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ASU Cronkite School of Journalism Future of Online Content


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. The Future of Content in an Online World
    Presented by
    Arnie Kuenn (@ArnieK)
  • 2. My Background
    Internet marketing for about 12 years
    Formed Vertical Measures about 5 years ago
    We are an Internet marketing company based here in Phoenix
    We have 80+ clients from all around the world where we conduct SEO, link building, content & social media marketing
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 3. Before We Begin
    My Approach
    Journalists need to think “digital”
    Journalists & writers ARE needed
    What businesses should do
    Going to move pretty quickly
    Feel free to stop me and ask questions
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 4. SEO and Journalism
    People consume content differently than they used to through a newspaper.
    Good journalism is not mutually exclusive with SEO.
    SEO is a tool to make sure the best stories get noticed…SEO increases visibility where users are looking.
    It has been proven over and over again that the best journalism tends to get the best page views.
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 5. Why Be Concerned About Search?
    • The #1 position will get clicked 43% of the time!
    Source: Did-it, Enquiro, and Eyetools.
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 6. How Does Search Work?
    Bot or Spider
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 7. What We Tell Businesses
    When someone searches online, there are only two possible outcomes:
    They will find your content.
    They will find your competitors.
    Content IS the new marketing.
    Storytelling has gained the advantage online.
    If you have a website you ARE a publisher.
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 8. Content is, in fact, the next big thing
    Here’s a look at Google search returns for “social media” over the past few years: 
    2005: 9,150,000
    2006: 41,600,000
    2007: 165,000,000
    2008: 359,000,000
    2009: 1,230,000,000
      And here’s a look at Google search returns for “content strategy":
    2006: 5,930,000
    2007: 8,340,000
    2008: 137,000,000
    2009: 337,000,000
    Kristina Halvorson on February 25th, 2010
    The Numbers Don’t Lie
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 9. The New Marketing
    You are at the forefront of a digital content revolution.
    Businesses are just now beginning to understand that, along with the products & services, one of their core products IS information.
    They need to:
    Provide content that gives solutions to some of the toughest problems their customers are facing.
    Position themselves as the trusted solutions providers for their industry and help people spread the word!
    Have customers rely on them for their expertise as they become the trusted solution in their industry.
    So they begin as a source of information…. and continue on as the source of products & services.
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 10. Steps to Creating Content
    Perform Keyword and Market Research
    Identify Types of Content to be Created
    Identify Where the Content will be Placed
    Brainstorm for Powerful Ideas
    Develop a Plan for Promoting the Content
    Create Great Content… continuously
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 11. #1 Keyword and Market Research
    Keyword research should be the foundation
    Market research helps you understand your target in both search and social.
    Check trending topics on Twitter, Yahoo and MSN
    Look at answer sites like Yahoo Answers, FB or LI to figure out what people are asking about in your industry
    Check sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Mixx.
    What are your competitors doing that is working?
    Your content MUST pass the keyword or engagement test.
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 12. #2 Identify Types of Content to be Created
    Your research determines what types of content your audience prefers and consumes.
    Case Studies
    Community Forums
    Online Quizzes
    White Papers
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 13. #3 Identify Where the Content will be Placed
    On a Blog?
    RSS feeds?
    Social accounts?
    News or PR sites?
    Sites for Videos, Images, Slides, PR, etc?
    Web pages for Videos, Images, Slides, PR?
    Will you have content to download?
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 14. #4 Brainstorm for Powerful Ideas
    Highest Viral Potential
    Easiest to Share
    Drive User Generated Content (UGC)?
    Add real value to the reader
    Consumers need content that makes them smarter and more knowledgeable. Businesses that provide that content will win.
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 15. #5 Develop a Plan for Promoting the Content
    Social Media is a critical aspect of online publishing. Getting this part right can be the difference between success and failure. 
    The rewards of social success of content are immense, but doing it poorly can also do real damage. 
    Understand who your customer is and where they are online.
    Develop consistent, relevant content in multiple channels.
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 16. #5 (cont.) Leveraging Social Media
    Let go of all control. Let your ideas spread.
    Content becomes available to readers any time and any place.
    People share your ideas, link to your content.
    Content is found through social media and search engines – so optimize it!
    Real-time (Twitter & Facebook)
    Social news (Digg, Reddit, Delicious)
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 17. #6 Create Great Content
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 18. Must Have a Company Blog
    Company Blogs:
    • Gives you a vehicle to post new content
    • 19. Allows for internal linking
    • 20. Keeps the search engines coming back – have 434% more indexed pages
    • 21. Have 2X as many backlinks
    • 22. Your site gets 55% more traffic
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 23. Content Examples
    We get asked all the time…
    What content should I create?
    What should I put on my blog?
    What is working to attract readers and visitors?
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 24. Lists – People Still Love Them
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 25. Interviews – Makes You the Expert
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 26. Image Posts – Fast & Easy
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 27. Videos – Not as Hard as You Think
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 28. Different Ways to get on Page 1
    Blog posts
    Location based
    Social media
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 29. Must Optimize Your Content(in order of importance)
    Links - internal & external
    Title tag (viewed in results)
    Image Alt text
    H1 tag
    Description meta tag (viewed in results)
    URL structure
    Page load times
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 30. Search Optimization Elements
    Title tag
    H1 tag
    Meta Description
    Award winning SEO Link Building Services. Vertical Measures is a reputable, USA Internet marketing company helping businesses get more website traffic thru higher search engine rankings, link building, social media, local search, and search engine optimization.
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 31. Why SEO Won’t Kill Journalism
    The concern that audience tracking, writing for Google, and SEO will somehow destroy the ability of news organizations to keep news judgment apart from audience demands is misplaced. Instead, being more attentive to audience demands may actually be the best thing that news organizations can do to remain relevant and vital sources of news.
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 32. Additional Resources
    Vertical Measures Intern Program
    SEO Educational Videos:
    Online Marketing & Related Webinars:
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 33. Tomorrow at 6:00pm, Scottsdale Hilton
    Danny Sullivan
    Journalist, now Search Marketing Guru
    $25 for Students
    Learn more at http://joinAZIMA
    Membership is free for Students
    November 16th is a local Media Event
    Twitter: @ArnieK #Cronkite
  • 34. Thank You!Q & A