Lync server 2010


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All you need to know about Lync server 2010. Key benefits, installation and security.

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Lync server 2010

  1. 1. Lync Server 2010 Benefits For Business
  2. 2. What is Lync?
  3. 3. Key benefits of Lync Savings on communications Easy collaboration of departments and geographically distant offices Acceleration of business processes and increase in work efficiency Security
  4. 4. Savings on telephony and e-mails Instant messaging Compatibility with a large number of hardware VoIP calls through Lync Contacts search in corporate directory High-quality conference calls
  5. 5. Find people and communicate with them Uniformity of contacts interface ▪ Picture Name Status Picture ▪ Presence and location information ▪ Access to various levels Presence Interactive contact card ▪ Presence ▪ Active Directory® (AD DS) domain services ▪ Personal contacts on Exchange
  6. 6. Less expenses on business trips Multiuser audio and video calls Web conferences with the possibility of panoramic video Conference calls with telephone connection
  7. 7. Savings on landed property and office rent Attracting workforce from other cities Remote learning Mobility for employees
  8. 8. Always in touch with colleagues and customers Functions: • Tracing information about employees; • The most effective means of collaboration; • Possibility to start a conversation from Outlook/Office/SharePoint; • Call transfer to mobile phone; • Single number for corporate voice system; • Search on skills; • Conversation history in Outlook; • Secretary console (Attendant). Result: • Smooth collaboration of all departments and branches; • Comfortable communication with partners and customers not limited by other messaging systems; • Raise in efficiency when making decisions and providing technical support to customers; • Quick transmission of information and instructions (multiuser instant messaging, audio and video calls, etc.); • Management’s presence effect in all remote offices; • Quick and constant feedback possibility.
  9. 9. Integration Single expandable platform, which provided access from MS Office, OWA, Sharepoint and other business applications.
  10. 10. Anywhere access and federation Lync Mobility Lync from any PC Access to conferences as a guest with the help of Lync Attendee Lync federation with partners Integration with Jabber (gtalk), MSN, AOL federation
  11. 11. Better conditions for collaboration Text, audio and video conferencing Polling in conference and whiteboard Desktop or application sharing without the need to launch a separate application
  12. 12. Security Centralized management Authentication Access to conversations history archives Communication encryption
  13. 13. Problem-solving Unnecessary expenses on communication facilities Waste of business time Can’t meet deadlines Mess in communicati on services Employees can’t get organized Company makes a bad image on potential and existing customers
  14. 14. Difference between Lync Server 2010 and Office Communications Server 2007? • • • • • • • • • New architecture and applications that simply and streamline management of the platform; New virtualization features; Possibility to scale and expand IT platform; Less expenses on hardware and maintenance of servers; Less dependence on hardware meant for load distribution between servers; Elimination of problems with redundancy thanks to backup pools; Better voice transmission comparing to Communications Server 2007 R2; Bandwidth control; Improved servers monitoring features available for administrators. VS
  15. 15. What can Lync offer for business? Explicit savings on IT infrastructure Security Work efficiency, mobility and availability
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