Veteran Green Technology Careers


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Military service men and women are known for their patriotic disposition. Their loyalty and love for the country is commendable. That is why when they become veterans, most of them look for civilian jobs that serve the country in whatever field.

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Veteran Green Technology Careers

  1. 1. Military service men and women are knownfor their patriotic disposition.Their loyalty and love for the country iscommendable.That is why when they become veterans, mostof them look for civilian jobs that serve thecountry in whatever field.
  2. 2. Most of these veterans do not care whetherthey end up working for a governmentagency, a private institution or a nonprofitorganization.Many of them end up working for institutionsthat support green technology. What is agreen technology?Why do a lot of veterans want to have a jobthat involves this concept?
  3. 3. What kind of jobs that a green technologycompany or institution offers?In the USA, one of the most stable industries asof today is the green industry.This growing industry is predicted to providearound 40 million jobs in the year 2030.
  4. 4. When President Barack Obama set his goal ofproducing an energy-efficient country, itraised the amount of workers needed torealize this goal.Thus, a lot of veterans and normal civilianswere offered the opportunity to train andwork for the realization of the said project.
  5. 5. Since a green job is focused on serving thecountry by ensuring an environmentally andsustainable lifestyle and place for everyone tolive, a lot of veterans might want to take theopportunity to contribute more to the country.Aside from the fact that these green jobsprovide an outlet for veterans to contributemore to the society, it is also stable andsecure. Thus, veterans could earn and workfor a worthwhile endeavor.
  6. 6. A green job is not for everyone; it requiresdedication and leadership.That is why veterans are suitable for theposition of managing a project or assisting ina project.Since veterans are well versed and easy toteach, training them would be easier forgreen technology employers.
  7. 7. A veterans experience in the field can alsocontribute to the learning process of thosepeople who aim to train as a companyemployee.One of the most popular green jobs is theGreen tech consultants.
  8. 8. They provide information to consumers andmanufacturers about the different effects of acertain process to the environment.A veteran who has worked with third worldcountries will know how much damage a stepin a manufacturing process can do if it doesnot follow a green procedure.
  9. 9. Veterans are capable of clearly explaining toconsumers and manufacturers theimportance of following a green processprocedure.Aside from consultant jobs, a veteran canalso opt to challenge the job of a greeneducator and public relations manager.
  10. 10. They can provide information about productsthat man can use and how it can impact theworld environmentally. As an educator, theycan challenge a lot of individuals to help savethe environment using sustainable products,processes and services.Since most veterans are known to bededicated, they can effectively influence alot of people to change their ways andpromote green technology to a wideraudience.
  11. 11. There are different jobs and career paths forveterans and a green career might be goodfor those who value service to the country themost.Green Collar Vets can help veterans get jobsat green technology field. Visit us today andcheck-out what we do.