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How to Win at Search, Social and Content Marketing

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Arnie Kuenn's #OMSummit presentation on How to Win at Search, Social and Content Marketing.

Arnie Kuenn's #OMSummit presentation on How to Win at Search, Social and Content Marketing.

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  • 1. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitHow to Win at Search, Social and Content Marketing! Arnie Kuenn President, Vertical Measures
  • 2. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitAbout Your Presenter… • President of Vertical Measures – A Search, Social & Content Marketing Services Company • Instructor for the Content Marketing Institute & Online Marketing Institute • Been an Internet marketer longer than Google has existed.
  • 3. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummit
  • 4. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummit“content marketing”
  • 5. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitWhat Content Marketing is NOT
  • 6. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummit Content Marketing is aContinuous, Planned Out Process
  • 7. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummit• Buyers need content that makes them smarter and more knowledgeable.• Businesses that provide that content will win.
  • 8. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummit You just need tounderstand how itall works, executeon a strategy andhave FUN with it!
  • 9. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitStill Focus on Search? – YES! • 93% of all buyers online or in stores use search prior to making a purchase • 86% of searchers conduct non- branded queries. • 94% of buyers click on organic links versus 6% on paid links for branded Sources: GroupM, Did-it, Enquiro, and Eyetools. queries.
  • 10. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitThink Like a Publisher!
  • 11. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitDevelop Your Strategy – Questions to Answer • Strategy will evolve through the whole process • Why are you creating the content you are creating? • Who is your audience? • Who are you? – Determine your “voice” • What types of content will you create? • How will you develop your content? • When will you develop your content? • What does success look like? • What is different a year from now?
  • 12. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummit
  • 13. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitStart With Research
  • 14. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitList all Content Ideas in a Spreadsheet
  • 15. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitPut Together An Editorial Calendar
  • 16. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummit
  • 17. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitCreate Great Content
  • 18. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitAddress Pricing / Cost
  • 19. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitComparisons Showcase your product or service then compare and contrast to others.
  • 20. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitFree Guides To Build Your List 474 backlinks from 123 unique domains
  • 21. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitInterviews – Help Make You the Expert
  • 22. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitVIDEOS! – They Are Not That Hard Fun Interviews Behind the scenes User Generated
  • 23. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitLists – People Still Love Them
  • 24. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitCuration or Aggregation
  • 25. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummit
  • 26. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitAll Different – But Core Items • Content is found through social media and search engines – so optimize it! • Web pages, News, Local, Images & Videos 1. Links pointing to your content 2. Titles & title tags (viewed in results) 3. Description meta tag (viewed in results) 4. Image alt text tags 5. H1 Tag (headline tag – only one!) 6. Page load times 7. Freshness of content 8. URL structure (short & include KW’s)
  • 27. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummit
  • 28. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitPromote Your Content • Understand who your customer is and where they are online. • Conduct PR and blogger pitches • Develop relationships & build partnerships • People share your ideas, link to your content. • Mentions & Shares are signals (especially G+)
  • 29. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitPinterest!
  • 30. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummit
  • 31. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummitMeasure! • Measure for successes… and failures • Check your rankings, traffic, conversions and other key metrics • Focus on the strategies that are providing the best ROI and keep rolling out the content
  • 32. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummit Advertising is just renting the space.Content Marketing is owning it forever.
  • 33. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummit Tweet:Content Marketing Book – @AccelerateBook is FREE on Amazon– Todayonly! #OMSummit Kindle Version October 23, 2012 Only
  • 34. Twitter: @ArnieK #OMSummit Thank You Very Much!More Traffic. More Leads. More Business. Contact: 888-476-1881 www.VerticalMeasures.com