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B2B Lead Machine How to Win at Search Social Content Marketing


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B2B Lead Machine How to Win at Search Social Content Marketing we a presentation for those in the IT space whether a manufacture, distributor or reseller. Several concrete examples focused on that …

B2B Lead Machine How to Win at Search Social Content Marketing we a presentation for those in the IT space whether a manufacture, distributor or reseller. Several concrete examples focused on that vertical market.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. How to Win at Search, Social & Content MarketingARNIE KUENN, PRESIDENT, VERTICAL MEASURES - @ARNIEK
  • 2. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsAbout Your Presenter…• President of Vertical Measures - Offering SEO, Link Building, Social Media & Content Development Services• Instructor for the Content Marketing Institute & Online Marketing Institute• Author of Accelerate! Move Your Business Forward Through the Convergence of Search, Social and Content Marketing Available on Amazon
  • 3. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsWhy Focus on Search? • 93% of all buyers online or in stores use search prior to making a purchase • 86% of searchers conduct non-branded queries. • 94% of buyers click on organic links versus 6% on paid links for branded queries. Sources: GroupM, Did-it, Enquiro, and Eyetools.
  • 4. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsWhen someone types a keyword phrase into the search box, there are only two possible outcomes: – They will find you. – They will find your competitor.
  • 5. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsUniversal Search Results 61% of all search results
  • 6. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsPress ReleaseNewsVideo
  • 7. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeads
  • 8. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsIt’s All About Content Marketing• Buyers need content that makes them smarter and more knowledgeable. Businesses that provide that content will win.• Advertising is just renting the space. Content Marketing is owning it forever.
  • 9. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsDevelop Your Strategy• Why are you creating the content you are creating?• Who is your audience and who are you?• Where do you plan to publish your content?• What will you measure?• What is different a year from now?
  • 10. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsPlan Your Content Calendar • 1-7-30-4-2-1 Plan – 1=Daily (Twitter, Blog) – 7=Weekly (eNewsletter) – 30=Monthly (Webinar) – 4=Quarterly (eBook, Magazine) – 2=Bi-Annually (User Event) – 1=Yearly (Large Research Project)
  • 11. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeads
  • 12. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsStart With Keyword Research • Keyword research should be the foundation • What keyword phrases do your customers use? (Analytics) • Use tools like….
  • 13. Twitter: @ArnieK
  • 14. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsGoogle Adwords Keyword Tool
  • 15. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsQuestion & Answer Sites1618 results
  • 16. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsGoogle’s Discussions in Search
  • 17. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsWhat Works For Your Competitors?
  • 18. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsIdentify Types of Content to be Created
  • 19. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsContent Ideas in a Spreadsheet
  • 20. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsLong Tail is the Key!
  • 21. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeads
  • 22. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsCreate Great Content
  • 23. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsBenefits of a Blog• Gives you a vehicle to post new content• Allows for internal linking• Keeps the search engines coming back – have 434% more indexed pages*• Have 2X as many backlinks*• Your site gets 55% more traffic*• You have 79% more Twitter followers* *Hubspot
  • 24. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeads
  • 25. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsAll Different – But Core Items• Content is found through social media and search engines – so optimize it!• Web pages, News, Local, Images & Videos 1. Links pointing to your content 2. Titles & title tags (viewed in results) 3. Description meta tag (viewed in results) 4. Image alt text tags 5. H1 Tag (headline tag – only one!) 6. Page load times 7. Freshness of content 8. URL structure (short & include KW’s)
  • 26. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsSearch Optimization Elements
  • 27. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeads
  • 28. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsPromote Your Content• Understand who your customer is and where they are online.• Conduct PR and blogger pitches• Develop relationships & build partnerships• People share your ideas, link to your content.• Mentions & Shares are signals (especially G+)
  • 29. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeads
  • 30. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsDistribute or Repurpose Content• RSS feeds• Email Campaigns• Social Media Sites• Video, Photo, Presentation & Podcasts sites• These links will help your rankings!
  • 31. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeads
  • 32. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsBuild Links to Your Content• Identify low hanging fruit – Internal links – Blog & forum participation• Targeted Links via… – Competitive research for similar content – Use search operators to find opportunities• Ask your clients & suppliers for links! – Offer t-shirts, gift cards, discounts, etc. – Or even a good old fashion reciprocal link• When all else is equal, links win!
  • 33. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeads
  • 34. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsMeasure!• Measure for successes… and failures• Check your rankings, traffic, conversions and other key metrics• Focus on the strategies that are providing the best ROI and keep rolling out the content
  • 35. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsSuccess Like This…
  • 36. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeadsToday All 8 Steps Matter Free 24 page guide at
  • 37. Twitter: @ArnieK #B2BLeads Questions?More Traffic. More Leads. More Business. Contact: 888-476-1881