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vFabric Data Director - DB as a Service
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vFabric Data Director - DB as a Service


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Quick introduction to VMware vFabric Data Director to set up DBaaS

Quick introduction to VMware vFabric Data Director to set up DBaaS

Published in: Technology
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  • Let’s take a closer look at data director, data director provides a single pane to monitor and manage 1000’s of database. The core capabilities of Data Director can be view from two perspectives.The first set of capabilities are targeted at the database users which are DBAs or application developers. We talked about a few slides ago on long lead time required for database operations to be carried out due semi-manual database operations, involvement from multiple IT teams. With data director, we have fully automated common database operations and cut across the silos of the IT organization. Now operations like provisioning, backup, restore, cloning and HA, can be done through a few clicks in a self service fashion. The result is for application developer to spend more time coding and less time waiting. This second set is are targeted at DBaaS operators, that provides IT with the necessary tools to enforce control and compliance over databases. With self-service to empower developers, at the same time, it’s also important for IT to maintain control. Data Director provides a myriad of features to allow IT to control resource usage, access and templates to maintain standardization, so you can feel comfortable empowering your developers.
  • Transcript

    • 1. vFabric Data Director:Powering Database-as-a-Service for Your Cloud
    • 2. Cloud Platforms for the Apps of Today and Tomorrow
      Reduce cost,minimize disruption
      Shift investment to new appsto deliver differentiation
      New Applications
      Cloud Application Platform
      Existing Applications
      vFabric Data Director
      Cloud Foundry
      Cloud Infrastructure Platform
      Cloud Era
    • 3. Customer Challenges Around Databases
      Improve Operational Agility
      Get More out of Virtual Infrastructure
      Control Database Sprawl
      Corporate IT
      Shadow IT

      Lead time of weeks
      Databaseprovision or clone request
      Provision &
      Provision &
      • Thousands of under-managed and under-secured databases
      • 4. Difficult to enforce policy and compliance
      • 5. Database operations not fully automated
      • 6. Long lead time for database services for developers
      • 7. More workloads in virtual machines than in physical machines
      • 8. Database accounts for ~15%-20% of the total workloads
    • Announcing vFabric Data Director
      • Eliminate database sprawl with Database-as-a-Service
      • 9. Provides the agility of public cloud with enterprise-grade security, flexibility, control and compliance
      • 10. Standardized DB templates enforce compliance, consistency
      • 11. Single pane to monitor and manage 1000’s of databases
      • 12. Accelerate application development via DB self-service
      • 13. Intuitive GUI allows developer self-service
      • 14. Increase efficiency with virtual infrastructure
      • 15. Leverage vSphere capabilities to eliminate manual processes
      • 16. Database High Availability, linked Clones
      • First database enabled is vFabric Postgres – also live on on 8/29
    • vFabric Data Director
      vFabric Data Director Overview
      One click HA
      App Dev
      Policy BasedControl
      Database Templates
      IT Admin
      VMware vSphere
      Powers Database as a service for Your Cloud
    • 17. Data Director Feature Overview
      Resource Management
      Role Based Access Control
      Configuration Templates
      Backup Templates
      Monitoring and Dashboards
      Linked Database Clones
      Database Snapshots
      Database-Aware HA
      Self-Service Operations
      Database Provisioning
      Database Cloning
      Database Backup/Recovery
      Database HA
      Elastic Database Memory
      Dynamic RTO Tuning
      Dynamic Database Configuration
    • 18. Self-Service Provisioning
      Database provisioning and configuration can take weeks, slowing innovation cycles.
      Solution: Self-Service Provisioning
      Provision fully configured databases in minutes
      Templates guarantee proper configuration
      Easy to use web interface
      Faster development cycles
      More time coding, less time waiting
      IT controls configuration & resource consumption
    • 19. Innovative Self-Service Database Cloning
      The average production database has 6 clones (dev, qa) and each clone takes days to create.
      Solution: Innovative Database Cloning
      Full Database Clone
      Complete physical copy of parent
      Isolation between parent and clone
      Linked Database Clone
      Clone created from parent snapshot
      Available for use instantly regardless of database size
      “House of Brick has always found that VMware outshines the competition when it comes to the tools supporting their cloud infrastructure. With vFabric Data Director, even routine operations such as database cloning are now automated and are as easy as one simple click.”
      - David Woodward, COO, House of Brick
      Full DB Clone
      Linked DB Clones
    • 20. Built-in Back up Policies
      DBA’s have limited time to enable, monitor, and test backup and recovery policies for all databases.
      Solution: Built-In Backup Policies
      Fully integrated backup & restore process
      Automated scheduled backups
      Policy driven backup retention
      Self-service manual backups
      Dual backup techniques integrated into single policy
      External Backups
      Snapshots with Database Consistency
      Point-in-Time Recovery
    • 21. Flexible Database Templates
      • Database provisioning and configuration requires sophisticated DBA with limited time.
      Solution: Flexible Database Templates
      Customize templates for database configuration and backup
      Robust role-based access control which templates users can access
      Search and browse templates
      Fast provisioning
      Enforce IT standards and control
      Ease of use
      Ensure reliability and repeatability
    • 22. Learn More
      At Vmworld
      Tuesday 3:00 PM: Data Strategy of VMware with Charles Fan (CAP2153)
      Tuesday 4:00 PM: Powering DBaaS with June Yang (CAP2154)
      Wednesday 9:30 AM: Enable DBaaS on VMware with Charles Fan (GD14)
      Wednesday 12:30 PM: Enable DBaaS on VMware with Boris Weissman (GD36)
      VMware Solutions Exchange Demo Booth
      VMware Labs: HOL12 Optimizing Data Access for Your Cloud Infrastructure