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Higher Search Engine Rankings


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Interested in getting higher search engine rankings? Check it out here!

Interested in getting higher search engine rankings? Check it out here!

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  • 1. Higher Search Engine Rankings And How To Get Them…
  • 2. Why Search Engines Are Important
    • Search engines are more popular then yellow pages, experts, and even family members for recommending products and services locally and around the world - Pew Internet & American Life Project
    • Searchers click on organic results 86% of the time
    • 50% of all searchers think that companies with high search engine rankings are the best in their field
  • 3. How People Use Search Engines
    • 70% of searchers only look at the first page of search results
    • 45% of users click on the top search result
    • Only 8% of searches go past the 3rd page of results
    • - iProspect Blended Search Results Study (Apr.2008)
  • 4. How Users View Google
    • Shows the eye movements of Google users
    • - Most searchers focused exclusively on the top few results
    • Very little consideration is given to paid links
    • Enquiro Research Eye Tracking Report II (Nov. 2006)
  • 5. Paid Search Vs. Organic Rankings
    • Paid Search
    • Only 14% of Google searchers click on a paid search link
    • You pay money every time someone clicks on your site
    • Only remains as long as you continue to pay for it
    • Organic Ranking
    • But 86% of Google searchers click on an organic result
    • The clicks are completely free
    • Converts into a sale 30% more often then paid search
    • - Google (Feb. 2008) & SEO Researcher (Sept. 2006)
  • 6. How To Get Top Organic Rankings
    • Four Critical Steps:
      • Use Keyword Research to find the best keywords
      • Optimize your website for search engines
      • Become an authority by adding Quality Content to your website
      • Develop 1-Way, Inbound Links to your website
  • 7. The Most Important Factor Is Inbound Links Rank Factor Leading To High Search Ranking #5 Number of links (quantity) #4 Title keywords on the inbound link page #3 Anchor keywords on the inbound link page #2 Relevance of the content on the inbound link page #1 Quality of the inbound link
  • 8. What Is A Link?
    • “ A link is a word, phrase, or image that you can click on to jump to a new document or a new section within the current document.”
    • -
  • 9. A Link on a Web Page
  • 10. How To Build Links
    • The experts agree:
      • Write and distribute unique articles on the web
      • Write and publish press releases on the web
      • Write and update a properly optimized blog
      • Use viral marketing, video blogging, social bookmarking, tagging, and other new media concepts
      • Participate in a link building campaign
  • 11. A Variety of One Way Links To You! Articles Social Sites Press Releases Blog Comments Videos Directories Blog Posts Podcasts Social Bookmarking Related Websites
  • 12. Additional Reading
    • iProspect Blended Search Results Study:
    • What a Top Google Search Ranking Means to Your Bottom Line:
    • Link Building Best Practices:
    • Expert Link Building Services: