Crowdfunding Infographic: An Analysis of Various Platforms


Published on Crowd funding seems to be the latest trend nowadays. Projects like “The Veronica Mars Movie Project” received half of its funding in 4 hours on Kickstarter and musicians have shaken up the industry by relying on fans to finance their next albums. Crowd funding could be the newest way anyone can invest in projects or causes they care about, in addition to being a powerful and often viral marketing tool. Crowd funding not only opens the gates of creativity and innovation, but some projects can also change peoples lives, helping those in need who otherwise wouldn’t have access to the kind of help offered. GoFundMe, a rapidly growing crowd funding site, helped Farrah, a girl injured in the Colorado theatre massacre, pay her medical bills through the kindness of others. In this specially designed infographic, learn more about different crowd funding sites out there and how this growing trend could be here to stay.

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