5 reasons why machine translators can never replace human translators


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5 essential reasons why modern translation software ,no matter how efficient it has become, can never replace human translators.

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  • I completely agree with this post. In my experience, there is nothing better than using a human translator for any translations or interpretations I need. In my experience, one of the better agencies is Speak Petroleum. They are located in Aurora, CO and offer certified technical translations and interpretations. They are very helpful and are experienced to work in over 135 different languages. I highly recommend.
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5 reasons why machine translators can never replace human translators

  1. 1. 5 Reasons Why Machines Can Never Replace Human Translators
  2. 2. Why not just use these tools ?  it’s free  it’s fast  accessibility from anywhere  ability to get the gist of a text quickly
  3. 3. However when you need  Market-Ready Translations of a Publishable Quality - grammatically correct - able to capture the essence and meaning of the original  Which are required to be
  4. 4. Are you still willing to put your reputation at stake by trusting machines to do the job for you?
  5. 5. Here are some reasons why Machine Translators can never replace Human Translators
  6. 6. 1. You cannot program a machine to understand culture
  7. 7. Cannot recognize idioms, slang and in some instances, names. Can only rigidly perform word-for word translations Machine Translators
  8. 8. Human Translators understand culture skilful enough to find suitable equivalents able to pick up nuances that are undetectable by machines.
  9. 9. 3.Only Humans Can Replicate Style & Tone
  10. 10. Every Document Consist of  a certain Style and Tone  it can be Funny Poetic or Persuasive
  11. 11. Resulting in Machine Translators Lacks a flat and soul-less product  the intricate nuances  intended tone of the original
  12. 12. Human emotions can only be recreated by Human Translators
  13. 13. 4. Creators of Machine Translation Programs has acknowledge that they are not meant to replace human translators.
  14. 14. Disclaimers made by renowned Machine Translation products
  15. 15. SYSTRAN strives to achieve the highest possible accuracy, however no automated translation is perfect nor is it intended to replace human translators
  16. 16. Bing Translator Automatic translation can help you understand the gist of the translated text but is no substitute for a professional human translator
  17. 17. 5. No translation can ever be complete without the human touch
  18. 18.  Even as machine translators become more efficient in churning translations that are more understandable  The need for humans to be part of the equation is always there.  Proof readers and copyeditors are still needed to ensure that a piece of translation is cohesive and grammatical.
  19. 19. A human translator can put in the finishing touches to a piece of work, enhancing and localizing it for your target audience.
  20. 20. Food for thought Translation is most likely needed as one is not equally proficient in the source and target language. If you can barely comprehend text in the target language, how can you judge if a piece of text is well translated?
  21. 21. Why risk putting your Brand and Reputation at stake with unreliable machine translations?
  22. 22. Only professional native translators can fully grasp how languages work
  23. 23. Get your documents geared up for the market.
  24. 24. Do the wise thing and engage Professional and Trustworthy Translators
  25. 25. Tel: + 65 6577 4646 www.verztec.com Corporate Headquarters 10 Jalan Besar #16-02, Sim Lim Tower Singapore 208787 Fax: + 65 6577 4647