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  • 1. FacebookSuccessful Marketing & Advertising By: Vera Chung 1 1
  • 2. AgendaFacebook Fan PagesFacebook FlyersFacebook Widgets/ApplicationsThings to Note 2 2
  • 3. Fan Pages 3 3
  • 4. PringlesGreat use of videoInviting, laid backtoneEngage fan reviews,discussions andoriginal interactivegames 4 4
  • 5. PringlesVideos: easy toconsume, “viral”contentPringles onlinefanbase respond wellto comedyLow budgetproductions withlittle editing 5 5
  • 6. PringlesFan page allowsdistribution ofcontent without adplacementsFans “like” them, thisaction is repeated intheir newsfeeds 6 6
  • 7. StarbucksActive engagementStatus updates,provide t wo waycommunicationKeeps page fresh withnew contentGive fans reasons toreturn 7 7
  • 8. AdidasLots of contentvariety, good videos,pictures and notesContests 8 8
  • 9. AdidasContests bringvariety to a page,engages fans and hasability to directlyincrease revenue byintroducing customersto brand 9 9
  • 10. AdidasTeamed up with MTVto run an exclusivecontestPrize: All expensespaid house partyCampaign success:prize and partnerresonates withdemographic 10 10
  • 11. AdidasPromote contest onfan page before &after contestShared winner’s blogposts, photos andvideos from the partyAll elements resultedin a whole lot of fanengagement 11 11
  • 12. Red BullFun content that fansinteract and connectwithIncorporation ofTwitter into their fanpageTweets fromsponsored athletes(instant cool points) 12 12
  • 13. Red BullContent and appsthat break out ofgeneric FB mouldEg: Let fans ratephone calls of peoplewho “drunkdialed” theRed Bull 1800 numberFunny and encouragesfan engagement 13 13
  • 14. Dunkin’ DonutsSweepstakes: Fanspost photos ofthemselves withdrink to page wall,update their ownprofile with thepicture, entered towin daily giveawayDD update their profilewith winning image 14 14
  • 15. Dunkin’ DonutsPrizes are themed forsummer and include aniPhone, flatscreen TV,clothes and flightsPlus winning photobeing featured ontheir profile 15 15
  • 16. TargetPositions itself as ahip and budgetconscious alternativeto mall storesChose to directvisitors to their“Vote” tab 16 16
  • 17. TargetDonates to a goodcauseAllows fans toparticipate andspread the word withinteractive voting 17 17
  • 18. Flyers 18 18
  • 19. BOSO (Buy Or Sell Online)Auction site foruniversity studentsHybrid of Facebookand eBayTrade within youruniversity there areadvantages includinggreater trust, goodsexchange in person... 19 19
  • 20. BOSO (Buy Or Sell Online)Short snappymessagesTap into somethingthat is hot at themoment providesextra attention 20 20
  • 21. BOSO (Buy Or Sell Online)Short snappymessages, somethingthat is hot at themomentE.g. ZidaneheadbuttingMatteratziafter aBBC documentaryabout bribery in FApremier league 21 21
  • 22. BOSO (Buy Or Sell Online)Most successfulfacebook ad run byBoso taps into theway pop culturalmemes are amplified inschool“We ran this one 2weeks ago linkingdirectly to boso.com/mywife” 22 22
  • 23. Social SupplementsMock campaignFound ugly pictures offellow developers, heldcompetition to seewhose ad got clickedon the most 23 23
  • 24. Widgets/Apps 24 24
  • 25. SonyWidget: members biteeach other to receivepoints (over 3 millionusers)Sony pictures, parentcompany of vampirehorror film rebrandedapplication, launchedsweepstakes contest 25 25
  • 26. SonyBanner ads on widgetto promote movieFishing where the fishare: Sony figured outwhere existingcommunity wasCampaign live for 3weeks, there were59,100 entries 26 26
  • 27. AdobeAsked fans whetherthey thought a seriesof images were “Realor Fake?”More than 11,500plays in first t woweeks, 6% clicked“Buy Now” on finalgame page 27 27
  • 28. AdobeEach week, 5 imageswere provided. Userschallenged to decidedwhether they wereoriginal or doctoredAnswer screensincluded links totutorials, showedusers how effect wasachieved using Adobe 28 28
  • 29. Talk like your audience, talk with your audience, not to your audience. Converse, don’t tellInteractive elements engage participationContests that include participation (referrals)Encourage return visits - increase engagement by giving users a reason to returnSomething viral encourages the use of ‘share’ function’Stay relevant with frequent updatesLink to other social net working platformsDon’t take yourself too seriouslyImmediate call for action is needed! There has to be something the user is expected to doMake use of facebook elements (profile photo, newsfeed...) 29 29