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How to respond to an angry customers on twitter
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How to respond to an angry customers on twitter


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How to respond to an angry customers on twitter.

How to respond to an angry customers on twitter.

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  • 1. How to respond to an angry customer on Twitter Twitter Image: courtesy Aaron Riddle,
  • 2. Acknowledge the user's problem. Say something like this “we are sorry for the trouble that you’ve gone through; even we would have been upset’ and ask what they would like to improve the bad experience with your product/service. Acknowledge
  • 3. If a customer’s had a bad experience, start with an apology. Say something like “ your experience is probably a rare one. We shall try our best to ensure it is addressed to your satisfaction.’ Apologize
  • 4. Companies usually respond with stuff like ‘its our policy’, but in times of crisis you may have to bend over backwards to set things right. Don't Quip
  • 5. Management Bring it to the attention of the management, and let the user know that they are working on remedying the situation and to ensure such things don’t happen again.
  • 6. Propose Timeline Propose a timeline for redressing the problem. Give the customer a fair idea of when you will provide specific answers or solutions. Ideally, provide a name and contact number for the future communication.
  • 7. A few more tips Speed: Tweets can be followed in near real time hence it’s important that you take note of angry tweets at the earliest. Transparency: Don’t try manipulating responses. Let the user know that you will provide a definite solution. In case you are not able to immediately assist owing to practical problems, let the individual users know! Relevancy: Twitter is essentially about community so the crux of it lies in addressing the entire community. Don’t treat it like a personalized email or messaging service. Call of action: There should be in place a call of action, stating, ‘we’re doing this or can you mail us all your details.’ Avoid leaving things hanging open ended. Contact details: Avoid asking for reference or contact numbers on any public forum. A better response can be: ‘thank you for bringing it to our attention. Kindly email your contact details at’ in contrast to ‘give your contact number’. Twitter features: Make use of twitter features including private messaging & conversation feature. Address a tweet by entering the ‘@ ‘sign followed by the username.
  • 8. Find the complete article here: Thank You.