On Hiring Veterans and the Importance of Donations


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It is not without a doubt that the U.S economy is suffering from a huge economic downturn and because of that thousands of vets are finding a hard time at getting employed. Due to the efforts of certain government and non-government organizations one veteran is hired every business day. Several organizations have established a system that will cater to hiring vets.

For more information please visit: http://www.GreenCollarVets.org

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On Hiring Veterans and the Importance of Donations

  1. 1. It is not without a doubt that the U.S economyis suffering from a huge economic downturnand because of that thousands of vets arefinding a hard time at getting employed.Due to the efforts of certain government andnon-government organizations one veteran ishired every business day. Severalorganizations have established a system thatwill cater to hiring vets. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  2. 2. This will include hiring military vets who haveworked in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq.In order to make hiring vets easier theveterans are being trained with the skills ofself-marketing and then organizations helpthem out in the networking process so thatthey can enter good jobs inside greatcompanies. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  3. 3. The reason why hiring vets system works iswhen companies focus on how to provide apersonal approach, they focus on makingsure that every member received adedicated assistance so that the barriers toemployment can be removed.In the recent years several companies inDenver has opened their company forveterans. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  4. 4. One of them would include the ResidentialSolar Services in the area of Metro Denverwho offer residential solar panel installationsand open it for leasing and purchasing.Veterans Greens Jobs is responsible forconnecting military veterans to various areaslike training and employment opportunitiesinside the green sector economy. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  5. 5. Veterans Training and Employment programsare being provided with the aim ofconnecting them with potential employers aswell as training organizations.For the Green jobs this can include veteransjoining Outdoor conservation programs, wildland firefighting programs that offer seasonalemployment in order to provide themknowledge and skills for possible firefightingcareers. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  6. 6. Careers related to weatherization are alsobeing provided with regards to home energyefficiency and companies who work with GoGreen Warehouse also employs veterans intheir discount home improvement storesamong many others.In order for the veterans to get hired theyhave to be trained and equipped with skills inorder to last the job given to then. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  7. 7. What is the kind of donations that could be givento Veterans?It is without a doubt that veterans have servedthe country and deserve to be treated well.Many non-profit organizations are open to cashcontributions, canned goods, dry goods, oldcellular phones, car donations and any specificitems that are provided on the veterans wish list. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  8. 8. Car donations are also allowed, one cancoordinate with Vehicle for Veterans Programsand they would be the one to handle thevehicle, they can sell it through auction anddonate the proceeds to veteran organizations.Certain gifts like annual gifts are also included,the annual gifts are highly valued because theyprovide a steady source of income for veteransand enable them to get permanent supportivehousing, employment, access to Food bank andtraining programs. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  9. 9. Other types of gifts and donation that helpveterans will include planned gifts.These types of gifts provide immediatebenefits to the Veterans Inc.those who give gifts are entitled to tax savingsand veterans are given income for life. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  10. 10. If you want to support those people whogave their life for our freedom support thoseorganizations that are hiring veterans.You can check out Green Collar Vets andsupport or donate to us . www.GreenCollarVets.org