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LBMA - 6 Steps to Integrated Marketing - eRetail 2013


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Published in: Marketing
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  • 1. Wikipedia The LBMA
  • 2. ‘diagnosed patients’* upset if partner reads messages* 1. An exaggerated, inexplicable, and illogical fear being without a mobile device, power source, or service area “Want to go camping in the canyon?” “No, I have nomophobia” 2. Fearing someone may be looking at private information on your phone if you are not holding it “Can I borrow your phone?” “No! I am nomophobic” *of UK population, 2012 SecureEnvoy, n = 1,000
  • 3. Offline to Online Online to Offlinee-MailWebsites User Generated ContenteCommerce Online Communication Mobile Commerce & Collaboration (Wearable) Internet of ‘Things’ Social Networks Omnichannel Co-Creation Augmented Reality Crowdsourcing Geosocial Networking Location Based Marketing
  • 4. 91% have gone into stores because of online promotion >50% of all Internet connections are now location enabled mobile devices 40% of all search is mobile, 20% of search is localData sources (a.o.) 20% of foot traffic visits a store in response to a location- based ad 55% of people are willing to travel 15 minutes for a 10% discount
  • 5. Dont UseOnline Research 11% Retail Purchase Online 7% Search Online Retail Purchase before Shopping Offline 89% 93%
  • 6. Asset To Examples Shop, Restaurant, Search & (Geo-)social Locations platforms Products, Aisles, Online Information, Merchandize CommerceReal-time Inventory & Mobile platforms Price Information Staff (Geo-)Social Media
  • 7. Who? How? Push Pull Example Customers Check in, Tweet, Tag Indoor Positioning,Merchant or Mall WiFi, Bluetooth Subscriber Opt-in, Carrier Geofence Location Ad Network contextualization on Display & Search Ads
  • 8. • Six million subscribers (23% of total)• 300K coupons sent for 50% off a coffee• 14% redeemed the coupons• 93% of users said they recalled the ad• 33% said increased purchase intent
  • 9. • Coupon promotions and call to action «LIKE on Facebook page» through hotspot,• RESULTS: +50% SALES YoY • Increased the flow of customers into the store • Increased in sales of promotional items & entire collection • +/+ Reputation of the brand and the store in the city* • Web notoriety generated through social media *Sample: 5.000 potential customers through off line survey on the road
  • 10. How? ExampleSocial, Local, Mobile Media Analysis Merchant Dashboards Location of Search Trends, Tweets Mobile (Crowdsourced) Research
  • 11. DEMO TIME
  • 12. Dashboard..engagement overview• Twitter• Facebook Likes, Check-Ins, PTAT*• Foursquare Check-Ins, Tips, Photos• Instagram Geotagged Photos *Measure of people • Liking your page • Liking, commenting on, or sharing your page post • Answering a Question you’ve asked • Responding to your event • Mentioning your page • Tagging your page in a photo • Checking in or recommending your place
  • 13. Publishing..Photos• Foursquare• Instagram
  • 14. Social Feeds..Listen• Twitter• Foursquare• Facebook..Create• Tweets• Foursquare Brand Update Venue Update• Facebook Brand Update..Share Place Update• Inside Platforms Like / Heart / ReTweet• Across Platforms e.g. photos e.g. tips
  • 15. Analytics..Visitors• Loyalty• New vs. Repeat• Frequency• Gender
  • 16. Analytics..Compare• Countries• Competitors• Continents• Etc.
  • 18. Local Advertising, In- store signage & magazines Print Local Billboards, Narrowcasting In Shop: Display Window, Staff, Shelf Space, Out of Mobile In-store traffic Home flow, Music, Scent, POSMobile site/app, Routing,Check-ins, Tweets, Games, Coupons, Photo Sharing, Online Local SEO, GeoSocial (Like, +), Reviews, Group buying
  • 19. In StorePrint + Online Impressions Print Mobile Integrated Social Media Impressions Video (YouTube) Social (Twitter, Facebook) more foot traffic to store* *2010 vs. 2009 increase in sales*
  • 20. • 184,000 participants in 12 week period at BWW • 1 in 3 users returned to play • 20,000 User Generated Challenges • 100 million impressions via Facebook and Twitter • Brand Engagement: On average, a player spent 90 seconds per challenge= 3.6 yearsJune 2011 | Slide 5 of 5
  • 21. What? How? Example Points, Kickbucks, BadgesLoyalty Reward Exclusive Privileges Deal Offers, Deals, Specials, Coupons, Redemption or other Non Cash Cash Credit , Mobile Payment Sales Discount
  • 22. Link Locate Listen Attract & Engage Transact Retain Locations to User check-in Local-social In Shop Loyalty reward platforms Merchant indoor media analysis Local Print Ads Redemption Measure Offline ROMI Products to positioning Platform Out of Home Sales online assets Carrier merchant dashboards Online ----- Mobile Loyalty & Inventory to positioningmobile platforms Benchmarking, Mobile Ads NFC Staff to social Ad network targeting trends, user Creative QR Brand Activation media influence, Campaign POS reputation Location of ---- Digital Wallet Social CRM Google search, Game Dynamics Tweets Social Interaction Crowdsourced Staff training field research Read “The Thank You Economy” BRANDS RETAILERS