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  1. 1. June | 2012The Summer Issue
  2. 2. OUR VESTIGE WORLDCONTENTS standard of living and growing health awareness, Dubai is the perfect market for us.MD’s letter 2Hall of Fame 3 There is another major development in Vestige that you would read about in this issue. In the light of growingVestige Product Range 5 health concerns in the world, Vestige is working extensively to expand its product range to give theDouble Universal Crown Directors 7 consumer the best in terms of health and product satisfaction. We have reached yet another milestone inUniversal Crown Directors 9 this constant endeavor by adding a new healthfoodVestige L-Arginine 16 category to our portfolio. I am sure the food products in this range will help our consumers make better foodCrown Directors 17 choices and bring a positive change in their diets.Diamond Directors 21 The constant support and faith of our believers is what drives Vestige forward. We have grown tremendously inSmart Tips for Eating Healthy 30 the past 8 years and are constantly striving to become Dear Vestigians, the No.1 in not just network marketing but also in theSkincare Tips for Summer 31 health and wellness space. I am sure that our honest hard I want to start this letter by congratulating each one ofStar, Gold, Silver & Directors 33 work and constant innovation in every aspect of the you for what we have created in the past 8 years. A pillar business will help us achieve this mark very soon. of constant innovation, excellence, commitment,Vestige Enerva Flaxseed Bar 37 strength and dedication, Vestige stands true to its coreVestige Enerva Cookies 38 values and beliefs. Today, we are not only counted Wish you wellth. amongst Indias top network marketing companies butDirector Education Seminar 39 are also known for the effectiveness and reach of our Yours truly, products and marketing strategies. All this has beenVestige Award Ceremonies 41 achievable only through the constant efforts on the part of everyone who have decided to support us in our Gautam BaliCar Fund Achievers 45 mission to spread Wellth (Wealth through Wellness).New Offices Opened 47 Whilst the economy is showing signs of slowdown, we are gearing up on our mission to make our presence feltVestige Diamond Trip 49 in the global arena. I am extremely glad to announce that Vestige is spreading its wings to one of the worlds leading business economies, Dubai. With its high 02 | voice | issue 08
  3. 3. HALL OF FAME DOUBLE UNIVERSAL CROWN DIRECTORS DIAMOND DIRECTORS Anil K. Srivastava Tabish I. Ansari Arvind K Mishra Bishnu B. Ghimire Sarita Sharma Ashok Kumar Sujan Kanjilal Ram Laxman Anurag Pandey Santosh Kumar Anita Sharma Ramesh Punhani Gursharan Singh Sidharth Singh DOUBLE CROWN DIRECTORS Ankur Pandey Mahesh Kumar Azhar Husain Raja. K. Sadhija Satyajit Patnaik Ashok K. Mandal D. G. Bodke Julius R. George A. R. M. Farooq Sunaram Guia Rabindra K. Dutta Kumar Kulvijay Jatindra Nayak UNIVERSAL CROWN DIRECTORS T Powl Raj Rojesh Shreshta Bimala Maharjan Talem S Roy P R. Bajracharya . Debasis Pradhan Subbaya Shetty Ashok K. Sahu Rajkumari Dari Touthang Sabita Chettri S. K. Mandal Khem C. Sharma Chittaranjan A. A. Vanve Nirvanalata Surya K. Upadhyay Suneel K. Joshi Ramkrishna Lata Goel Vidyavati Yadav Sunil Rana Pushplata B. K. Mishra S. K. Shrivastava Uttam Gurung Umesh Bhardwaj P K. Sharma . Anoop Saxena Herprasad Sahu Anand Gupta Haw Consultancy Arpanaa Deb Samal Jaiswal Malti Singh Ram Pyare Devi Prasad Prakash R. Rakesh M Upendra Pandey Milan Chhetri Manoj Kumar Shiv Kumar Rabindra Sharma Ram Gopal K. Vasantha Mani Vicky N Jaiswal Mohib Siddiqui Neelima Ambist Harish Kumar Ashok Ghosh Debasish Ghosh Pratap Chandra Saroj Kumar Narayan Nilima Vishwakarma Darge Kesharwani Gupta Raheja Sundaray Panigrahi Prasad Jena Sadanand Khatri CROWN DIRECTORS Anuja Gupta Satnam Singh Dinesh Anil Kumar Nagendra E Sobha Singh Devender R Krishnaveni Ravindra Kumar Lallan Sharma Subhash Manocha Nath Chetia Singh Chouhan S. K. Mishra P S. Mishra . G. Chandra Das J. K. Gupta Diwakar D. Mishra Sanjeev Kumar Kuldeep Singh Surinder Lal Vikas Bhanot Sukhjinder Singh Surendra Dangol Nisha Rani Pratima Mallick Murari Lal Kishor E. Rokade Kirti Sharma L. Shushila Devi L Ritesh Meitei Sutapa P Manna . Dhananjoy Das Roshy Mathur Mandip M. Pradhan K. G. Rathod Mamta Mahato Manas K. Biswal Y Bhavani Meenaxi Nag S. B. Chavan Ramesh N. Rai Suresh K. Jaiwar B. P Yadav . Anjani Kumar Manjit Kaur Vijay Pratap Sinha Manita Nayak T. M. Singh Sushila Devi Brijesh K. Pal N R RaviKumar Rajwinder Singh Gurcharan Singh Santilata Pani Dharam D Singh Lingaraj Mallick P A. Bhatnagar . M. P Maurya . S. Urmila Devi N. S. Singh Susanta Mohanty Reeta Mohanty Pramod Kar Bhabagrahi Majhi Shapam K. Singh S. Hariharan Kumuda C. Sahoo Abhay K Das Niharika Bansal Anil K Swain Binod K Sahoo Duka Devi Krishna Store Radheshyam Singh Surendra Kumar Jalandar Nag Niranjan Barik G Warisali Ansari Nila O. Bhoge Dharmendra Das Pradeep K. Senapati Bhakta B. Muduli Purna C. Mohapatra Shakuntala Panda Sumanta K. Pal Prafulla Meher Amit K. Saha Unnati Singh Sanjeeb K. Behera Sukalyan Saha Gurpreet Singh Gyana R Barik Nibedita Behera Binod K Dutta Debasish Panda Kartika Kullu Ashok K Jena Rameshwar Bhakta Neetu Singh Lokendra Bahadur Tyagi Bamma M Gopal Yuddha Birendra Shah Mayura Bazal Sudip Pathak Pinaki Nath Debasish PandaAmsavenimurukesan Hema Sherpa Hetal Bhoi Bahadur Bhattacharya03 | voice | issue 08 04 | voice | issue 08
  4. 4. GOOD HEALTH NOW AVAILABLE ON YOUR SHELF.Presenting a whole range of healthy foods, snacks and supplementsto kick-off your health plan. wish you wellth
