VFW Post 175 meeting minutes April 2010


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VFW Post 175 meeting minutes April 2010

  1. 1. April 6th 2010<br />Meeting Minutes<br />Amended 5-21-2010 (Bold red)<br />A regular meeting of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 175 was held on April 6th, 2010 at the Morgan Stanley Office, 4259 West Swamp Road Suite 400, Doylestown, PA. A quorum being present the meeting was called to order at 1900.<br /> <br />Roll call of officers:<br />OfficeNamePresentNot PresentCommanderMatt FisherxSenior Vice CommanderChris Serafinx Junior Vice CommanderGreg Nowakowski x AdjutantBob StaranowiczxQuartermasterDennis Kazlaukas x ChaplainJim Ryan x Officer of the DayNAJudge AdvocateNASurgeonBudd PearcexService OfficerKarl Von Buerenx TrusteeJack Beaverx TrusteeMike OlenickX TrusteeJim Mc Combx<br />In addition to the officers listed above, the following members were in attendance: , Bill Severns, Jim Webster, Warren Kimmel, Bill Woehr, Ed Boom, Chet Furtek, George Myers, Fred Ewald, Lou Rizzo, Al Szabo, John Guba, Ed Krensel, L Smith. This list is not all inclusive.<br />Membership Applications: Lou Rizzo<br />New members: Lou Rizzo<br />Minutes of the previous meeting: <br />Approved by membership  <br />Quartermaster’s Report:Disbursements$ 666.57<br />Deposits$ 827.50<br />Petty Cash$117.14<br />The post is currently over budget<br />Service Officer’s report: Karl discussed the possibility the Philadelphia VA Hospital radiation <br />therapy overdose problem, Westboro Baptist Church protest issues and Vietnam casualty statistics<br />Comrades in distress: Harry Wison passed away<br />Jim Ryan’s wife is recovering from as fall<br />Commander’s report: <br />New shirts and caps to be ordered submit sizes to Commander<br />Quarterly breakfast at Perkins will be July 17th 9AM, please advise if attending<br />Loyalty Day Banquet Sunday May 2nd, all members are welcome to attend <br />Membership at 94 %<br />Fred Ewald will be the poppy coordinator <br /> 2009 tax return completed<br />1st Quarter Trustees report is due<br />John Beaver deployed / DJ Longfellow has returned<br />OLMC looking for veteran volunteers for Oktoberfest (clothes for needy Veterans)<br />Military and Veterans Appreciation Day – May 23rd at Camden Riversharks <br />Veterans Expo June 1st 4-7PM at Plumstead Fire Company<br />Bucks County Elderly reaching out to local veterans returning from deployment (applying for grants and looking for volunteers)<br />Provide Commander with Community Service Hours <br />Senior Vice Commander’s report: No Report<br />Junior Vice Commander’s report: No Report<br />Public Relations: Nothing new to report<br />Educations Officer: No report<br />Past Commanders Report: Need Volunteers for Neshaminy Manor Visit April 17th<br />Other Business: <br />Unfinished Business: <br />Membership challenge of Robert Williams dropped<br />First Friday Doylestown needs volunteers if VFW participation is to continue<br />Awaiting response on unclaimed estate funds<br />GWOT memorial – Rich Scott taking lead/nothing significant to report<br />Motion -- No charge for new hats and caps Matt Fisher/ Den Kazlaukas<br />Motion to pay for immediate family member tickets for immediate family members for Loyalty Day Banquet 1st Bill Severns/2nd Bob Staranowicz PASSED<br />New Business:<br />Motion for giveaways at Veterans Expo – Open – Tabled for a future meeting <br />Motion for $25.00 to contribute to Westboro Baptist Church defense fund Albert Snyder Defense Fund i.e., supporting the defendant Jim McComb / Karl van Beuren<br />Historian needed for Post<br />Elections:<br />Commander – Matt Fisher<br />Senior Vice – Jim McComb<br />Junior Vice – Greg Marston<br />Quartermaster – Den Kazlaukas<br />Chaplain – Jim Ryan<br />Trustees:Jack Beaver, Fred Ewald, Mike Olenick<br />Appointed Service Officer – Karl Van Beuren and Adjutant – Bob Staranowicz<br />Good of the Order: None<br />There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned, according to ritual, at about 2100. The next regular meeting will be Tuesday, May 4th at 1900 at the Doylestown Morgan Stanley Office (4259 West Swamp Road, 4th Floor, Doylestown, PA).<br />Respectfully submitted,<br />Bob Staranowicz<br />Adjutant<br />