Water plants and animals


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Comenius project "Life by the water" presentation about typical water plants and animals in Bulgaria.

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Water plants and animals

  1. 1. Life by the waterTypical Bulgarian water plants and animals
  2. 2. Area: 110000 км2 Earth as human hand but I don`t need a bigger one. Bulgaria is in the 11th place in EC and in the 15th place in Europe.
  3. 3. Concern about plant and animals species in Bulgaria• 3 National Parks: “Pirin”, “Rila”, “Central Balkan”.• 11 Natural reserves• 17 biosphere reserves
  4. 4. Biosphere reserve “Srebarna”• Location: The lake Srebarna and its vicinities.• Plants species: – Reed – 2/3 of the reserve area – Thin – leaved brush – Broad – leaved brush
  5. 5. It is the most high – stem cerealgrass.It is widespread along riverbanks, marshy areas, evenalong dry Black sea beaches.
  6. 6. There are 5 kinds of brush in Bulgaria.Its roots are rich in starch.It is the most important plant forsurvivors.You can use it as touchwood and formaking ropes and baskets.
  7. 7. Animal species221 species of birds build their nest in the Srebarna reserve: – Curly – head pelican – Small cormorant – Shining Ibis – Pink pelican – Dumb Swan – White – eyed didapper – Small white - forehead goose – Red crop goose – Ducks – Big egret
  8. 8. Animal species…There are:  41 kinds of mammals  11 kinds of reptiles  10 kinds of amphibians  Otter  Water rat
  9. 9. Region of Burgas
  10. 10. Reserve “Ropotamo”• Location: 10 км south of the town of Sozopol• It covers 4 smaller reserves: Water lily, Arkutino Snake Island Sea wormwood• Plant species: – Reed – Thin – leaved brush – Broad – leaved brush• Animal species: – Herons – Small cormorants
  11. 11. Ropotamo
  12. 12. Reserve “Аrkutino”• Location: Region of Burgas, Municipality of Primorsko• Marsh - land – lagoon, a part of the reserve “Ropotamo"• Plant species: – Reed – Brush – White water lily• Жanimal plants:
  13. 13. Reserve “Poda”• Location: south of Burgas• Protected area which is one of the richest ornithologist centers in Europe – 262 birds species.• Plant species: – Reed , – Thin – leaved brush, – Broad – leaved brush.
  14. 14. Animal species:46 kinds of making nest birds: The most attractive are – river kingfishers, egrets, grey herons, big cormorants, sparkling ibis, didapper and ducks.The mixed heron colony includes: White spoonbill, sparkling ibis, night, red, grey, long – manned herons and a small heron.
  15. 15. Animal species ...Amphibians and mammals:Dappled grass – snake – the biggest snake in the country,Nutria,Otter – endangered all over the world.
  16. 16. Black storkBlack stork – makes its nest on thetrees and goes hunting in streams,rivers, marsh – lands and meadowswith low – growing vegetation.
  17. 17. Kingfisher attack
  18. 18. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This presentation reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be heldresponsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION!