If I Had a Billion Dollars


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Last year alone, Verisk Health identified $1.2 billion in savings for our clients across inappropriate and abusive claim payments. That’s no pocket change, which got us thinking, “What, could we do with $1.2 billion?”

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If I Had a Billion Dollars

  1. 1. Last year alone, Verisk Health identified $1.2 billion in savings for our clients across inappropriate and abusive claim payments. That’s no pocket change, which got us thinking, “What, could we do with $1.2 billion?” While the most expensive sports franchise in the world is soccer’s Manchester United at $2.23 billion, our modest $1.2 billion could purchase the following teams: If relaxing on a private, white beach is your thing, $1.2 billion could fund a nice spread of about 20 or more private island properties scattered across the globe, including: 1/25 If I Had a Billion Dollars What would you do with $1.2 Billion? Tweet @veriskhealth with #BillionFWA and let us know. © 2014 Verisk Health Sports Teams Private Islands Luxury Cars A Complete Economy We dug around a bit and came up with a few ideas: Rangyai Island Thailand, Asia $160 Million Twenty minutes east of the tourist-friendly island of Phuket, this 110-acre island features white sand beaches and lush tropical forests. Apo Island Philippines, Asia $72 Million Apo Island is a mountainous island covered in gorgeous fruit trees and surrounded by bright white beaches. Omfori Island Greece, Europe $62 Million Omfori Island is nothing short of an earthly paradise, featuring a beautiful beach surrounded by tranquil turquoise waters. Darby Island Bahamas, Caribbean $40 Million Darby Island is surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters and features several white sand beaches. Katafanga Island Fiji, South Pacific $25 Million This island is one of the last freehold islands in the South Pacific paradise of Fiji. Source: Forbes The Lamborghini Veneno registers on our price meter as the world's most expensive car. The Veneno, according to Lamborghini, is a super-aggressive model costing a staggering £3.36 million—or $5.6 million. $1.2 billion would purchase around 214 of these limited edition, jaw-dropping roadsters—but you might need a bigger garage. While they may not be for sale at the moment, $1.2 billion is equal to the gross domestic product of about half a dozen small island countries including Seychelles, Antigua and Barbuda, and St. Lucia. Have you dreamed of owning your own stealth bomber? Well, the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit can launch conventional and nuclear weapons against the most heavily protected enemy lines on earth, thanks to its ability to evade radar detection. The cost of the B-2 program in 1997 was $737 million, or just over $1 billion today. Originally, it was supposed to be manufactured in a run of 132, but it was so expensive that the initial 1987 order was slashed to 21. Bling Maybe trinkets are more your speed? The Cullinan Diamond, at 3,106,75 carats, tops the charts as the largest rough gem-quality diamond ever found. After it was polished, it was renamed the Cullinan I and weighs in at 530.2 carats. This gem was the largest diamond in the world until 1985. With its price tag of $400 million, you could own two of these rare gems and still have enough to procure the second most expensive diamond in the world, the Hope Diamond, valued at $350 million—if the Smithsonian were to put it up for sale. World Hunger If you and 24 of your richest friends each spent $1.2 billion, you could make world hunger a thing of the past. The cost of solving world hunger is estimated to be around $30 billion. of World Hunger Cullinan I$400,000,000 Hope Diamond $350,000,000 Source: The World Bank Source: United Nations Source: CNBC Learn more about how we’re helping clients prevent fraudulent and wasteful payments at: www.veriskhealth.com/fwa Military Vehicles Basketball Los Angeles Lakers $900 Million Soccer Bayern Munich $1.2 Billion Football Houston Texans $1.2 Billion Baseball Boston Red Sox $1.0 Billion Source: Private Islands Online