Green Jobs Programs for Veterans


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Although there are plenty of businesses that actively hire vets, looking for a job in this economy is still a tough thing to do, especially among most veterans. Part of the problem lies in the myth that most military veterans who don't have any special skills are only suited for certain types of occupations.

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Green Jobs Programs for Veterans

  1. 1. Although there are plenty of businesses thatactively hire vets, looking for a job in thiseconomy is still a tough thing to do, especiallyamong most veterans.Part of the problem lies in the myth that mostmilitary veterans who dont have any specialskills are only suited for certain types ofoccupations.
  2. 2. This ultimately leads to veterans to pursuecertain job openings, such as security jobs,while ignoring others, like accounting or sometype of white-collar job.After all, if a particular line of work is notknown to hire veteran soldiers or ex-militarypersonnel then whats the point of trying?
  3. 3. Unfortunately, this type of thinking is one ofthe reasons that prevent veterans from findingmeaningful jobs and careers, and among thejobs most often ignored by veterans aregreen jobs.Believe it or not, "green" jobs are particularlysuited for veterans for a variety of reasons.
  4. 4. For starters, green jobs involve a lot of outdoorand technical work, some of which are similarto some of the tasks many veteransperformed while they were still in the military.In fact, a lot of green jobs are particularlysuited in helping military personnel transitionback to civilian life by allowing them to workin areas similar to military work.
  5. 5. This is done with the help of special programsdesigned to give veterans the training andcertification they need to succeed in Eco-conservation and other related fields.How Do Veterans Apply for a Green Job?Before a veteran can start applying for a greenjob, he or she will need to undergo a green orconservation training program. Most programswill only require proof that their applicants haveworked for the U.S. military, along with a DD-214.
  6. 6. Other programs will have more rigorousrequirements, like the ability to carry a certainamount of weight or proof that the applicantis physically fit.Once the veteran is enrolled into theprogram, he or she can expect the followingtraining:- First Aid Training- Land Management Training
  7. 7. - Watershed Restoration Training- Data Gathering Training- Trail Maintenance Training- Vegetation Preservation Training- Fire Prevention Training
  8. 8. Once these training programs are completed,the veteran will be given all the pertinentcertification he or she requires in order to seekemployment in the green sector.Most programs are affiliated with major greenindustries, so theres already recognition thatonce you finish a particular training orcertification program, you will immediatelyland a good job.
  9. 9. What Kind of Jobs Can Veterans Expect to GetVeterans, by virtue of their experience, haveleadership skills, team oriented values and asolid sense of pride in serving their community.These are the kinds of values that many greenindustries need.
  10. 10. After you are certified to work in the greenindustry, you can expect to find employmentin the following jobs:- Environmental Conservation- Wild Land Firefighting- Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance- Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Services- Wildlife Research
  11. 11. Most green programs are affiliated withorganizations that actively seek out and hireveteran personnel, so you can expect to geta list of ads for various jobs in the greenindustry.So if youre a veteran fresh out of the military,you should give see what kind of greenopportunities are open to you.
  12. 12. Green Collar Vets aim to provide and help USveterans get green veteran jobs.If youre interested or know someone who willbenefit our initiative.Go to our site today and support our cause!