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Career for military veterans in the civilian world can be quite challenging especially because some companies are reluctant when to comes to employing the vets for fear that they might be having post-traumatic stress conditions that may hinder them from producing the best results in at work, or due to the fear that the vets may be lacking the right skills for the jobs among other reasons.

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Career Advice for Military Veterans

  1. 1. Career for military veterans in the civilianworld can be quite challenging especiallybecause some companies are reluctantwhen to comes to employing the vets for fearthat they might be having post-traumaticstress conditions that may hinder them fromproducing the best results in at work, or due tothe fear that the vets may be lacking the rightskills for the jobs among other reasons.
  2. 2. But lets not forget that the vets haveoutstanding skills and knowledge that canreally help in boosting the productivity of acompany.For instance, they have got good teamworkskills, they are able to work under pressure andwithstand harsh working conditions.
  3. 3. These are just but a few good attributes thatthe veterans have.There are other companies hire veterans andare proud of it.One such company is the General ElectricCompany. It announced lately that it has acorporate initiative in place that will enable itto hire more veterans.
  4. 4. Last year, a team of 76 companies whichinclude Lockheed Martin Corporation as wellas J.P Morgan Chase and Company set atarget of hiring approximately 100, 000veterans by the year 2020.By the end of September this year (2012), thecompanies had successfully hired a total of28,186 veterans.
  5. 5. Even with efforts like these, the number ofveterans who are heading in the U.S jobmarket which happens to be relatively weakis growing every day.A report from the White House indicated thatone million people will be back to civilian lifecome the next five years partly due to thewithdrawal of the United States troops fromAfghanistan.
  6. 6. A company by the name AdvancedTechnology services Inc., which providesmachinery maintenance and other servicesfor manufacturers, has employed 3000veterans in an effort to reduce the ex-militaryemployment rate.That is about 30% of the companysworkforce. The owner of this company boastsof the excellent services provided by theveterans he has employed.
  7. 7. Some of the attributes he has pointed outconcerning the veterans include promptnessin the work, a professional conduct as well ascourtesy.Since his company deals in machinerymaintenance, the military skills in repair andmaintenance of ships and aircrafts matchedwell with the work done in the company. Theveterans did not need to undergo a lot ofretraining to be acquainted with the job.
  8. 8. Kennametal Inc. is another company that hasbeen utilizing the talent of the veterans. It is acompany that deals in making metal-workingtools and alloys.Due to the teamwork skills the veteranshave, they are usually employed to workunder the factory floor-production teamamong other jobs.
  9. 9. JoyGlobal Inc. is another company that hasseen a lot of success when it started using theservices of veteran workers.It is a company that deals in making miningequipment.Its owner brags of his veteran employeeshaving positive can-do attitudes and are soeasy to work with.
  10. 10. The veterans can also be employed asteachers customer servicerepresentatives, Information TechnologyConsultants, Firemen, NetworkAdministrators, IntelligenceAnalysts, Management Consultants, ProjectAnalysts, Helicopter Pilots, TechnicalWriters, FBI agents just to mention a few.
  11. 11. Looking for careers for veterans?Then the guys at Green Collar Vets can helpyou. Visit and support their cause today!
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