  5. 5. DOUBLE UNIVERSAL CROWN DIRECTOR DOUBLE UNIVERSAL CROWN DIRECTOR Dipali Patrawala | Joined: 8 June, 2009 | Mumbai Sudarsan Mohanty | Joined: 8 May 2008 | CuttackWe are immensely I am a housewife while my husband is satisfied with the income that Vestige When I chose Vestige I I was an income tax consultant. Joining Vestige was a tough a finance consultant and we have has helped us earn with its high When I came to know about decision for me, but when Isatisfied with the been a part of Network Marketing for performing products and easy to saw that I would be able MLM eleven years ago, I knew chose Vestige I saw that I wouldincome that Vestige over 13 years. Even after working for follow Marketing Plan. My message to make my downlines this is where I could generate be able to make my downlines 12 years we were not able to earn the to everyone is that if you religiously successful too more income. After 10 years of successful too. This is the besthas helped us earn income we had always dreamt of. I devote your time and effort towards wo r k i n g w i t h o t h e r M L M decision I could have ever taken.with its high performing joined Vestige in 2009 and have your Vestige business and simply companies, I realised that the I believe this is possible through achieved the Double Universal duplicate the system, the amount of stability and income for which I "In your success, lies our success".products and easy to Crown Director level in a very short income and success you can achieve joined MLM still eluded me.follow Marketing Plan span of time. Now we are immensely is unimaginable.07 | voice | issue 08 08 | voice | issue 08
  6. 6. UNIVERSAL CROWN DIRECTOR UNIVERSAL CROWN DIRECTOR Kaushik Goswami | Joined: 13 May 2008 | Kolkata Purna Chandra Routray | Joined: 28 Jun 2008 | CuttackThe unmatched I had been a part of MLM for over nine years. I shifted to Vestige as it that is in place in Vestige makes your journey of success easier. I just want Vestige has helped me I am a management student and had rewarding Marketing Plan and the been a part of the MLM industry for 8 Vestige Support system. Vestige hassupport system that is seemed to be a better platform both to tell everyone that with Vestige prove myself and years but was not very successful in it. helped me prove myself and in terms of growth and wellness. I anyone can build a good career in a strengthened the belief I joined Vestige and have achieved strengthened the belief thatin place in Vestige have been able to achieve success in very short span of time simply by that everyone can unbound success in just a matter of a everyone can become successful by life with the most rewarding putting in hard work & following the year, across personal, financial and just following the system.makes your journey of Marketing Plan that Vestige has to system. become successful by social spheres. I attribute this successsuccess easier offer. The unmatched support system just following the system. to the world-class products, highly09 | voice | issue 08 10 | voice | issue 08
  7. 7. UNIVERSAL CROWN DIRECTOR UNIVERSAL CROWN DIRECTOR Vivek Kumar Saxena | Joined: 29 Feb 2008 | Bareilly Prafull Kumar Panda | Joined: 22 Dec 2008 | Rourkela Just be the best During my government job, I realised showed me a career oriented Vestige In Vestige I found the To achieve success in Network and have achieved the that I will never be able to get plan. I joined Vestige and used my 8 Marketing, the system has to be Universal Crown Director level student of the system freedom of time & money with the years experience and am now I am perfect system along perfect and easily in a short span and have also salary I was earning. Due to this, I Universal Crown Director. My with high-performing understandable. In Vestige I bought a car for myself. Just and follow it and joined network marketing but did message to everyone is just to be the products and a strong found this perfect system along follow the system religiously not get the success I was looking for. best student of the system and follow with high-performing products and you too can be successful success will be yours. During this time I got the opportunity it and success will be yours. management support and a strong management with Vestige. to meet Mr. Bali with my upline who support. I joined Vestige in 200711 | voice | issue 08 12 | voice | issue 08
  8. 8. UNIVERSAL CROWN DIRECTOR UNIVERSAL CROWN DIRECTOR Manju Gupta | Joined: 07 May 2007 | Patna Sarita Raj Gaddamwar | Joined: 08 Dec 2010 | Chandrapur Vestige products made My husband is in service & as Dreams are not what you I truly believe that, “Dreams are not everyone knows, you cannot sustain my job easier & its on salary in times of inflation. I was have when you sleep; what you have when you sleep; dreams are those that dont let you amazing marketing plan encouraged by my husband to do dreams are those that sleep”. Being an MBA graduate, I MLM. I was apprehensive that I might helped build my team not be able to succeed. Vestige dont let you sleep always wanted to be part of a successful MNC and Vestige proved products made my job easier & its to be the right place for me. My amazing marketing plan helped husband who is my best critic and my build my team. I am thankful to my child are my main inspirations for upline, the support system of the putting in my best efforts in company that helps anyone with the whatever I do. Im really blessed with desire to succeed & dedication with a network of like minded people and an attitude to ‘never say die’! Im sure we will continue to grow together.13 | voice | issue 08 14 | voice | issue 08
