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St. Apolonia [EN]

  1. 1. “Smile fascinates the eyes”
  2. 2. Welcome to St.Apolonia Dental Clinic  We have a dedicated team of dentists with high-level international education, which is well qualified to cover the range of general, cosmetic and specific procedures and dental care.
  3. 3.  Our Dental Clinic is equipped with state- of-the art facilities and tools allowing the implementation of high-standard sterilization process, which is higher than the applicable international standards.
  4. 4.  Comfort: You will enjoy our comfortable and calm environment at your first appointment.  Cleanliness: This is a matter of high priority. All equipment and used materials are completely sterilized. We do not have any room for mistakes, so you would leave our clinic with perfect teeth avoiding any infections.  Confidence: Smile with CONFIDENCE! Take home the "NEW YOU"
  5. 5. Prices  Our dentistry prices are extremely affordable even for Bulgarian standards. You could quickly calculate the prices in your own currency and you’ll see your how much you could save.  Clients will realize that the cost of their all-inclusive package (airway ticket, accommodation and treatment) would be lower than the price of the dentist care in their own country. This is really impressive.
  6. 6. Services  St.Apolonia Dental Clinic is well-known reliable and loyal partner for local patients, experts and other visitors as a result of the work of our team of specialists in the following fields:  Inlays&onlays/Implants  Root Channel Treatment  Oral surgery  Implants  Gum diseases  Kids dentistry  Cosmetic Dentistry  BriteSmile Teeth whitening
  7. 7. Contact details  Do not hesitate to contact us. Plan your trip and e-mail us with your profile. You will be answered within 24- hour with all details provided.  Convenience: Take a seat and RELAX for a while before taking your place at a dental chair. Our reception room is spacious, clean and convenient, where you could watch TV or read newspapers and magazines.
  8. 8.  Care and attention: Dentist team will take special care for you.  Feel VIP from your first visit to our place.
  9. 9.  Only in our clinic we use hypnosis as a hypnoanaestesia  or hypnoterapy for dental anxiety and dentophobia.
  10. 10.  Our specialists  - Dr Ventsislav Stoev  - Dr Bogomil Stoev  - Dr Ira Boncheva
  11. 11.  Very truly yours,  Dr. Ventsislav Stoev  Dial now +3592 470 1616 or +3592 988 0773!
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