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The Clicks That Got Away: Use Remarketing to Capture Conversions
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The Clicks That Got Away: Use Remarketing to Capture Conversions


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Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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  • 1. Natalie Barreda Digital Advertising Analyst @nataliebarreda
  • 2. 1. Why should I add a Remarketing campaign? 2. How can I integrate Remarketing into my PPC strategy? 3. How can I target my Remarketing efforts? 4. How else can I use Remarketing to help drive conversions? AGENDA @nataliebarreda
  • 3. Remarketing is a feature that allows you reach people who have previously visited your site, and show them relevant ads while they’re browsing the web on the Google Display Network. @nataliebarreda
  • 4. • ~90% - 98% of clicks to your site do not convert into leads/sales. • Conversion rates are typically high for Remarketing campaigns. • Targeting is always most important. How much more targeted can you get than users who already know who you are? • Branding! WHY SHOULD I ADD A REMARKETING CAMPAIGN? @nataliebarreda
  • 5. • Remarketing campaigns show ads (both image and text ads) on the Google Display Network. • When creating your ads, remember that the audience will already be familiar with your brand, so adjust your messaging accordingly. • When building your campaign think “Who do I want to target?” HOW CAN I INTEGRATE REMARKETING INTO MY PPC STRATEGY? @nataliebarreda
  • 6. 1. You need to install the Remarketing Tag a. Navigate to ‘Shared Library’ > ‘Audiences’ > ‘Set Up Remarketing’ 2. Create the appropriate Remarketing list for the type of campaign you want to run 3. Create a new campaign for Remarketing a. When selecting the campaign type, choose ‘Display Network Only’, then select ‘Remarketing’ @nataliebarreda
  • 7. The combinations you can come up with to target users are endless. • One of the most common combinations to target are users who visited your site, but did not convert. • Other targeting combinations include: • Users who did not convert AND added a product to the shopping cart • Users who did convert AND only purchased the main product, no accessories. HOW CAN I TARGET MY REMARKETING EFFORTS? @nataliebarreda
  • 8. To set up one of the Remarketing combinations, you must first create a Remarketing List for each different action. 1. Go back to the ‘Audiences’ page in the ‘Shared Library’ and select ‘+ Remarketing List’ 2. Select who you want to add to your first list and save that Remarketing list. @nataliebarreda
  • 9. 3. Create the second list for your combination and save the Remarketing list. 4. Then create a Remarketing list for your custom combination. @nataliebarreda
  • 10. • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads • Re-Engagement Ads • Dynamic Remarketing HOW ELSE CAN I USE REMARKETING TO DRIVE CONVERSIONS? @nataliebarreda
  • 11. RLSA allows you to optimize your search campaigns specifically targeting some of the highest value prospects, people who have visited your site in the past, when they’re searching for what you sell. @nataliebarreda
  • 12. RLSA Scenario: • Client XYZ had one campaign that housed a set of core keywords that brought in the vast majority of sales to the account. • This client wanted to increase sales volume while staying aligned with his cost per sale goal of $100. • We’re already at dominating those core keywords at high positions and high impression share. • What should we do? @nataliebarreda
  • 13. Solution: • Clone the existing core campaign with the core keywords, and target everything the same, except for one difference. • Target users who have been to the site but did not convert, and are using one of those core keywords again in a later search. Client’s Goal: $100 Sales and increased sales Result: 61 additional sales at an average cost per sale of $51 @nataliebarreda
  • 14. Re-Engagement Ads • Hover to play video – hover over for 2 seconds and the video plays • Cost per engagement pricing model • Gives advertisers the chance to speak directly to their audience through a small image ad that turns into a video ad. @nataliebarreda
  • 15. Dynamic Remarketing • If you’re a retailer with a Google Merchant Center account, you can create ads similarly to how you would create regular display ads, but your ads will pull in variables to different products depending on what products the searcher was looking at. • Incredibly targeted and click-through rates at typically through the roof for these ads. @nataliebarreda
  • 16. QUESTIONS? Contact: 888-476-1881
  • 17. NEXT WEBINAR… Technical SEO in a Semantic Search World Learn about: • Information architecture • Developer workflows • Importance of content 14 Aug 11am PDT 2pm EDT Ethan Hays Director of Client Strategy Vertical Measures Register: