More Companies That Hire Veterans


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When veterans come back home from war, they need to look for jobs in the civilian market which will help them sustain themselves in their daily lives. With the outstanding skills that they gained while fighting for the country, there are some employers that consider hiring them since those skills, for instance independence, the ability to work under pressure, teamwork as well leadership could be of great value to their companies.

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More Companies That Hire Veterans

  1. 1. When veterans come back home from war,they need to look for jobs in the civilianmarket which will help them sustainthemselves in their daily lives.With the outstanding skills that they gainedwhile fighting for the country, there are someemployers that consider hiring them sincethose skills, for instance independence, theability to work under pressure, teamwork aswell leadership could be of great value totheir companies.
  2. 2. According to NBC News, a CareerBuildersurvey indicated that right now 29% ofemployers consider hiring veterans, a valuethat has risen up from 9% one year back.A lot of companies across the countryincluding Wal-Mart and General Electricproudly and actively hire veterans to be partof their workforce.
  3. 3. The following are some of the companies thathire veterans.1. DuPontThis is a global science company that hasbeen estimated to employ more than 60,000people all over the world and it offers a widerange of products.
  4. 4. It also plays an active role in hiring veterans. Ithas an employee Veterans Network thatmakes it possible for the veterans to becomea part of it.In August 2012, this company joined forceswith the first lady, Michelle Obama inJacksonville, Fla., to talk about theimportance of hiring veterans.
  5. 5. It is a company that is proud of the valuableexperience brought by the veterans to itsbusiness as well as the skills the veterans comewith which translate into leadership and alsoinnovation not only for DuPont but manyother companies.In 2013, it looks forward to making 10% of UShires to be veterans.
  6. 6. 2. Booz Allen HamiltonThis is a Virginia-based defense companywhich usually focuses on provision ofmanagement as well as technologyconsulting services to the United Statesgovernment arm of defense and intelligence,and also the civil markets.About a third of the employees who work forthis company are veterans.
  7. 7. Not only does it work hard to hire veterans butit also has an Armed Service Forum that isaimed at helping veterans transition from themilitary lifestyle to the normal civilian culture.Once the veterans are acclimatized to thecivilian culture, they are offered support in theareas of profession they will like to pursue aswell as links to job opportunities that suit themwell.
  8. 8. 3. ManTech International CorporationThis is a company that has a role of delivering theupcoming information as well as technicalservices to the clients of the federal government.Some of the jobs it offers for instance deploylogistics, resource management and acquisition,repairs management just to mention a few arejobs that veterans are skilled in.
  9. 9. This company therefore offers jobs to the vetsand also helps them in transitioning into thecivilian workforce.There are many other companies that hireveterans too.
  10. 10. Railroad companies like CSX Corporation,BNSF as well as Union Pacific are doing agreat job in making sure that the veteranswho dedicated their lives to serve the countryat war get jobs.Another company that we cannot forget tomention is the United States AutomobileAssociation (USAA), which is based in Texas.
  11. 11. If you are looking for careers for militaryveterans might as well check Green CollarVets today and let us help you in your searchof veteran friendly jobs.