Give Back to Those Who Served Our Country


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Sure there are many charities in this world, all very deserving in their own right. Just think about the men and women who have served our country, both domestically and abroad, from coast to coast and across the ocean, defending our country from those who seek to do it harm and supporting our country's allies as well.

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Give Back to Those Who Served Our Country

  1. 1. Sure there are many charities in this world, allvery deserving in their own right.Just think about the men and women whohave served our country, both domesticallyand abroad, from coast to coast and acrossthe ocean, defending our country from thosewho seek to do it harm and supporting ourcountrys allies as well.
  2. 2. The veterans who have afforded every man,woman and child the right to be proud of ournation. Im asking you to support a vetorganization today.Not tomorrow and not the day after that. Theneed is now. Support a vet organizationtoday, I plead to you.
  3. 3. Some of our veterans made it home withinjuries, some physical, some mental andsome both. Unfortunately some didnt get toreturn at all.Bones can be fixed and those missing armsand legs will hopefully eventually adjust andget a prosthetic but the surgeries, physicaltherapy and replacement limbs arent freeeither.
  4. 4. At least with physical injuries there issomething we can see. What about theinjuries that we cant see?Its important that we treat these vets with therespect they deserve and meet their needs,as they have done their job and more inmaking sure our basic needs of securing ourfreedom were met.
  5. 5. Donations support these veterans reintegrateback into society and transition back into thejob force, enriching and strengthening oureconomy.There are veterans in every country, of everyethnicity and of every social class. Thesebrave men and woman have put their liveson the line to protect our basic right tofreedom.
  6. 6. We should be able to repay their courage inwhatever way we possibly can. Gallantry isntrestricted to just the brave and fearless.Charity is also gallant and so compassionate.Humanity at its finest.The grace of the tenderhearted to donatewhatever amount they can to support a vetorganization today.
  7. 7. The amazing fortitude of the nations heroeshas given all of themselves to better our wayof living by protecting it.These veterans have often been physicallypunished risking their own lives to protect ourfreedoms. They dont deserve to be punishedwhen they return home.
  8. 8. They deserve to be lifted up and praised fortheir service to our country, supported in anyway we can.I beseech you to take all of this intoconsideration when youre choosing a charity.The feeling you will get that you have done somuch is not something that I can put intowords.
  9. 9. Benevolence just feels good. Know that yourmonetary gift has not only helped a veteran,but so much more.The physical and mental battles dont end forour veterans when they step off the planes,trains, buses and boats. They often have tofight their own battles just to blend back intocivilian life.
  10. 10. For those who have not served it is nearlyimpossible to tell you some of the things thatthese veterans have witnessed. It is a blessingthat we dont have to.Please support a vet organization today! Goto Green Collar Vets for moreinformation.