  9. 9. UNIVERSAL CROWN DIRECTOR EVEN A CARING HEART NEEDS CARE Vestige L-Arginine Packed with 5 super heart health enhancing ingredients,Vestige L-Arginine takes care of the most vital organ of your body while you go out and live your life to the fullest. ŸHelps regulate blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels R Jayalakshmi | Joined: 05 Sep 2009 | Chennai ŸBoosts Immunity ŸImproves sexual functioning ŸHelps maintain healthy blood sugar levels I was working in a network marketing months I was able to achieve the ŸReduces illness recovery time and facilitatesWhen Vestige plan company for 10 years and did achieve Universal Crown Director status and wound healingwas presented to me success initially but to maintain it and to further grow was not that easy. In my income has crossed what I achieved after working for full 3 years ŸPrevents premature cardiovascular agingI was able to see the process I met with a lot of in other network marketing ŸImproves fitness and endurance financial as well as personal losses. companies. ŸProvides anti-aging benefitsthat this is a plan When Vestige plan was presented to ŸRelieves chronic painswhere network me, I was able to see that this is a plan where every network marketersmarketers dream can dream can come true. I joined Vestige in September 2009 and in few quickcome true15 | voice | issue 08 16 | voice | issue 08
  10. 10. CROWN DIRECTORS CROWN DIRECTORS SKYTREK ENTERPRISES Prema Manjari Mahanta Bipra Pati Sarat Kumar Rana Initially, I was working with a life insurance I always wanted to do something different in my I am an Ayurvedic practitioner by profession but I was a part of the marketing industry for a number company. After exploring the Vestige plans, I life. Vestige gave me the opportunity to prove was not satisfied with the income I was earning. I of years but was unable to earn the income I had realized the great earning potential they held and myself with its excellent business plan. My was looking for a business that could provide me always wished for. Also due to the stress I started started working with the company. As I attain confidence and a strong upline support helped with a comfortable income and turned to other falling sick often and got relief after using Vestige higher levels in the system, my levels of success me achieve the Crown Director level and become MLM companies but could not achieve much products. I got introduced to Vestige through a and income are also increasing. I am thankful to a successful CNT export. I believe, Everything is success. When I got to know of Vestige, the friend and I started as a consumer and gained Vestige and my upline for giving me this great possible with Vestige Management and marketing plan and high-performing products, I confidence in the products and the system. The opportunity and a strong platform to prove my Mr.Gautam Bali. Thank you Vestige for changing joined without further ado. Now I am a Crown credit for my success goes to the management, the abilities. With Vestige, I now have a vision and my life. Director and earning more than I ever imagined, high-performing products and my upline for their mission in my life. simply by duplicating the system. constant support and motivation. A G Sai Kanna Uma Devi Muthiah Asifur Rahman Deb Kumar Mondal I was working with another MLM company for a A high-performing product range, a profitable I am a doctor by profession. My life was average Before joining Vestige I was working with another decade before joining Vestige. Despite putting in a marketing plan and an experienced management until a friend introduced me to Vestige. Thanks to network marketing company. But I was not lot of efforts, I was only able to succeed partially & makes Vestige the perfect business. I joined Vestige and my upline, I accomplished my dreams satisfied since I could not reach up to my to sustain that success was even more difficult. I Vestige in 2009 and have achieved success, of achieving success and financial freedom for ex p e c t at i o n s. I wa nt to t h a n k Ve s t i g e joined Vestige because I was impressed by their recognition and the freedom to be my own boss. It myself. Vestige has given us good health, world Management and all of my team members for products and marketing plan. Soon, I was able to gives me immense contentment that I am able to class products, financial security, recognition and helping me realize my potential. I would like to clear my earlier debts and got success in very little make other peoples lives better along with my most importantly the best mentorship and convey that “Just follow the Vestige Education time. My heartfelt thanks to the Vestige own. I want to thank Vestige and my upline for the guidance. I feel blessed to be a part of the Vestige System & you will be successful.” management and Im confident that soon Vestige trust they have shown in me. family. Vestige is definitely a vehicle that will take will become the No.1 Network Marketing you to the road of success if you fuel it with Company. consistent efforts and hard work.17 | voice | issue 08 18 | voice | issue 08
  11. 11. CROWN DIRECTORS CROWN DIRECTOR Dr.Aijaz. P. Shaikh Ishwarbhai Ratanshib Patel Minati Das I am a doctor by profession. I recommended I had suffered in MLM before. There was no income I took up Vestige as a part time business when I first Vestiges supplements to a lot of my patients with and only expenditure. But in Vestige, with joined in, but after getting to know the results and chronic diseases. The results were amazing and my minimum efforts you get superb results. The the income I was earning, I decided to dedicate all business got doubled. I have introduced a lot of products are of great quality and are highly my time towards my Vestige business. Vestige not women to the Vestige business that has helped effective. My uplines have supported me a lot and just helps people in getting relief from their give them employment and independence. even my downlines are doing really well. If you ailments but also gives a chance to live the life you Vestige has given me health, wealth, name and dont have money initially and want to earn lots of have always dreamt of. Vestige has fulfilled all my fame. The guidance of my upline & the money, you should work with Vestige. With dreams and I just want to say “Long live Vestige”. management and the support of the downline has Vestige, there is no boss and no loss. helped me a lot. Rakhee Shrestha Sanjeev Kumar Singh Vestige opened a new chapter in my life from a shy, “Success is not a destination, its a journey”. Its dull, inactive housewife; I got transformed into a great to be here in Vestige and I feel proud to be serious, active constant. It gave me confidence, called a Vestigian. Like others I was also looking for identity and financial freedom. It helped me in success in MLM companies and my search developing my personality. I released one thing stopped here. Now my goal is to translate that total commitment and strict discipline helped response into results. People rarely succeed me achieve success. I want to share my success unless they have fun in what they are doing. So I with all my partners as well as my uplines and I would just say come one, come all, it is the only believe this is just the beginning. path where there is no fear, no fall.”19 | voice | issue 08 20 | voice | issue 08
  12. 12. DIAMOND DIRECTORS DIAMOND DIRECTORS Bidhan Chandra Mondal Kaushal Kishor Mamta Javeri Manish Gupta I am a doctor and was into private practice Time and circumstances are never the I am a fashion designer by profession and I was troubled by Asthma for 8 years. On before Vestige. When I started doing the same. I was working in a company as am happily married to Viren whos an the recommendation of my upline Kavita Vestige business, I stopped my practice GM(sales) when I met with an accident advertising professional. We always Dubey, I started taking Noni capsules. I and completely devoted all my time & and was handicapped due to it. From top wanted to live our lives in a different and was amazed by the results and my efforts towards it. Now Im enjoying to rock bottom in just moments. Vestige creative way. Be your own Boss is always condition improved a lot. I was doing unbelievable amount of money and came into my like a ray of hope. The way what we practiced in our own business. another business before this and had no honour. Thanks to Vestige Marketing, my Vestige has rescued me and my family But associating with Vestige gave us the experience in MLM. But now I have left my uplines and downlines for my grand from difficult times, I strongly feel that Ill freedom to think Beyond our old business and am only working with success. be able to enjoy the rest of my life with Capabilities and leverage ourselves to Vestige. Vestige has changed my life and name, fame, respect and money. Thanks that extent where we improve our lives by even in a small city like Ratlam, my to my upline and Vestige team. enriching the lives of others. business is flourishing. Sulochana Sharma Saroj Kumar Bisoi M Rajkumar Samir Kumar Dey Irregularities in my husbands blood I was working as an engineer in the state I was working in another MLM company I had never imagined that I would be a pressure was a major issue for us for 5 govt. but was not satisfied with my for more than 6 years before joining part of an MLM company. I have even years. After using Vestige products, his income. I also had many health Vestige. There I worked hard and had a lot worked in a traditional market and when I health improved considerably and this is complications like hypertension, gastric of dreams and desires, but I couldnt get joined Vestige, I didnt take it seriously. what made us feel sure about doing this issues, arthritis and piles. I started using stable success and even my downlines But one day I woke up to the challenge business. It has helped us financially as Vestige products and felt miraculous were unsuccessful. I joined Vestige 2 years and decided to be a man of Vestige. I well. We treat our downlines as our improvements in my health. I religiously back and now my dreams and desires are believe that, In your success lies our business associates and tell them to keep followed the system and was immensely getting fulfilled gradually because success. I am proud to be a member of on following the system for future supported by my uplines. Thank you Vestige gives back more than 100% for my Vestige. success. I would also like to thank our Vestige for bringing real health, wealth efforts. At Vestige everyone can be uplines for their support. and peace in my life. successful by following the system. Bibhu Ranjan Mishra Gurunath Behera Kirani Swain & Babula Swain Tapan Kumar Saha I used Vestige products for treatment of Vestiges biggest strength is their Before joining Vestige, I was working as an I was completely new to MLM and never piles. I felt a miraculous difference in my products which are highly effective and of advisor in the field of insurance. But I was expected to get success in it. But I was condition and realized the potential in international standards. The marketing not satisfied with my job profile since it wrong. I have achieved the level of these products to serve humanity. If you plan and training is also very extensive didnt give me either prestige or money. diamond director and all my dreams are follow the system and have faith in the and well planned which helps us at every One day I attended a meeting related to getting fulfilled. I can notice a change in my management, success will come to you. My step. Joining Vestige was a good decision Vestige. I felt very energetic and delighted lifestyle and can now provide better parents have helped me and inspired me that not only changed my life but also after it and decided to join Vestige. That facilities to my family. I am grateful to Vestige to get success. Vestige has helped me prove helped me serve others and contribute to was the turning point of my life. Vestige and want to thank my uplines as well. myself and strengthen my faith in myself. the society. has not only given me a better career but has changed my life.21 | voice | issue 08 22 | voice | issue 08
