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  1. 1. IES RAMON LLULL 2012
  2. 2. Two thieves stop by the window of a jewellery shop and start lookingat a beautiful diamond necklace. A thief asks theother: How much do you think that we could getwith this jewel? The other robber replies: Well… Ithink that five to eight years in prison. Jean Pieere Morte
  3. 3. Hi, my name is K... I’m fifteen years old. I am from Valencia. This is my family tree:Jose and Tere are my grandparents. Silvia andMarcelo are my parents. Salomé is my sister. Sheis nineteen years old. Juan is my brother. He istwenty years old. Caterina Vergara
  4. 4. - Pedrito, an eight. Jaimito, a zero.- Listen, teacher. Why do I have a zero?”- Because you’ve copied Pedrito’s answers. How do I know? Because all the answers are alike and in the last one Pepito wrote “I don’t know” and you wrote “Neither do I”. Kelly Garcés
  5. 5. My name’s J… A… and I’m from Loja, in Ecuador. I’m thirteen years old. My birthday is on October 5th. My father is a dentist and my mother is a teacher at my sister’sschool. I’ve got one sister. Her name is Elizabethand she’s twenty-two. Jairo Sarango
  6. 6. Hi Anna!Did you have a good weekend? I visited Polandfor a day out. I visited the museum. It isfantastic and very big and cheap.After that I had lunch in “Polandfood”. It was good but the meat wasbad. Lastly we slept in a hotel. XOXO David Rubio
  7. 7. Amanda was an Indian girl. Peopledidn’t like her because of her religionand she was alone. Amanda wasafraid because she thought she didn’thave any friends. When people knew her better, shehad many friends. Everybody loved her because shewas a very good girl. Paula García
  8. 8. My friend Pablo is a punk. I met him when I was a child. He wears skinny pants, black boots and very narrow jackets. Pablo has three earrings in each ear, black hair and a crest. It’s very long andpink. Pablo is a very good friend. Raúl Romero
  9. 9. It all started in my grandparents housewith my cousins, my aunts and myuncles. Christmas days dinner wasgood. Later, my cousins and I playedWii. Finally, I had to go home and I wentto bed to sleep. My day was a great Christmas day. Álvaro Tatay
  10. 10. Time ago, watching a TV contest called“El Comecocos” I saw a girl namedCristina Reus, who was abused last yearby her ex-boyfriend. She said the bestline against sexism: “I fell to the groundlike a girl, but I got up like a woman.” Hussein Mroue
  11. 11. Why aren’t you talking to me? Is it becausemy weight is lower than yours? Look, even if weare different, we can still be friends. I am sureone day you will understand that. OK, said the water to the oil looking at himstrangely. Nimra Saeed
  12. 12. One summer day, three girls were in asquare and a band came to greet thegirls, who wanted nothing from them,but they introduced themselves. One ofthe girls realized that one of them wentto her school and wanted to knowmore about him. And love happened. Yolanda Aparicio
  13. 13. - “Do you want to marry me?”- asked the witch to the dragon.- “No! You’re ugly and you kill people with your enchantments. And you?”- “No! You’re a stinky reptile that spits fire”.Together:- “Please, marry me! Nobody else will like us”. Marta Santana
  14. 14. In December you can see anenormous Christmas tree inTrafalgar square. The tree comesfrom Norway. It is a symbol of friendship betweenthe people of Norway and Britain. On 31stDecember lots of people stand in the square tohear Big Ben at midnight. Rafaela Chaves
  15. 15. What is the difference between a cat and a dog?Dogs think: “Humans are nice. They feed me, andtake care of me, so they must be God.”Cats think: “Humans are nice, they feed me, andtake care of me, so I must be God.” Marina Hernández
  16. 16. In the year 2020, two teenagers called Rachel and Richard escaped from their house to find outsomething about their mother. They were in thetube station when suddenly someone pushedRichard, but he failed to kill him. They fled andfound their mother in a secret place. José Joaquín Lorenzo
  17. 17. One day a thief stole a beautifulnecklace from a young lady. Thethief put on the necklace. When hewas walking to the river he felt howthe necklace was becoming heavier and heavier.When he tried to take it off, he fell into the river. Omar Saeed
  18. 18. Some time ago my uncle’s younger daughter (my cousin) died. My sad uncle went to the cemetery every day to cry. One day he saw a littlegirl. Each day he went to the cemetery to see herbut one day he went and she wasn’t there. Sandra Rivera