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Published in Technology
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  • 1. Traits :Inherited or Learned
  • 2. Genetics Background:Gregor Mendel
    First man to understand genetics
    He studied inheritance in Pea Plants
    Experimented with cross pollination
    Discovered difference between dominant and recessive traits.
  • 3. Dominant vs. Recessive
    Dominant trait always appears when present
    Recessive traits can recede in background
    Need two recessive alleles for trait to show
  • 4. Gregor Mendel's Punnett Square
    Dominant Allele
    Recessive Allele
  • 5. Homozygous vs. Heterozygous
    Homozygous = Two same alleles to make up a trait
    Ex. BB, bb
    Heterozygous = Two different alleles
    Ex. Bb
  • 6. Genes
    Hold info to build / maintain cells
    Pass genetic info to offspring
    Make up a sequence of DNA
  • 7. Allele
    Make up part of a gene
    Make up trait of a organism
    Need two alleles to make up a trait
  • 8. Genotype
    Full heredity information
    Determined fully by DNA
    Usually refers to specific character
  • 9. Phenotype
    Trait of organism
    Molecular, physical, behavioral
    Determined by genes as well as environment
    Also effected by evolution / natural selection
    Genotype + Environment = Phenotype
  • 10. Natural Selection
    Evolution of an organism
    Change occurs to help organism survive / reproduce
    Changes phenotype not genotype
  • 11. Inherited Traits
    Traits of a person determined by genes
    Not something that can be changed
    Ex. Eye color, skin color
  • 12. Environmental or Acquired Traits
    Things that effect organism that are learned
    Not effected by genes of organism
    Ex. Language a person speaks or accent
  • 13. Build your own Punnett Square
    Fill in the blanks
  • 14. Review
    Which of the following is a example of a Inherited trait?
    Hair color
    Favorite food
  • 15. Review
    Fill in the blank
    Genotype + __________ = Phenotype
    Is the allele combination BB or bb an example of homozygous or heterozygous trait?
  • 16. Review
    • Gregor Mendel studied cross-pollination in which type of plant?
    Pea plant
    • Are traits inherited, learned or a combination of both?