  13. 13. DIAMOND DIRECTORS DIAMOND DIRECTORS Sanjaya Kumar Swain Dipu Nandi Kailash Chandra Dalai V Sudhakar I was working as a high school teacher I was an ordinary carpenter and was Vestige is committed to its holistic I was working with another network and had no prior experience in MLM. I always busy in work because I wanted to mission of converting uncountable lives marketing company for a decade. But used the products and was amazed at the earn a lot of money. Due to this reason, I into blooming vibrant ones - both health getting success there was not that easy. results. I wanted everyone to benefit from often fell ill and a huge part of my & wealth wise. The result is a harmonious Later I joined Vestige and started using these products and joined the company earnings went towards medical expenses. career that fulfills all aspirations, ensures the products. Personally, I was benefited in June 2008. I followed the system and Vestige came into my life like a ray of financial and time freedom and lets one by the products and this encouraged me marketing plan which eventually lead to hope. With the help of Vestiges products, enjoy life at its zenith. I truly believe- to promote the business with greater my success. I want to thank my upline and Im completely cured. And as a distributor, Service to mankind is service to God.’ enthusiasm. Now through Vestige, my the management for giving me a platform Im earning a huge amount of money that dreams have started coming true. Thank to realize my potential. I had not even dreamt of earning. you Vestige for giving me the confidence to reach the pinnacle of success. T Prabavathy Brajesh Kumar Paramhansh Singh Abdul Sattar Ansari I have worked in other MLM companies I joined Vestige in September 2009. I am a lawyers clerk by profession. My I was suffering from gastric issues for a before joining vestige but didnt gain any Vestiges products and business plans are faith in Vestige flourished when me and long time and finally got relief after using satisfaction. Vestiges marketing system highly rewarding and effective. In todays my relatives were benefitted by their Vestige products. This prompted me to and its policies inspired me to join the time when the food, water and air is highly effective products. In the present join Vestige. I had complete faith in the company. I take this opportunity to thank polluted and our diets are insufficient, time, I feel that no business is better than business plan and the products. Today, I our honourable Chairman for giving me Vestiges health supplements are a great Vestige. am a diamond director and Im sure I will this golden opportunity to prove my way to maintain our health and ensure achieve higher levels in the future with potential and the financial stability that longevity. Joining Vestige turned out to my whole hearted dedication and efforts. enables me to fulfill the needs of my be a great career move for me and I would This success would not have been family. Working with vestige is a encourage the people of Bihar to join possible without the support of my prestigious matter. Vestige to uplift their lives. uplines and downlines. Atul Aggarwal Sitaram Chattar Bhakta Bahadur Khadka Nripendra Nath Barman Joining Vestige was a very beneficial I come from a lower middle class family I started my career with traditional Vestige products are one of the best decision for my career. Vestige has given and completed my education with a lot of business and got successful too. Initially I products in the market. They are highly me the confidence and the ability to help difficulty. I joined MLM with a lot of was not much enthusiastic about MLM effective and provide a great base for people in need and make their lives dreams. I joined Vestige because I was but gradually realized its potential. In business. The business plan and training better. The plan and the products are impressed by their business programme. most of the MLM companies, the further ensure a path to infinite success. extremely reliable and will surely bring With my uplines guidance, I have products are expensive, whereas in Vestige has changed the lives of so many success in anyones life. achieved much more than I had ever Vestige, not only are the products people, myself included and helped all of expected and all my dreams are turning reasonable but also provide 100% us to lead a healthy and happy life. into reality. Thank you Vestige, all my satisfaction to the user. Now Im earning downline and my God, Mr.Gautam Bali. prestige in the society with Vestige.23 | voice | issue 08 24 | voice | issue 08
