Why is Cloud Computing Ideal for Start-Ups?


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According to predictions by leading authorities in IT, by 2014, most of the small businesses will spend as much as $100 billion on cloud computing services. What makes this latest IT innovation so perfect for start-ups? Read more.

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Why is Cloud Computing Ideal for Start-Ups?

  1. 1. Why is Cloud Computing Ideal for Start-Ups?
  2. 2. Start-ups usually struggle with two issues – frugality and big dreams. The common dread is of having their tightly budgeted resources depleted by expenses, both accounted and unaccounted for. By using alternate innovative means like cloud computing, these start-ups can drastically reduce their operation costs.
  3. 3. So, why exactly is cloud computing so great for startups? Here are top 5 reasons why every start-up needs to seriously consider using cloud-based services:  Lower capital expenditure  Scope for greater innovation  Fast and easy flexibility and scalability  Disaster Recovery  Automatic updates
  4. 4. Lower capital expenditure Cloud computing offers ‘pay-as-you-consume’ services A start-up needs to conserve its precious finances It is faster to deploy And, so, start-ups have fewer project start up costs to begin with
  5. 5. Scope for greater innovation  Since start-ups get to save resources, they can channelize that into other innovative tasks  More time, money and manpower can be devoted to building the company’s core strengths  Instead of getting bogged down by tedious expenses, they can now enjoy the freedom to make their dreams come true
  6. 6. Fast and easy flexibility and scalability  Demands for expansion can be met with instantly  In a competitive market environment, this ability to quickly meet business demands is crucial  No need to waste time in planning, purchasing and executing  The cloud company takes care of everything
  7. 7. Disaster Recovery  Cloud computing relieves start-ups from spending money on expensive disaster recovery systems  Their disaster management and recovery processes are much more advanced and faster  Studies have found that start-ups had a faster recovery time than large companies – almost twice as fast
  8. 8. Automatic Updates  Software and security updates form a crucial part of any website’s maintenance  Companies end up spending almost a quarter of a month on taking care of updates and server maintenance  Cloud computing frees up a company’s valuable time and resources  It also ensures that they get the most advanced and latest updates for their systems and software
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