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XBRL an Vintage FIlings
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XBRL an Vintage FIlings


Description of our XBRL services

Description of our XBRL services

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  • 1. XBRL eXtensible Business Reporting Language Simple Solutions for Compliance
  • 2. Services: EDGAR Filings XBRL Tagging Section 16 Filings 212.730.4302 Virtual Data Rooms Boardroom Communications 310.417.1047 Typesetting Financial Printing Services Private Equity Mutual Fund Services Prompt. Precise. Economical. That’s Vintage
  • 3. XBRL with Vintage Filings Best Product. Best Service. Vintage Filings is able to provide the highest quality service for your XBRL conversion. Through our partnership with EDGAR Online, Vintage Filings now has access to the most experienced XBRL compliance team in the world. EDGAR Online has prepared over 35% of the mandated XBRL submissions to date and we are willing to handle any public company, private equity rm or investment bank’s XBRL needs. We are extremely well versed in the conversion of primary nancial statements and footnotes. When it comes to quality and service, Vintage Filings is unmatched. All of the EDGAR Online XBRL conversions have passed the rigid and rigorous SEC submission and validation standards. When you choose Vintage Filings you are standing with the best in the industry, available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. The industry-leading XBRL tagging solution by EDGAR Online is now available through Vintage Filings. It’s the simplest, fastest and highest quality XBRL ling solution on the market. Full-Service XBRL tagging for both primary nancial statements and detailed footnotes. Simplicity You supply us with your document and we produce your XBRL. We provide you with an easy to use, browser-based review of your XBRL ling. Our experts are available to walk you through the XBRL process of the tags and details. Speed Most XBRL translations turned around within a day! Auditable Process The only SAS 70 certi ed process for creating XBRL in the industry. Security Everyone that touches your ling has had a background check and hundreds of hours of training. Our systems track your ling at every stage.
  • 4. The Process TAG. CONTROL. REVIEW. FILE. PUBLISH With the client in mind, Vintage Filings makes your XBRL process as easy and seamless as possible, resulting in maximum value for your company. Essentially, the process is as easy as tag, control, review, le and publish. Unlike many of the solutions on the market today, Vintage Filings uses EDGAR Online’s proprietary XBRL translation engine and software to translate and tag nancial statements without requiring excessive commitments of time or technical expertise from your sta , thus freeing you up to do what you do best – run your company! We guarantee compliance with the latest XBRL rules and taxonomies, leaving you with only one very simple task – to review our document work with your team to ensure its accuracy. We can simultaneously deliver XBRL with your EDGAR documents and provide compliance documents for your corporate website. Step One: TAG • Send us a draft or final 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K, etc. • We send the document into our parsing engine/processor. Our system learns from your ling which enables us to provide faster results in subsequent lings • We add the appropriate XBRL tags Step Two: Quality Control • We check to ensure that the categories and sub-categories are footnoted properly • We make sure the same tags are used to represent the same concepts across balance sheet, income statement, cash ow statement and shareholder’s equity • We validate the XBRL and the document • We adjust the rules in our system to ensure that we produce the same XBRL for your lings • We also ensure that all changes to EDGAR or XBRL requirements are incorporated into our system Step Three: Review • You receive an XBRL proof online with all of our tagging decisions in1-3 days – allowing you to see your HTML, your XBRL tags and de nitions and our comments all side by side • Our taxonomy experts answer any questions, make changes, perform quality review and return edited documents Step Four: File • Your team performs the final review and approves the XBRL files • Vintage Filings validates the HTML and XBRL files, performs EDGAR test filing and transmits your XBRL filing to the SEC Step Five: Publish • If needed, we can prepare rendering ready XBRL and component les to post on your web page
  • 5. Unique Features Reviewers Portal: Your own portal to view your XBRL lings XBRL enabled IR Tools: I-Metrix, SEC lings, XBRL Annual & Quarterly Financials, Stock Quotes and Charting Full Reporting: Review your lings with analytics Our XBRL Filing Advantages Consistency - We work from your source documents and: • Use our XBRL engine to tag your document consistently every time you need to file • Keep all your company-specific tagging rules in our database • Maintain direct linkage between your XBRL and EDGAR documents • Help you publish your XBRL on your website • Ensure that your XBRL renders well in a web environment Multi-level Validation - We are serious about compliance: • We check the quality of your EDGAR document • We check the calculations in your statement - if we find errors, we let you know • We guarantee compliance with the latest XBRL standard and the SEC filer manual • We check the consistency of tagging period-to-period and filing-to-filing • We help you make decisions on your extensions versus your peers • We synchronize your XBRL rendering with your EDGAR document and the SEC viewer • We capture all your comments and changes and create an audit trail of your decisions Experience - EDGAR Online has more XBRL experience than anyone in the industry: • Over 1,200 XBRL conversions • Over 35% market share of SEC filed XBRL • We’ve already converted ten years of historical financials for every publicly traded company in the US into XBRL • Lead developer of the US GAAP taxonomies • Leader in detailed footnote tagging
  • 6. Your Vintage Filings representative can handle any questions, comments or concerns about XBRL you may encounter. For pricing, please contact your representative or email us at info@v lings.com. Executive Team Shai Z Stern Seth Farbman Co-Founder Co-Founder Chief Executive O cer President (d) 310.417.1050 (d) 212.201.4073 (e) sstern@v lings.com (e) seth@v lings.com www.v lings.com