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A sample of recent press

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In The Press

  1. 1. “And water freshly bottled from Tasmanian rain. To my surprise the waters did taste different. Or felt different.” Time Magazine “The trend of eco-friendly crossing over to eco-chic has a new flag bearer in the moniker of Tasmanian Rain.” Sur La Terre “Bottled water is the next wine, except unlike wine, water is in touch with the ground, except in the case of Tasmanian Rain.” Forbes Traveller “WaterWorksRestaurantandLoungeoffers38choicesoffinewater,the2ndlargest watermenuintheworld.Themostpopular?A$13bottleofTasmanianRain.” Philadelphia Daily News “Completely taste-free because of its purity.” NY Magazine “A differentiation frenzy spawns things like Tasmanian Rain water, which justifies its price tag (up to $25 for a 750-milliliter bottle in luxury hotels) because it’s collected ‘just minutes from where the World Meteorological Organization records the world’s purest air’.” International Herald Tribune “[TAMANIAN RAIN has] an edge in purity over any spring water, which can contain contaminants as a result of [pharmasceutical] byproducts that cannot be completely filtered out.” Luxist “What you’re drinking is the cleanest and purest liquid possible for the otherwise ecologically trashed crash pad we call Earth” V Magazine “Step aside Fiji Water and Voss: Tasmanian Rain is Taking Over.” Hotel Chatter “This rainwater is classed as Grand Cru due to its rarity and purity.” In:fluencia (France) “Tasmanian Rain is a pure, sustainable resource here to quench your thirst, which is why we have become fans of this bottled deliciousness, and we think you should, too.” OCEAN DRIVE IN the PRESS ®
  2. 2. “With smaller bubbles than Pellegrino or most other brands, sparkling Tasmanian Rain is not as salty or minerally as other high-end alternatives. In fact, it’s one of the few sparkling waters where I’ve actually noticed a major difference.” Cool Hunting “Move over Evian, there’s a new stylish bottled water in the market, and it’s sourced from a region even more pristine than the French Alps. Heaven, actually.” Vagabondish “The eco-movement is getting extra eco-chic. In lieu of plain H20, the designer [John Varvatos] will serve Tasmanian Rain – rainwater that has never touched the ground! …is it any wonder Nicole Kidman buys the stuff by the case.” The Daily Front Row – New York Fashion Week “The pure stuff comes in super swank glass bottles with a pretty label.” Daily Candy – Everywhere “This trendy water has become the drink of choice for the it-set.” JC Report “Whatever did we do before Tasmanian Rain bottled water, captured from the purest skies overlooking Australia’s big southern island.” Atlanta Journal Constitution “Doing your part to offset carbon emissions could be as simple as drinking pure rainwater from Tasmania, Australia at the edge of the earth” Trend Watching “When the torrential rains arrive in Tasmania, the water that falls has little in common with our metropolitan rain, dirty and acidic.” MSN Brazil “A whole new concept in water; the purest rainwater on earth…Tasmanian Rain is the solution to any sustainability issues and this Aussie carbon neutral brand is strongly ethically-aware, supporting aid projects in Darfur among other noble things.” Chic Today “Leave it to eco-responsible Aussies to bottle the inarguably purest water in the world – Tasmanian Rain – in chic still and sparkling versions.” C Magazine IN the PRESS ®