell July 21 mittee with no planned action. S-1939 in the senate had a hearing on 19 Dennis McFee July 21 May. Ken Phillips July 21 Here’s the VA position on the legislation: Joe Russell July 22 Gale Mussey July 23 “Herbicide was used to defoliate trees. We already provide for pre- Dave Ondrusek sumptive service connection for naval personnel and Air Force personnel July 24 Cliff Pflugh who were in brown water where we can demonstrate that they were ashore or July 24 Gary Shaffer even if they transited for only a very short time in Vietnam. But many of July 25 Larry McGrown these ships were hundreds of miles away from the shore. In fact, a very sen- July 26 Chas R. Smith ior naval officer told me when he was working for VA that when he was a July 29 submarine commander, they would make it a point to go inside the tactical If you don’t see your zone so that they could get the Vietnam Service Medal. They were sub- merged at the time. Birthday listed, it’s So we do not believe that herbicide would have extended hundreds of probably because I don’t miles offshore, nor would it have affected high altitude aircraft have it. “ (STATEMENT OF THOMAS J. PAMPERIN, ASSOCI UNDER SEC- RETARY FOR POLICY AND PROGRAM MANAGEMENT, I don’t have AVVA VETERANS BENEFITS ADMINISTRATION, U.S. DEPARTMENT Birthdays. OF VETERANS AFFAIRS)
  10. 10. Page 16 10 Page 14 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE VIETNAM VET GAZETTE December 2009 June 2009 AVVA Minutes May 19, 2010 Chapter Representative Linda Pavkovich called the regular meeting of AVVA Chapter 862 to order at 6:00 PM with 17 members present. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as published. The report was given on our line item in the VVA budget and will be filed. Unfinished Business: Our planned visit to Friendship Ridge is scheduled for Monday, June 14, 2010. Our request for Chapter Incorporation has been approved by National. We have 60 days from the date I re- ceive the registered confirmation letter and return the card to get our 25 signatures. The Vet Center donation this month will be to the Upper Beaver Valley Veterans Service Center. We have ordered a supply of Agent Orange Remembrance Pins. We will be giving them to the widows and children of Vietnam Veterans who have died as a result of Agent Orange. We will have them for sale for any- one who wants to pay tribute to those who are living with the result of exposure to AO. Please notify Bobby Morris or Linda Pavkovich with names of anyone who should receive one of these pins. New Business: Bob Gwin spoke about the upcoming Troop Rally and asked for AVVA help this year with setting up and dur- ing the rally. He also asks that we contribute new ideas for next year’s rally. A motion was made by Robb Lane, seconded by Marilyn Piccirilli, to donate $100 from our VVA line item to the rally. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned. Next meeting will be June 16, 2010 at the Rochester VFW in the Board Room at 6:00 PM. ATTENTION ALL AVVA MEMBERS: We have begun the procedures for becoming an Incorporated Chapter of AVVA. At present we are an AVVA Chapter affiliated with VVA 862. Incorporation will enable AVVA 862 to elect officers, maintain our own finances, and work more effectively with VVA 862 to support their projects and programs. We are dedicated to helping all veterans, their families and their communities. We will continue to work closely with VVA 862 in these efforts. The first step is to complete a petition with 25 signatures of AVVA members who are at least 18 years of age and have been a member of AVVA for at least 3 months. (AVVA members who are also VVA members cannot sign the petition.) We only have until the middle of July to complete and return the petition to National AVVA, so please come to the June 16, 2010 meeting at 6:00 PM at the Rochester VFW to sign the petition and help us to become incorporated.
  11. 11. PAGE11 Page 12 Calendar of VET GAZETTE VIETNAM Events for 2006 VIETNAM VET GAZETTE January 2010 June 2006 “TOGETHER THEN” ‘TOGETHER Calendar of Events for 2010 “TOGETHER NOW” #218186 June September June 2 Newsletter Deadline Sept 1 Newsletter Deadline June 5 & 6 VVA PA State Council Meeting State College Pa Sept 6 “Labor Day” June 9 VVA BOD Meeting - Rochester VFW 7 PM Sept 8 VVA BOD Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM June 13 U S Army Birthday 1775 Sept 11 POW / MIA Run & Memorial Program June 13 Support the Troops Rally - 1:00 PM Sept 15 VVA Regular Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM Gazebo in Beaver Sept 16 - 19 Kokomo, In. Vietnam Vet Reunion June 14 Flag Day “Fly them Flags” Sept 18 US Air Force Birthday 1947 June 16 VVA Regular Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM Sept 26 “Gold Star Mothers Day” June 20 “Happy Fathers Day” July October July 3 Independence Day * Parade in Midland* Oct 6 Newsletter Deadline July 7 Newsletter Deadline Oct 13U. S. Navy Birthday July 14 VVA BOD Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM Oct 13VVA BOD Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM July 17 BIKERS For VETS Run - Butler VA PA. 10:00 AM Oct 16 - 17 PASC Meeting State College Pa July 21 VVA Regular Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM Oct 20VVA Regular Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM AVVA meets @ 6:00 PM AVVA meets @ 6:00 PM Oct 23 Hi-Way Clean Up Meet @ Baden McDonald’s 9:AM Clean Up detail starts at 10:00 AM Oct ?? Agent Orange Poppy Days August Aug 4 Newsletter Deadline . US Coast Guard Birthday 1790 Aug 10 - Aug 15 National VVA Conference Orlando Fl Aug 11 VVA BOD Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM Aug 13 - 15 Regatta - Bridgewater (Booth will be set up) November Chairmen will be Rich Kamzelski Nov 2 “Election Day” Be Sure to Vote’ Aug 18 VVA Picnic - Industry Park Nov 3 Newsletter Deadline Aug 22 Honor SW PA Viet Vets 10AM to 6PM Nov 7 Daylight Savings Time Ends South Park Fairgrounds Parade 11:00 AM Nov 10 US Marine Corp Birthday Aug 24 - 28 “Hookstown Fair” Booth set up all week Nov 10 VVA BOD Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM Aug 27 VVA “Duck Race” 6:00 PM @ Hookstown Fair Nov 11 Veterans Day Parade in ???????? Pa Nov 17 VVA Regular Meeting Rochester VFW 7 PM Nov 25 “Happy Thanksgiving “ PLEASE “READ YOUR NEWSLETTERS” December You wouldn’t believe how many people call Dec 1 Newsletter Deadline me looking for information on upcoming Dec 7 “Pearl Harbor Day” Dec 8 VVA BOD Meeting Rochester VFW PM items. I’ll bet I had 5 calls about when the Dec 15 VVA Regular Meeting Rochester Elks 7 PM Butler VA was coming to our meeting. I Dec 25 “Merry Christmas” Dec 31 New Year’s Eve know it was covered at least 3 times in the newsletter. Also check this page to see if your item is listed under Calendar of Events. Lee
  12. 12. VIETNAM VETERANS OF AMERICA MEMBERSHIP Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc Beaver County Chapter 862 IS OPEN TO ANY VETERAN 140 Knob VueEditor WHO SERVED Lee Corfield, Drive ANYWHERE DURING THE VIETNAM WAR ERA Freedom, PA 15042 Name:______________________Phone:_______________Birthday___/___/___ Address:__________________-City:________________State:______Zip______ ____I served in the US military (for other than training purposes) between 8/5/64 & 5/7/75 Or ____I served in the US military in Vietnam between 2/28/61 and 5/7/75 ____DD-214 enclosed (Applications without DD-214 will be processed as Associate Memberships) ____Renewal Membership Card #_________________New Member:_____________ ____I wish to join the (AVVA) - Associates of the Vietnam Veterans of America $20.00 P/Year Type: __ 1 Year Individual Member- $20.00 __ 3 Year- $50.00 __ Life Member Optional Time Payment $50 down/ $25/mth Return this form to: __ $250.00 (Ages 49 and under) __ $225.00 (Ages 50-55) GARY SHAFFER __ $200.00 (Ages 56-60) VVA CHAPTER 862 __ $175.00 (Ages 61-65) 709 OHIO AVE __ $150.00 (Ages 66 + ) MIDLAND, PA 15059 Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc Beaver County Chapter 862 NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION Lee Corfield, Editor U.S. POSTAGE 140 Knob Vue Drive PAID PERMIT NO. 862 Freedom, PA. 15042 ROCHESTER PA. 15074