TBG Rainmakers Pre-Bootcamp


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TBG Rainmakers Pre-Bootcamp pdf file. The Rainmaker Business Bootcamp 2013, 12 October 2013, Sheraton Hotels Ikeja

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TBG Rainmakers Pre-Bootcamp

  1. 1. PLEASE NOTE: You may need to print out page 5-6 , answer the questions and bring it along on Saturday
  2. 2. Rainmaker Defined rain·mak·er: 1. A person with an exceptional ability to attract clients, use connections and increase profits. 2. An employee who brings a substantial amount of profitable business to a firm. 3. An employee who creates a significant amount of new business to a company. Inspired by Native American tradition, the Rainmaker is one who uses his power to bring rain to nourish crops that feed the tribe. In an organisation, a rainmaker is the revenue-bringer to a company. She brings the very lifeblood of the organisation and makes the cash register ring. A rainmaker is the person who make ‘it’ work. 2
  3. 3. An expansive definition In business, a rainmaker is a person who brings in new business and wins new accounts almost by magic, since it is often not readily apparent how this new business activity is caused. It means generating substantial new business or additional cash flow from sources sometimes outside established business channels, sometimes by connecting with people in non-traditional or hidden markets, and sometimes by prompting current clients to spend more money. A rainmaker is usually a key figure in the business or organization and not necessarily a salesperson. 3
  4. 4. YOU are the key... How many times have you waited for; 1. Something to happen 2. Someone to help 3. Someone to do it The truth is if you are want to do it and willing to learn how, then YOU can be the reason: 1. Why you succeed. 2. Why you are in profit 3. Why you get the funding 4. Why your business start 5. Why the clients keep on coming 4
  5. 5. If you think you cannot fail, what would you want to achieve? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Why do you think you have not achieved it? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 5
  6. 6. What is the one thing that if changed would make a lot of difference to you achieving your business/career desires? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ How can YOU help YOU to succeed? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 6
  7. 7. Money Money follow value. Money follow the wants you are met Money follow the needs you met It is possible to make money successfully Raising Money There are at least 8 easy methods to raise your business finance. This would be discussed at The Rainmaker Business Bootcamp with opportunities to get investors or apply for funding at the Bootcamp. Business Strategies and Launch Strategies to automate your sales and marketing activities would save you money and at least double your income. There are free business tools you can use to manage ALL your business activities, 7
  8. 8. understand your customers, manage your staff and run a seamless operation. Information about the free tools to be given out at The Business Bootcamp. Making Profit You can make profit. Making profit is a normal state. If you don’t care about profit, then get out of business!!! Branding or Brandishing? Every brand was once a start-up operation. Avoid this error of selling a product, service or yourself, ONLY SELL A BRAND. People buy into brands and they actually pay more for brand names. Learn how to build a ‘verb’ brand at The Rainmaker Business Bootcamp. 8
  9. 9. Get a List Your first business is the business of list building. Use friends, social media, direct actions, offers, questions and much more. FIRST get a list, then build a relationship with the list. Learn how to BUILD your list and get your first 1000 ‘qualified’ leads at The Rainmaker Business Bootcamp. ONE THING I WANT TO LEARN What is the one thing you want to learn at The Rainmaker Business Bootcamp?. ______________________________________________________ Now email your ‘one thing’ to bootcamp@tbgrainmakers.com 9
  10. 10. EIGHT HABITS OF SUCCESSFUL RAINMAKERS 1. Successful rainmakers treat their clients as the most valuable asset of their business. Successful rainmakers treat their current and former clients as well as, or better than they would treat a prospective client. They recognise that existing clients are the most important people in their marketing mix. Successful rainmakers nurture their relationships with their clients by providing outstanding, not just good, service, staying in touch on a regular basis, seeking feedback, celebrating clients’ successes, and showing appreciation by sending gifts or hosting special clientappreciation events. 10
  11. 11. 2. Successful rainmakers make business development a priority. Consistent business development requires a system. The approaches are limitless and highly personal. Some people spend the first ten minutes of each day involved in a business development activity. Some schedule business development on their calendars, just like client meetings or court appearances. The important thing is that there is a structure in place that keeps marketing a consistent priority, as opposed to something that is done when there is a lull in a busy workload. 3. Successful rainmakers have a plan. The people who are most successful at business development do not commit “random acts of lunch.” Plans can take on many different forms. They may be strategic and detailed, based on a vision, goals, targets, strategies, and activities. Or a plan may be something as simple as consistently pursuing three marketing activities that have 11
  12. 12. been successful in the past. One of the simplest plans consists of writing an annual goal (for example, get three referrals from the corporate department) on an index card and placing it in a pencil drawer. Every time the drawer is opened, the goal is there. 4. Successful rainmakers focus on high-potential marketing opportunities. Successful rainmakers focus their limited marketing time where they can get the biggest return on their investment: high-potential targets that are most likely to become clients or refer them to potential clients. Successful rainmakers do not market to people who don’t know them or their work until after they’ve mined their existing relationships. Successful rainmakers invest their time in high-payoff marketing activities. 12
  13. 13. 5. Successful rainmakers follow up consistently. The biggest marketing mistake that many make is failing to follow up. Statistics show that less than 3 percent of all sales are made on the first attempt. Successful rainmakers recognize that their marketing activities must coincide with the client’s need. And the only way to ensure that happens is to use consistent follow-up to stay on the client’s screen. 6. Successful rainmakers listen more than talk. Successful rainmakers recognise that before they can sell something, they need to know what the prospective client wants to buy. Even the most articulate marketing pitch will fail if the client does not need the services being marketed. The only way to discover what clients require is to ask and then listen to their answers. Only after clarifying their clients’ needs do successful rainmakers try to sell their services. 13
  14. 14. 7. Successful rainmakers ask for business at the appropriate time. Successful rainmakers have figured out a way to comfortably ask for business. Some people bring a marketing lunch to a close by asking, “When do we get started?” Others might find that approach difficult. They may choose to ask, “So, what’s our next step?” or “You know, I’d really love to have an opportunity to work with you, because I think I can address your needs. I think you’d be a great client and I’d really enjoy working with you. How do we go about doing that?” No matter what approach is used, like the Nike ad says, eventually the time comes to “Just do it!” 8. Successful rainmakers are made, not born. Most successful business developers are not born that way. Consciously or unconsciously, they have adopted certain critical habits. 14
  15. 15. See you at The Rainmaker Business Bootcamp — Paul-Kayode Joash 15