How To Keep Users Engaged with Your Mobile App Longer with Mobile Solutions by VSW


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VSW Mobile has two state-of-the-art semantic technology solutions designed to keep users engaged with your applications longer.

VSW’s Intention Context Engine (ICE) gives providers of real-time communications services the ability to monetize messaging through semantics in real time.

VSW SEARCH IN-APP gives app providers the opportunity to enhance their product by giving consumers access to the information they want without having to exit the apps they love!

CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE: 877.861.2230; @VSWFeatureLink

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How To Keep Users Engaged with Your Mobile App Longer with Mobile Solutions by VSW

  1. 1. VSW Mobile Adaptive Mobile Solutions. Enhanced Consumer Experiences. New Revenue Sources. v @vswfeaturelink
  2. 2. We are a semantic search technology company, leveraging our proprietary products to deliver more valuable results for advertisers and and consumers on mobile devices. 2
  3. 3. A LOOK AT OUR HISTORY Intel invests $150M Convera builds semantic search engine for CIA & FBI is created VSW technology deployed by major online publishers is created Pioneers of advanced semantic technology + thousands more 80 verticals, 500K concepts, 2.5M expressions, multiple search engines. 3
  4. 4. TWO METHODS TO MONETIZE MOBILE CONTENT SUGGESTIVE IN-APP SEARCH WEB SEARCH Monetize messaging with real-time suggestive search results Keep users in app longer by giving them access to search in app 4
  5. 5. REAL-TIME, IN STREAM SEARCH SUGGESTIONS How can you capitalize on over $300B+ of untapped mobile search revenue? Millions of Tweets Millions of Facebook Posts SMS/ CHAT Trillions of Messages (chat, sms, mms) Trillions of Consumer Emails Worldwide Suggestive Search drives revenue by giving consumers access to relevant information based on their conversations in real-time. 5
  6. 6. SUGGESTIVE SEARCH: HOW IT WORKS Two friends text to figure out dinner plans. As they type, dinner suggestions appear. They decide on Indian. With a click on a suggested search result, a reservation is made. Real-time, relevant results. VSW’s INTENTION CONTEXT ENGINE (ICE) Consumers tap the results to get the information they are seeking Semantic search technology scans communication stream Suggestions are made based on the conversation Real-time, relevant search suggestions delivered to consumers at the right time. 6
  7. 7. BOOST RETENTION WITH IN-APP WEB SEARCH The APP market is exploding. New innovations are creating new way to access untapped revenue streams. Keep users longer and boost revenue with IN-APP Search. 2MM+ APPS on the market OVER 100B APPS Installed on mobile devices 80 APPS on average per mobile device Keep users engaged in your app longer, the greater revenue potential you have. 8
  8. 8. IN-APP WEB SEARCH: HOW IT WORKS A user listening to a new track by their favorite artist. They HAVE to know more. When will they be on tour? When is their next song being released? With in-app search the user simply taps our search icon Our search bar appears and the user enters their query VSW Performs search while still in the app & delivers answers! A better, more convenient experience that keeps users engaged in your app longer. 9
  9. 9. FEATURES & BENEFITS Access Untapped Revenue Better Consumer Experiences Enhanced App Capabilities Open Platform Integration Real-time, Relevant Search Ads & Suggestions Adaptive Design 10
  10. 10. Enhanced Mobile Solutions 212.967.9502