Green Jobs for Veterans - How to Apply for a Civilian Job


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The fight is far from over. After a service man leaves the force, he has another battle to fulfill. This time, the battle includes finding green jobs for veterans in a country that have been battling too economically after a long recession.

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Green Jobs for Veterans - How to Apply for a Civilian Job

  1. 1. The fight is far from over. After a service manleaves the force, he has another battle tofulfill.This time, the battle includes finding greenjobs for veterans in a country that have beenbattling too economically after a longrecession.
  2. 2. The number of green jobs for vets is not ashigh as those jobs offered to regular citizens.Though there are companies that support thegovernments program to ensure thatveterans can get a job once they return fromthe war that they fought, the number ofveterans who are jobless are still high.
  3. 3. Sometimes, it is not because of the lack ofgreen jobs for vets, but rather the differencein culture and the way a veteran handles thewhole application process.Sometimes, it is hard for a service man orwoman to adapt to the civilian life becauseof the differences in culture and values.
  4. 4. However, the transition to a civilian life neednot be hard for a veteran because they canalways blend in especially in finding jobs.In order to help a veteran find those greenjobs for veterans faster, here are some tipsand suggestions on how to handle anapplication in the civilian society:
  5. 5. Networking - One of the most beneficialthings that a veteran can do during hisjourney to look for that green jobs for vets is towiden his network focusing on the job he istrying to apply for.Thus, it is necessary to first know what job theveterans want. He or she can look for peoplewho are willing to help him look for jobs at aspecific field or industry.
  6. 6. Resume –Once a service personnel leaves the military,it is essential to start making a sustainableresume, one that may be acceptable to thecivilian life.
  7. 7. If a service personnel does not know what arethe essential parts of a resume for a civilianwork, then he can ask for help from his friendsor the local nonprofit organizations that focuson helping veterans look for green jobs forvets.These people are willing to help in making aresume and even look for jobs that arecompatible with the veterans preferences.
  8. 8. Research - It is crucial to connect with otherveterans, the government and the nonprofitorganizations in order to look for opportunitiesand job fairs.Aside from those, researching about theseorganizations and what they can offer maybe a good way to start ones journey tofinding green jobs for veterans.
  9. 9. Practice – When looking for green jobs forveterans, it is also beneficial to practice forthe job interview itself, a veteran shouldalways be ready to answer questions withcare using keywords that are focused onpleasing the civilian employers.It would be better to avoid using military termsbut still look confident.
  10. 10. It is extremely hard to find a stable andmeaningful job today, and for veteranslooking for green jobs for veteran might bemore challenging due to the difference inculture.However, it is not impossible to find one. Thetips and suggestions written might be able tohelp the veteran look for a job, but in the end,it is the veterans skills, experience and talentthat can help them find good green jobs forvets.
  11. 11. Looking for Green Jobs for Veterans?Go to our site nowand see how we can help.