Facts About the Green Industry


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The green industry is made up of a diverse mix of production, service as well as trade and businesses which include sod growers and wholesale nursery, maintenance firms as well as landscape contractors, home centers, retails garden centers as well as mass merchandisers with garden departments and lawns, brokers and also horticultural distribution centers.

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Facts About the Green Industry

  1. 1. The green industry is made up of a diverse mixof production, service as well as trade andbusinesses which include sod growers andwholesale nursery, maintenance firms as wellas landscape contractors, homecenters, retails garden centers as well as massmerchandisers with garden departments andlawns, brokers and also horticulturaldistribution centers. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  2. 2. It is one of the industries that are growing reallyfast even during the times when there iseconomic recession in the country.The green industry has a significance contributionto the personal income as well as job growth inregional as well as local economies.There are a number of studies that have beencarried out in order to document the economicimpacts of the green industry in the individualstates as well as regions in the country. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  3. 3. The current study tries to evaluate theeconomic impacts that these industry has tothe entire United States.The findings of the research indicated that theimpacts the green industry had to theeconomy of the United States of America inthe year 2002 were approximately 147.8 billiondollars in output, 95.1 billion dollars in valueadded, 1964399 jobs, 64.3 billion dollars inlabor income and 6.9 billion dollars in businesstaxes that are indirect. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  4. 4. As for the production and manufacturingsectors that consist of greenhouses ornurseries, lawn as well as garden equipmentmanufacturers, the output impacts were atotal of 34.6 billion dollars, the value addedimpacts were 20.8 billion dollars and theemployment impacts were a total of 300, 677jobs. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  5. 5. The research also indicated that the horticulturalservice sectors that comprise of the landscapeservices as well as architects had output impactsthat totaled to 57.8 billion, the value addedimpacts reached 39 billion while the employmentimpacts were a total of 753, 557 jobs.The retail and wholesale trade sectors on theother hand had total output impacts of 55.5billion dollars, the value added was 35 billiondollars and the employment impacts were a totalof 910, 104 jobs. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  6. 6. From the findings, the largest individual sectors inreference to value added impacts and employmentincluded the landscaping services, the lawn as well asthe garden stores, the greenhouses andnurseries, supply stores for building materials as well asflorists.Other sectors that showed value-added impacts thatwere huge from the research include the landscapearchitects, the general merchandise stores, the lawnas well as garden equipment wholesalers, the lawn aswell as garden equipment manufacturers, the nurserystock, wholesale flower, food and beverage stores aswell as florist supplies. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  7. 7. Analyzing the economic impact by the states,the Midwest region was leading with thelargest value-added impacts followed byPacific region, Northeast region and then theSoutheast region.The individual states that had the largestvalue added impacts are California, followedby Florida and then Texas, Illinois,Pennsylvania, New York and then Ohio. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  8. 8. The following are some of the inspiring stats aswell as projections the green industry has:- The green industry usually has annualrevenue or approximately 61 billion.- It employees about 899, 958 people andrepresents close to 416, 991 people. www.GreenCollarVets.org
  9. 9. - It is projected that between 2010 to2020, the employment of groundsmaintenance workers will have grown by 20%.- By 2015, the market for landscaping servicesis expected to reach 80 billion dollars.Looking for veterans green jobs? Check outGreen Collar Vets today atwww.GreenCollarVets.org www.GreenCollarVets.org