PubCon - Links With Maximum Juice and No Risk


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Arnie Kuenn's PubCon presentation covering strategies for getting high quality links to your web pages.

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PubCon - Links With Maximum Juice and No Risk

  1. 1. @ArnieK #PubConLinks with Maximum Juice and Minimum Risk Presented by: Arnie Kuenn
  2. 2. @ArnieK #PubConLink Attraction vs. Link Building • Create Interesting, Fun, Engaging Content – Quality Links from a variety of sources – Natural, editorially given links – Generate traffic to your website – No Risk!
  3. 3. @ArnieK #PubConMany Types of Content Attract Links
  4. 4. @ArnieK #PubConThey Don’t All Have to Be Grand Slams Hit a bunch of singles! Here are several basic examples….
  5. 5. @ArnieK #PubConContests Attract Links 36 unique domains
  6. 6. @ArnieK #PubConFree eBooks Attract Links 57 unique domains
  7. 7. @ArnieK #PubConResearch or Whitepapers 282 Unique Domains
  8. 8. @ArnieK #PubConVideos Attract Links 68 unique domains
  9. 9. @ArnieK #PubConInterviews Attract Links47 unique domains 16 unique domains
  10. 10. @ArnieK #PubConLists (or Curation) Work Really Well 41 unique domains
  11. 11. @ArnieK #PubConValuable Blog Posts Attract Links 510 unique domains Grand Slam!
  12. 12. @ArnieK #PubConSEOMoz Study
  13. 13. @ArnieK #PubConSEOMoz Study
  14. 14. @ArnieK #PubCon Key Findings• Posts with videos included will attract almost 3 times more ILDs than a plain text post.• Posts with all three media types (videos, images, and lists) will attract almost 6 times more ILDs than a plain text post.• Posts with between 1800+ words will attract more than 15 times more ILDs than a post with less than 600 words.
  15. 15. @ArnieK #PubConDiscover Content Ideas
  16. 16. @ArnieK #PubConYour Titles Are Critical
  17. 17. @ArnieK #PubConYou Must Promote Your Content• Understand who your customer is and where they are online.• Conduct PR and blogger pitches• Send personal emails to people• Use G+, Twitter, FB, Pinterest and LinkedIn• Spend some $$$ on Ads
  18. 18. @ArnieK #PubCon Do The Math!• 3 pieces of content per week X 5 backlinks = 60 new links per month• 5 pieces of content per week X 20 backlinks = 400 new links per month• Multiply that by $___ value per link to determine the R.O.I.• And that doesn’t include resulting traffic from the links themselves or if you hit 1 grand slam!
  19. 19. @ArnieK #PubCon Link Attraction - Summary• Be patient and keep producing• Think long-tail and solve problems• Long, in-depth content attracts the most links• Measure & promote the good stuff• Don’t count on the viral effect or “grand slam”
  20. 20. @ArnieK #PubCon Tweet:Content Marketing Book – @AccelerateBook isFREE on Amazon – Today only! #Pubcon Kindle Version October 18, 2012 Only
  21. 21. @ArnieK #PubCon Thank You Very Much!More Traffic. More Leads. More Business. Contact: 888-476-1881