Places You Should go in Cebu


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Cebu holds a unique mix of that classic Spanish Charm and modern city living. If you are heading to Cebu soon, be sure not to miss these must-see tourist spots.

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Places You Should go in Cebu

  1. 1. Cebu Tourist Spots Dubbed as the busiest metropolis of Visayas, many of you might want to visit (and revisit!) Cebu. No wonder; after all, Cebu holds a unique mix of that classic Spanish Charm and modern city living. If you are heading to Cebu soon, be sure not to miss these must-see tourist spots: Sto Niño Basilica and Magellan’s Cross
  2. 2. Known as one of the oldest churches in the country, this grand Basilica is Cebu’s grandest church. Many people, locals and tourists alike, go there to have a glimpse of the famous Sto. Nino and/ or hear mass at the gold-encrusted altars. Walk for a few meters and you’ll also see Magellan’s cross, which is the original cross planted by Ferdinand Magellan when he came to the Philippines. The cross is now encased in another kind of wood (tindalo) and is sheltered with concrete and steel. There are no entrance fees to these spots, although donation boxes are easy to spot. This Catholic compound is located at the heart of the city, between Jakosalem st. and P. Burgos st. Casa Gorordo Museum
  3. 3. Some find this place eerie but it’s only because this is a real old house owned by four generations of Gorordos. In fact, the first Cebuano bishop, Juan Gorordo actually lived here. Located at Lopez Jaena st., Cebu city, it’s a well-maintained renovated stone house from the 1800s. Inside, you will see the original furniture and fixtures and the rooms are still well-preserved. You will surely find many noteworthy pieces that have unique purposes, many of those unknown to us today. Many people say they still see or feel other “spirits” here. Well, I guess that’s part of the experience! Taoist Temple
  4. 4. Here’s another landmark at Beverly Hills, Cebu city. It’s a real Taoist temple, with a couple of high ceiling chapels, the classic koi fish pens and mimicked Chinese landmarks such as the Great Wall of China. The solemnity in this place is relaxing and the view is great from up there. Have a taste of their traditional Chinese green tea for more worthwhile visit. Fort San Pedro History says this fort was built sometime in the early 1700s to protect the people from Muslim raids. It is also known as the oldest fort in the country. There are a few exhibits inside and other preserved items such as canyons, paintings and
  5. 5. sculptures. You’re lucky if you catch a cultural show there! They hold those at Fort San Pedro sometimes. St. James Amusement Park Although this one arrived sometime in the late 2000s, it still reaches top rosterin the Cebu tourist spots for fun places to go. They have several rides, well-maintained bathrooms and a wide range of choices for food stops. You only pay P50 for entrance and about P70 per ride. Not bad, isn’t it? Many say this is a great place to bring the family for a full day of pure fun! Crown Regency
  6. 6. This one’s for daredevils! Crown Regency hotel houses Cebu’s most daring experiences such as the Sky Walk, Edge Coaster (hang onto the edge of the 35th floor), Cliff Hanger and
  7. 7. tower zip line rides, among others. The hotel also houses a great bar, a high-end restaurant and a classy 4D theater. Now we had your Cebu itinerary finally covered. Enjoy your trip to these Cebu tourist spots! [ About the author: Karla Singson is a full time writer and an Events and PR consultant from Davao. For leisure, she reads creative nonfiction, paints her nails, plays Tekken and performs spoken word poetry. Check her blog at] [Image credits:  gossip/  cebu.html  d320857-Reviews-Casa_Gorordo_Museum- Cebu_City_Cebu_Visayas.html  cebu/index.cfm  Paul Gotiong ]