  14. 14. DIAMOND DIRECTORS DIAMOND DIRECTORS Tarun Kumar Nayak Bikash Chandra Guchhait Raj Maharjan Gopi Kishan Kashyap This achievement is just the beginning. Its I am a simple higher secondary pass & I have been involved in multi-level Vestige business is a wonderful career in my nature to be a leader and create was working in a hotel before joining marketing for more than 10 years, but choice. It gives you fame, name and good leaders. Before Vestige, I had worked in Vestige. I had no knowledge of MLM prior could never find a company where I was health. Their extensive training, business different sectors like Insurance, small-scale to this. My family was very poor and I satisfied with the productivity of the plan and world class products help the industries, contracting and investment always wanted a better lifestyle. Today, market plan, management and the distributor at every level and makes it networking but I was never satisfied. Vestige has given me economic products. Then my thinking changed easy to gain success. I am honoured to be Thanks to my uplines, mentor, Vestige independence & my dreams have turned when I joined Vestige. The cooperation of a part of Vestige as it gives me an management & system, I achieved this into reality. I am thankful to my upline, the staff and management is amazing. opportunity to serve mankind and give level. Vestige is the only company that partners and the company’s support Vestige has helped me enhance my my family better options at the same time. gives people a secure and safe life. system. Anyone can achieve success with business and fulfill my dreams. dedication and a never say die attitude. Dalia Jana Ranjit Kumar Tanishka Enterprises Deval Prashant Patel In these times, when the environment is I am Ranjit Kumar from Phulwarisharif, I am from farming background. MLM was I am one of those lucky Vestigians whom highly polluted and everyones diets has Patna. I joined Vestige in 2009. I never an entirely new venture for me. Working the plan, products and system was shown deteriorated, Vestige products are a breath believed in the concept of MLM and least of with Vestige has given me immense by the great Mr.Bali. I was working as a of fresh air. They have the ability to cure all getting success through it. But when I growth and satisfaction both in terms of sales manager in a life insurance company chronic diseases and supplement people’s gained in depth knowledge of Vestiges my health and income. The products and for more than 5 years. I left that job for diets to give them the gift of good health. Marketing plan and products, I realized the marketing plan are both very benefitting Vestige and today am earning 3 times my Vestige is like a dream and provides growth potential they held. The products are and rewarding. If you follow the system earlier income. I became a Diamond on physical, economic and cultural fronts. effective and the marketing plan is easy to and have faith in yourself success will come Director with the help of my core team Vestige has converted me, a professional follow. Thanks to Vestige, I have gained lots to you. I want to thank the vestige team and DCC team. Vestige has given me and school teacher to a person who spreads the of love, money, success and a good and my upline Sandeep & Minal Khilare. my family a peaceful, healthy, stress free joy of Wellth- Wealth through Wellness. personality. and financially sound life. Arvinderjit Kaur Babita Mukherjee Jagireman Rai Gangaben Kamleshkuma Patel I never joined Vestige with the intention I joined Vestige in 2010. I am a housewife The ultimate goal of every persons life is I have done MLM before but the costs and of earning money. I was highly benefitted and have no prior experience in MLM. I to find a purpose for oneself. With the efficiency of the products were never up by the products which helped cure got wonderful results when I first used the knowledge given in Vestiges training and to the mark. But in Vestige, not only are certain health complications. Our uplines products. My husband also gave me the strength of their products, anyone can the products highly effective but the have given us good support and our constant support and guidance. I want to lead a purposeful life by changing the business plan is also easy to follow. downlines are also performing well. I thank Vestiges wonderful management, lives of others. Vestige products have Anyone from a villager to a city person, thank God for bringing Vestige in our life result oriented products and my smart immense healing capabilities and are can easily follow the system. The support and giving us a chance to spread wellness upline for showing me the path to highly affordable for the consumer. Also, of the downlines and upline has been through them. success. the business plan enables one to gain tremendous. more in terms of success and helps improve the overall quality of ones life.25 | voice | issue 08 26 | voice | issue 08
  15. 15. DIAMOND DIRECTORS DIAMOND DIRECTORS Meena Devi & Chattar Singh M Victoria Selvi Ram Pratap Mourya Laxmi Priya Behera Its only possible in a great company like Before joining Vestige, I didnt know much I had this dream from childhood to travel I started working as a teacher in a private Vestige that one gets to achieve Diamond about MLM but I was impressed after around the world and earn a lot of money. school after gaining little success in MLM Director level with lucrative earnings at seeing the Compensation Plan and the Around 4 years back, I got to know about for a few years. I joined Vestige in 2008 minimal efforts. Earlier I was conned by an products at Vestige. With Vestige I am now Vestige through my friends. When I took a after benefitting from their products. MLM company that claimed so much but able to fulfill most of family dreams and closer look at their marketing plan, I realized Soon, I became successful with the help of paid so little. My 10 valuable years were ambitions, and now I am transformed that I could fulfill all my dreams through this my uplines & downlines and my hard wasted. But thanks to my great uplines and from an ordinary housewife to a business. I am a diamond director today and work & dedication. I have decided to serve supportive teammates, I am now planning successful businesswoman. I want to life has never been better. Car fund, house the society till my last breath through to achieve the levels I could not even dream thank God, my husband and our beloved fund, foreign trip and so many facilities Vestige. The great education system, of achieving before. Thank you Vestige. MD, Mr.Gautam Bali . with Vestige. I want to thank the marketing plan & products make Vestige management, my uplines and downlines. the right platform for a bright future. Kashi Nath Pandey Manoj Kumar Dwijendra Nath Mandal Radha Devi Even after being positive about network I am a homeopathic doctor by profession. I I live in Sonarpur and started a career in I have a garment shop since 1990 and I marketing and putting in a lot of efforts, I was suffering from asthma for 25-26 years MLM after completing my college joined Vestige in December 2008. I had a couldnt find a platform where all the 4 Ps & was really troubled by it. I regularly education. The turning point in my career lot of health problems in the past but i.e Platform, Product, Plan and Payout consumed Vestiges Noni, Spirulina and was when I joined Vestige Marketing Vestige products helped me a lot. I had were upto the mark. But my thinking Flax capsules for a year and am completely Pvt.Ltd. Vestige has given me good faced a lot of failure in MLM before Vestige changed after joining Vestige where one fit and fine today. After seeing this magical health, wealth and the confidence to and developed a negative outlook thing is guaranteed that consistent hard improvement in my health, I decided to move ahead in life. My dreams are in my towards it. But Vestiges good quality work never goes in vain. Thanks to the start the Vestige business and spread the hands today. Thank you Vestige. products, system and management made management staffs cooperation, my word about its products. My upline and me Diamond in just 3 years. I have gained work partners, my family for their support downline have really supported me in so many facilities like car fund and foreign and above all, my mentor uplines. increasing my network. trip I give my heartfelt thanks to Vestige. Maniruddin Khan Ajay Kumar Jha Manju Singh Gurjeet Singh Since the last 14 years, I have been treating I have been a part of this company since I joined Vestige in 2008. I started by using With Vestige, I have gained so much in people through homeopathy. Many a January 2011. In a very short span of time, the products and was really impressed by terms of health and wealth. It gives you times I used to get troubled when my Vestige has given me the confidence to their effectiveness. I even gave the the opportunity to realize your dreams patients used to complain that the lead from the front. The products and plan products to my relatives who were also and understand your potential. Also, with treatments are very expensive. But it all have given me the chance to live a life of benefitted by them. My faith in the Vestige one can help others suffering changed when I joined Vestige. With the economic independence and an products encouraged me to start this from chronic diseases and help them help of Vestige, I could treat my patients at opportunity to convert dreams into business and when it started helping me make little changes in their diets with affordable costs. I am thankful to Mr.Bali and reality. The journey of success and glory financially too, I felt really positive about it. effective health supplements. my uplines for showing us a simple and has just started and there is a lot to prove affordable way to keep ourselves healthy. and achieve.27 | voice | issue 08 28 | voice | issue 08
  16. 16. Smart tips for DIAMOND DIRECTORS EatingHealthy The good news about healthy eating is that most nutrition experts now agree on a common set of nutrition guidelines that are important for good health. Following the guidelines below will help you maintain a healthy weight, have a healthy heart, avoid hypertension, and prevent diabetes. And if you have a chronic disease, eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight can help you to better manage your condition Keshab Basnet Pradip Kumar Singha 1 Eat your fruits and veggies 3 Drink plenty of water Vestige has changed the way I viewed I started my career with the Fruits and veggies contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, and Water can prevent dehydration and reduce overeating. Divide network marketing. Their plans are so pharmaceuticals industry. But after a few uncomplicated and easy to follow; years, I moved on to the insurance sector for phytochemicals that can help you maintain a healthy heart, your body weight (in pounds) by two. Aim to drink that many anyone can achieve success by just better career growth. I performed well but improve memory function and vision health, all while lowering ounces of water each day. For example, someone weighing following the system. In addition to that, still didnt attain complete job satisfaction. their products are highly effective and After working with Vestige for a while, I your risk for some forms of cancer. And including at least five 128 pounds should drink 64 ounces (8 cups) of water daily. affordable. I would like to thank my upline realized the efficiency and expertise of the for giving me all the support I needed to companys leaders and management. They cups per day in your meals or snacks can help to control your 4 Eat a lot of whole grain products become a Diamond Director. have an ethical and highly disciplined weight by filling up on healthy calories. approach towards work. Thank you Vestige. daily 2 Limit foods high in saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol Whole grains are an important source of fiber and other nutrients. Try 100% whole grain bread, whole grain ready-to- Moderate amounts of fats and oils are an important part of a eat cereals, brown rice, and whole-wheat pasta. healthy diet, but not all fats are the same. Read the nutrition label to check the amount and type of fat in foods. Switch to healthier snacks Karim Uddin Kishor Lakra • Consume less than 10 percent of your daily calories from with the new Enerva Range I was a doctor by profession, but I quit my Me and my mother were suffering from a saturated fats. The most common sources of saturated fat With more and more people deciding to switch to a job when I realized the potential in number of health problems. We used the are meat, whole milk and dairy products, and many working with Vestige. Now my income is products and saw tremendous healthier lifestyle, Vestige has brought out a unique three times of what I was earning before. I improvement in our health. I attended processed foods. am thankful to Mr.Bali and his team for the Vestiges product training module and range of products designed to bring wellness closer to companys Miraclous Products and worked with full dedication and a positive • Select Lean Meats. Try chicken, turkey, fish, and lean cuts the people. Effective Business System. With the right attitude. Today I have reached the of pork. Bake, broil, boil, steam, poach, or microwave attitude, positive thinking & teamwork, Diamond Director level and this would we can surely give better results. I am not have been possible without the help foods instead of frying them. Infused with the goodness of nature, the recently thankful to my uplines & downlines and of my upline and the support of the pray for their success in life. management. • Keep intake of trans fats as low as possible. Trans fats are launched Enerva Range of Health cookies and Flaxseed commonly found in processed foods made with partially bars are a great addition to your daily diet that brings you hydrogenated oils. Many commercial baked goods contain the many great benefits of Spirulina, Colostrom and Aloe trans fats. Vera in cookies along with the goodness of Flaxseed in a convenient, pocket size bar. Naushad Suleman Hussain We belong to an ordinary middle class family with big dreams. We are blessed with one daughter Alina. Small thinking and small actions lead to being both broke and unfulfilled. Big thinking and big actions lead to having both money and meaning. With these feelings we started Vestige business and have reached the level of Diamond Director in 1.5 years.29 | voice | issue 08
  17. 17. Take When it comes to moisturizing your skin as per seasons, there is nothing better than seasonal fruit facial masks. Cut the pulp of the fruit or squeeze it into the blender and thencare apply it on your face as quickly as possible before the vitamins in the fruit lose their potency. Here are a few great options to moisturize your skin in the summer: 1 Mango pulp is great to cure acne problems in the summer season.of your skin 2 If your skin is prone to getting tanned or is already tanned, apply a mix of equal quantity of almond oilthis summer and vinegar an hour before bathing. You will be surprised with the results. 3 Grapes and litchees are great to use on wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. It helps in moisturizing,Summer is the season when you have to take special care ofyour skin. You may be surprised that your summer skin, detoxifying and nourishing skin.which looked radiant throughout winter, suddenly looks dull,blemished and oily. This is because, in winter your skinsnatural oils solidify, whereas in summer they flow freely. Its 4 Cucumber on the other hand is extremely cooling and improves dull and oily skin. One can also mix the juice of one small cucumber with oneestimated that 90 per cent of wrinkles are caused due to sunexposure. The suns long- and short-wave ultraviolet rays, or teaspoon of rose water to make a great moisturizerUVA and UVB, penetrate the deepest layers of skin, application for the skin.damaging the collagen – the spongy protein that gives skin its structure, firmness, and elasticity. Fair skin wrinkles more readily than dark skin because it 5 Watermelon juice as an application on the face is a great skin toner and makes the skin fresh and healthy. contains less pigment, which acts as a sunscreen, blocking natural 6 Add a cup of buttermilk to your bath if you have large open pores. It helps in tightening them. some of damaging UV A and B rays. the suns 7 Another key ingredient for skin care in summer is Papaya pulp, which can be used on blackheads and blotchy skin. 8To prevent wrinkles caused due to sunrays, stay out of the In case of sunburn, use a yogurt mask to cure it.sun, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when its almost Leave it on for ten minutes on the affected area.directly overhead and UV radiation is strongest. Stay in the Rubbing ice cubes also is anshade as much as possible. And wear protective clothing and immediate cure.plenty of sunscreen. Strive to apply sunscreen 15 to 30minutes before stepping outside. Sunscreen should alwaysbe reapplied after contact with water or after sweating.Sunscreen also should be worn year round–every time you 9 Coconut water, if rubbed on the skin lightens and brightens it. It isleave the house. also instrumental inSmooth on a moisturizer that contains sunscreen in proper getting rid of heatconcentration. Put it on before you leave the house and rashes. It can be appliedreapply every two hours. Wear proper sunglasses and a hat as a lotion and left on the skin and thenwith a broad brim. washed with cold rose water.