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Black history
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  • 1. Black history
    Done by: Yuan Xinran Stanley 2P330
  • 2. Agenda
    The Civil War
    Jim Crow Laws
    The Civil Rights Movement
    Montgomery Bus Boycott and Scottsboro trials
    Traits of a true Southern Belle and Southern Gentleman
    Harper Lee
  • 3. Slavery
    Were brought from all over the world, however most came from Africa
    Most slave-holders from the Southern State were white
    Were not allowed to read nor write, had to seek permission to leave the property and could not gather in groups for 4 or more
    Begin as early as the olden Civilizations, resulted from
    punishment for crime
    child abandonment
    birth of slave children to slaves
    enslavement of prisoners of war
  • 4. Slavery
    In relation with To Kill A MockingBird
    In slavery, slaves were discriminated and had to follow many rules which white people did not have to
    In the novel “To Kill A Mockingbird”, Tom Robinson, the negro, had to go to jail because a white man had accused him of raping his daughter
    This shows that slaves and Negros did not have equal rights. In the novel, even though the accusation was false, Tom Robinson still had to go to jail as he was dark-skinned and because a white man had sued him.
    Slavery and the storyline of To Kill A MockingBird are very similar as they both talk about discrimination, thus I am able to understand the novel better
  • 5. The Civil War
    Was the only war to be fought on American Soil
    Southern States such as
    Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Carolina, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, Virginia
    Abraham Lincoln proclaimed war against the Confederate States of America, the South, to end slavery
    Lasted from 1861 to 1865
  • 6. The Civil War
    Causes of The Civil War
    The South- Felt that Lincoln's presidency would affect their lives as they used slaves
    The North- Objective was to end slavery and had elected the Republican Party which opposed to slavery
    The United States of America Union won the Civil War
    Abolished slavery as a legal institution in the United States
    Both Civil Rights Movement and the novel are similar
    Civil Rights Movement refers to giving everybody equal rights so that no race will be treated as the “lesser kind”
    In the novel, Negros are discriminated as they are dark-skinned, thus when a white man falsely accuse Tom Robinson, a negro, of raping his daughter, he has to go to jail even though he did not commit the crime
  • 7. Jim Crow Laws
    The origin of "Jim Crow" belongs to a song named "Jump Jim Crow“
    Segregation between the Dark-Skinned and the White-Skinned
    Blacks had to go to separate schools, use separate sections on buses, trains and restaurants
    Whites felt that it was “separate but equal” treatment for the Blacks
    The Blacks were angered as it went against everything they believed in as a race and were discriminated by the Whites
  • 8. Jim Crow Laws
    Jim Crow laws surfaced in the novel.
    Even though Tom Robinson was innocent and was wrongly accused of raping Bob Ewell’s daughter, he went to jail because he was Dark- Skinned. This shows that he was discriminated as he was black, which is similar to Jim Crow Laws
  • 9. The Civil Rights Movement
    Occurred between 1955-1968
    aimed at
    outlawing racial discrimination against African Americans and restoring voting rights in Southern States Movement and to include racial dignity and freedom from oppression by white Americans
    American President, John Kennedy, supported this movement
    Led to equal rights for previously discriminated groups such as the Blacks
  • 10. The Civil Rights Movement
    Gender equity issues
    focused upon absolute rights such as allowing women to vote, changing social attitudes and economic, reproductive, and educational equality between the genders and addressed the rights of female minorities
    Black Power
    argued for black self-determination, and asserted that the assimilation inherent in integration robs Africans of their common heritage and dignity
    It relates to the novel as Atticus stood up to defend Tom Robinson, a black man, in trial as Atticus knew he was innocent and was trying to prove that the accusation was false
  • 11. Montgomery Bus Boycott and Scottsboro trials
    Montgomery Bus Boycott
    Whites were biased in transports. Blacks were made to give up their seats to Whites even if they had a disability
    Scottsboro trials
    9 male teenagers were wrongly accused of rape in Alabama,1931
    Both trials are similar as the Whites falsely accused 9 Black boys and Tom Robinson of raping, even when they were innocent
  • 12. Traits of a true Southern Belle and Southern Gentleman
    Southern Belle
    know how to cook, do needle work and have ballroom dancing skills
    Southern Gentleman
    Well-mannered, polite and respect others
    Bob Ewell
    Rude to everybody, violent and discriminated Blacks
    Polite to everyone, even when they call his family “nigger lovers”
  • 13. Harper Lee
    Born on April 28, 1926 Alabama
    Her only novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, won the 1960 Pulitzer Prize
    Pursued a law degree at the University of Alabama from 1945 to 1949
    Her characters in the novel are closely related to her friends, neighbours and family
  • 14. THE END
    Thank you for your attention!