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Diamond-Smile Presentation

  1. 1. Dental Clinic for Fine Arts. We draw smiles, the smiles if your dreams!
  2. 2. Esthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry for Your perfect smile. A complete makeover for a beautiful smile. This is our art, filled with passion for beauty, innovative ideas and precise analysis of your unique identity. Esthetic Dentistry is a fine art for designing beautiful smiles.
  3. 3. Sexy Smile Design Boutique solutions for Your Smile!
  4. 4. Smile makeover We would like to offer you a new, special method, full of magic, creativity and modern dental treatment with perfect results!
  5. 5. Sexy Smile Design What does the smile of your dreams look like? We will create a special smile, full of magic, with perfect results just for you, using the most contemporary techniques in aesthetic dentistry.
  6. 6. Smile makeover Quality and special attention to the detail! From the idea to the fulfillment! Our serious experience as well as the individual approach we apply to each client is the fact that makes us different and unique!
  7. 7. We work with the world's most modern and qualitative materials for great masterpieces of smiles. We aim at making you feel pleasant and comfortable, when you visit Dental Clinic Diamond Smile. Your satisfaction is our priority and pleasure. Nothing is impossible!
  8. 8. Smile Makeover
  9. 9. Spa dentistry Feel the touch of “First-class flight to Paris” Visiting our Spa Dental Clinic will be a wonderful moment for you because a friendly and experienced duo will take care of you. Luxury, pleasure and elegance. Indulge yourself in the combination of dental esthetics and spa therapy. You can’t miss it! Seize the day!
  10. 10. Diamond Smile offers a unique and refreshing approach to dental treatment through a captivating abundance of spa techniques and artistic atmosphere. The relaxation room is lightened up by the warm flames of aroma candles, pieces of art and fresh flowers are arranged to make even cozier. Inside you can listen to the soft sounds of a waterfall and relaxing music.
  11. 11. We would like to offer you a new, special method, full of magic, creativity and modern dental treatment with perfect results! Confidentiality and VIP attitude.
  12. 12. Sexy Smile Design Our friendly, qualified, and richly experienced team has over 17 years of dental practice and expertise and is on hand to provide you with all the quality and special attention that you require.
  13. 13. Lava™ Zirconia Crowns and Bridges - CAD/CAM technology
  14. 14. How to be exceptional with zirconium crowns and bridge from Diamond Smile Spa Dental Clinic Sofia? It is time for change. “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”Albert Einstein
  15. 15. LAVA TM Zirconia is a totally ceramic system from 3M ESPE
  16. 16. IPS Empress Aesthetic Veneer/Crown Why Porcelain Veneers from Diamond Smile Spa Dental Clinic Sofia ensure your perfect smile? You are precious! Invest in your health, beauty, security, success! Happiness brings new ideas. New ideas become your wealth in the future. Be unique! We give you this opportunity!
  17. 17. Porcelain Veneers/ Crown On your first visit at dental clinic DIAMOND SMILE, our dentist will take you through the different stages of treatment for your Porcelain Veneers, which gives you the opportunity to take active part in the design of your new smile. Your new Porcelain Veneers will grant you a beautiful naturally looking smile.
  18. 18. Dental Implants Think beautifully! Live beautifully! Smile beautifully! Laying an implant is painless, conducted with local anesthesia.
  19. 19. Dental Implants At Diamond Smile dental clinic Sofia, aesthetic improvement can be achieved also by several surgical manipulations: • remodeling of the soft and hard tissues; • management of the soft tissues during the healing period.
  20. 20. The dentists in our clinic use contemporary methods of implantation: 1. One-stage, immediate implantation 2.One-stage open implantation 3.Two-stage, delayed covered implantation
  21. 21. Book now and we will give you a reason to smile!
  22. 22. Be unique and get a diamond smile!