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Ap wao2011 v1

  1. 1. Corporate Presentation - 2011
  2. 2. who we areHland started in 2004. Was presented to In 2007, We assume formally our 2009 – the year of change. Hland becamethe market under the insignia Land, with a multidisciplinary reorganizing ourselves Wao, lda, assuming a new attitude andcore business primarily dedicated to new internally and externally into three specific philosophy towards the market and, undertechnologies. However, it soon became areas of action: the umbrella brand We Are One offering itsnecessary to respond to other areas of land - creative strategic ideas, costumers a new image and five business areascommunication requested by our costumers. lot - land of technology, that include and provide to the market all love - for brands. expertise and knowledge acquired along the last 6 years.
  3. 3. who we are2004 2007 2009 Brand Strategy Interaction Graphic Design CREATIVE STRATEGIC IDEAS Identity & Brand Design Reaction Editorial Design DIGITAL TRENDS Brand Experience Attraction Architecture and DESIGN FOR BRANDS Brand Management layout of spaces FUNDRAISING CONSULTING and environments TOURISM & PLACES PROMOTION Events
  5. 5. what we do y ntitnd Brand Naming, Creation IdeBra Experie nce Implementation, and Brand Design & esign Communication and Brand Dissemination D Br ana M an ge tegy Stra nd d me Bra nt Diagnosis, Market Monitoring, and Brand Research Training and and Strategy Tools of the TradeCREATIVE STRATEGIC IDEASDIGITAL TRENDSDESIGN FOR BRANDSFUNDRAISING CONSULTINGTOURISM & PLACES PROMOTION
  6. 6. what we do n Attractio Interaction Web Trends, Usability and Design, Accessibility On-line Campaign Management and Reaction Social Engineering Social Networking,CREATIVE STRATEGIC IDEAS On-line CommunitiesDIGITAL TRENDS andViral CampaignsDESIGN FOR BRANDSFUNDRAISING CONSULTINGTOURISM & PLACES PROMOTION
  7. 7. what we do Creation, Production and Paging, Books, Brochures, Monitoring of Communication Catalogs, Magazines,... Materials, Flyers, Brochures, rial Posters, Mupis, Outdoors, dito n E sig Packaging and Merchandising De e tectutrof hic rchiayou A l rap n G sig and es and ts De spacronmen envi Layout of Stands and Shops, ents Signs and Displays EvCREATIVE STRATEGIC IDEAS Organization, Management,DIGITAL TRENDS Dissemination and PromotionDESIGN FOR BRANDSFUNDRAISING CONSULTINGTOURISM & PLACES PROMOTION
  8. 8. what we do Audit Audit Campaigns and Ways of Raising Funds Already Implemented or Under Implementation, Analysis and Evaluation of Results Strategy Creation and Development of Best Practice for Fundraising Management Campaign Management to Raise FundsCREATIVE STRATEGIC IDEASDIGITAL TRENDSDESIGN FOR BRANDSFUNDRAISING CONSULTINGTOURISM & PLACES PROMOTION
  9. 9. what we do Audit Audit and Assessment of Local Resources Planning &Strategy Creation of a Strategic Plan Promotion of Booth Territory and Equipment Creation & Promotion Implementation of the Strategic and Promotional PlanCREATIVE STRATEGIC IDEASDIGITAL TRENDSDESIGN FOR BRANDSFUNDRAISING CONSULTINGTOURISM & PLACES PROMOTION
  10. 10. our team We are a group of people with strong skills proven in various areas of communication and marketing that has come together to seek and create a new insight in this area. A global vision that makes a unique brand a part of a sustainable world.
  11. 11. we are responsible We believe that we should have a positive contribute to the society and should be aware of the social and environmental impacts of our company. This may provide direct advantages for the business and We believe that the ensure the long-term competitiveness. principle of giving back Our policy is to support and had dynamic to the work off associations that we identify ourselves socially. Every year helps creating a better we support the creation of projects and actions of NPOs. world.
  12. 12. some of the clients that our teamworked along the years
  13. 13. our clients
  14. 14. some awardswe have won
  15. 15. we are awarded Futura Award 2008 for best outdoor advertising, with “Fundão, comércio tradicional”. What is the Futura Award? Is a national award, which recognizes annually the best projects in the field of communication design and print production and labeling.
  16. 16. we are awarded Wolda Award 2009 for best international logos, with “Viagens Portuguesas”. What is the Wolda Award? Is an international award that selects and rewards the best logos worldwide. Originally from Eulda (European Logo Design Annual), Wolda has a jury of 10 top design professionals, 10 marketing directors and 10 members of public associations connected to advertising and marketing. Is the first and only award scheme endorsed by more than 100 design associations and schools. And is endorsed by icograda (the world body for professional communication design and a partner of the International Design Alliance)
  17. 17. thank you
  18. 18. MACB, Lote 157Apartado 439 Fundão6230-909 FUNDÃOTel: +351 275 776 243info@weareone.ptwww.weareone.pt(C) MMX WAO, LDA.