Selecting the Best Service for your Marketing Communication Needs


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Learn about the differences between Transcreation,Copywriting and Translation.This presentation will equip you with the knowledge to select the most appropriate solution for your marketing communications needs.

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Selecting the Best Service for your Marketing Communication Needs

  1. 1. Selecting the Best Service for Your Marketing Communications Needs
  2. 2. Learn the difference between  Transcreation  Copywriting  Translation
  3. 3. Transcreation is Taking the ideas of a source document and reinterpreting it for a  different target audience  with different cultural background
  4. 4. Example of Transcreation An English document can be re-engineered for a Korean audience, yet the feel and mood of the original document is preserved
  5. 5. In Transcreation Experts familiar with the psyche and preference of your target audience Draw out the essence and winning points of the original content that is suited for the target audience Get the best of both worlds, a winning copy that is tailored for the target audience which also retains the soul of the original
  6. 6. What about Translation? It requires rendering source components accurately in the target language, following the original document closely
  7. 7. As a result The Process is more rigid The meaning of the translated text must be kept as close to the original as possible The meaning of the text cannot be changed as it could be a business or technical document that requires complete adherence and precision
  8. 8. So which one should I choose for my marketing communication needs? Translation Transcreation or
  9. 9. Example The source “Not all tyres are round” Implied Meaning “Tyres from different manufacturers perform differently” As a result The implied meaning could easily be lost in the translation. However Transcreation will ensure that the message is presented in a manner that strikes a chord with the target audience.
  10. 10. Marketing and Advertising materials require something more than just translation Marketing Gurus tend to use figurative language and inferences
  11. 11. Transcreators have more creative control and can write in the style suitable for the subject matter
  12. 12. Translation Transcreation The best option for Marketing Communication
  13. 13. How about copywriting?
  14. 14. Copywriting - the writing of publicity or advertising content. A Copywriter - has an in depth consultation with the client to understand the requirements The results - a well researched write-up customized to the client’s needs.
  15. 15. Copywriting vs Transcreation
  16. 16. Copywriting is  a straight forward process that does not require translation work to proceed Copywriters  do not need knowledge of the source document They only need  a good understanding of the client’s requirements to come up with an original copy
  17. 17. Transcreation Involves adapting and creating content for a different target market while referencing an existing source document.
  18. 18. When to opt for Transcreation?
  19. 19. When there is a need to maintain consistency in terms of the ideas and feel of the original document
  20. 20. The Project requires a linguist who is familiar with the source language to understand the concept of the document
  21. 21. The original document is a tried and tested format that has achieved considerable success and it is to be replicated for other target markets.
  22. 22. Still Confused? A Trusted Global Content Management Provider will be able to advise you on the most appropriate services to suit your needs.
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