How to help homeless veterans


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Men and women who sacrificed a lot to defend our country's freedom should not have trouble finding their way in the society after coming from war. Unfortunately there are a lot of veterans living in a bleak, hopeless world without good shelter, medical care as well as adequate nutrition. For more information please visit:

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How to help homeless veterans

  1. 1. Men and women who sacrificed a lot todefend our countrys freedom should nothave trouble finding their way in the societyafter coming from war.Unfortunately there are a lot of veterans livingin a bleak, hopeless world without goodshelter, medical care as well as adequatenutrition.
  2. 2. For that matter, it is very important for us toknow how to offer support to homelessveterans so as to ensure that no veteran whoserved the country honorably and with a lotdedication has trouble finding good housing.The Veteran Affairs Program has a lot ofbenefits as well as services that are aimed athelping homeless veterans.
  3. 3. They include education, disability benefits,health care, residential care, rehabilitationservices, compensated work therapy, just tomention a few.Statistics show that about 200,000 vets couldbe homeless on a single night.
  4. 4. The factors that contribute to thehomelessness include lack of financialassistance from family and friends, poverty aswell as unstable living conditions in areas thatare overcrowded and houses that aresubstandard.A large number of them are male and single,and about half of them have mentalproblems while approximately two thirds ofthem have alcohol and drug abuse problems.
  5. 5. The Veteran Affairs Department offers hands-on support directly to these homelessveterans.Last year, it gave health care support servicesto over 100,000 homeless veterans and alsoprovided services to over 70,000 veterans.Every year, over 40,000 veterans get pensionor compensation benefits.
  6. 6. The Veteran Affairs homeless programs usuallyoffer a range of services as well as initiativesthat are aimed at helping veterans to gethomes and live a self-sufficient andindependent life.The Veteran Affairs Department has beenable to secure over 15,000 residentialrehabilitative, transitional as well aspermanent beds to be used by homelessveterans all over the country.
  7. 7. It has been able to do this by utilizing itsresources and also in partnership with otherprograms.It has spent over a billion dollars from thebenefit assistance and its healthcareprograms to help many homeless veterans.
  8. 8. To broaden this assistance, the Veteran AffairsDepartment conducts outreach programsthat are aimed at connecting the homelessveterans to mainstream as well as homelessspecific Veteran Affairs benefits as well asprograms.The programs offered by the Veteran AffairsDepartment are aimed at reaching out toveterans who live on the streets as well asshelters, who may not take a step to seekhelp.
  9. 9. It also offers clinical checkups as well asreferral medical services for both physical andpsychiatric problems which include drugabuse.Other services offered include long-termtransitional housing, rehabilitation, casemanagement, employment assistance andalso linkage to the available income supportsas well as permanent residence.
  10. 10. The Veteran Affairs Program also offers grantsto non-profit and public groups that intenthelp homeless veterans.For instance, it awarded 400 grants to suchgroups to help veterans in 50 states andColumbia District.
  11. 11. The services offered by these public and non-profit groups include service centers, transitionalhousing as well as vans that are used for transportpurposes and also employment.Want to help homeless veterans? Help them bysupporting veterans organization like us who aredoing things that are of help to our heroes.Donate to us today!