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CopyPress Webinar - How to Win at Search, Social and Content Marketing


Published on

CopyPress Webinar - How to Win at Search, Social and Content Marketing

CopyPress Webinar - How to Win at Search, Social and Content Marketing

Published in: Marketing
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  • 1. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA How to Win at Search, Social & Content Marketing Arnie Kuenn, CEO, Vertical Measures @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 2. About Your Presenter… @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA • CEO of Vertical Measures – A Search, Social & Content Marketing Agency • Instructor for the Content Marketing Institute & Online Marketing Institute • Write for Marketing Land and Chief Content Officer • Been an Internet marketer longer than Google has existed.
  • 3. What is Content Marketing? @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA • Content marketing is the art of providing relevant, valuable content to your customers without selling or interrupting them. • Instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering information that makes your prospects more informed before they buy. • If you deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to your prospects, they ultimately reward you with their business and loyalty.
  • 4. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA This is not a 30 day R.O.I. BUT THE LONG-TERM PAYOFFS CAN BE HUGE
  • 5. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA Achieving Content Success is a Continuous, Planned Out Process
  • 6. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 7. Think Like a Publisher! @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 8. Develop Your Strategy @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA Strategy will evolve through the whole process • Why are you creating the content you are creating? • Who is your audience? • What types of content will you create? • Who will create your content? • When will you develop your content? • What does success look like?
  • 9. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 10. What Are We Searching For? @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 11. Start Your Research Here! @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 12. Google Research Tools Google Keyword Suggest Relate Searches @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 13. More Research Tools YouTube Related Searches @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 14. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 15. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA More than 410 questions about “visit the grand canyon” (exact match). More than 3,400 using broad match!
  • 16. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 17. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 18. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 19. List All Content Ideas in a Spreadsheet @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 20. List All Content Ideas in a Spreadsheet @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 21. Longer Search String = More Clicks @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA Source: - 9/01/2013
  • 22. Put Together an Editorial Calendar @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 23. Put Together an Editorial Calendar @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 24. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 25. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 26. Address Pricing / Cost @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 27. Comparisons @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA Showcase your product or service then compare and contrast to others.
  • 28. Lists – People Still Love Them @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 29. Resource pages @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA 38 links to this page 111 links to this page
  • 30. Free Guides & White Papers @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA - Lead generator - Link attractor - Long life span
  • 31. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA Buyers need information that helps them make an informed decision.
  • 32. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA Buyers need information that helps them make an informed decision. Businesses that provide the content those people are searching for - will win.
  • 33. Benefits of a Blog • Gives you a vehicle to post new content • Allows for internal linking • Keeps the search engines coming back – have 434% more indexed pages* • Have 2X as many backlinks* • Your site gets 55% more traffic* • You have 79% more Twitter followers* Source: *Hubspot @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 34. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 35. Optimize Your Content!! More than 80% will click here! @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 36. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 37. Sharing New Content Can Be Very Simple @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 38. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 39. Distribute or Repurpose Your Content @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA Source: CMI & MarketingProfs
  • 40. Presentation Distribution (PPT) @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 41. Presentation Distribution (PPT) @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 42. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 43. Build Links to Your Content • • Identify low hanging fruit – Internal links – Fix 404 and 302 errors – Guest blog posts or articles – Blog & forum participation – Where you have relationships – Local partners & listings The best links: – Are from trusted sites – Have varied anchor text – Are from many different, relevant websites – Determined editorially @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 44. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 45. Measure! • Measure for successes… and failures • Check your rankings, traffic, conversions and other key metrics • Focus on the strategies that are providing the best ROI and keep rolling out the content @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 46. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 47. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 48. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA
  • 49. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA The best time to start a content marketing program is 5 years ago.
  • 50. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA The best time to start a content marketing program is 5 years ago. The second best time is NOW!
  • 51. @ArnieK #CopyPressHoA THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Shameless Plugs: 1) We offer the best ½ and full day content marketing workshops in the industry and can bring them to you. 2) I speak 30-40 times a year, if you think you would like to have me at your company or association, let me know. 3) Let us know if we can develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy for you. Questions?