Hire virtual employees who works exactly like a local employee


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Hire virtual employees who works exactly like a local employee

  1. 1. This is Ajay and his brother VijayAjay works as an IT consultant in London earning 450 pounds aday.Ajays elder brother, Vijay, works in India forVirtualEmployee.com and earns far less than his sibling despitebeing better qualified. ‘Since both the brothers are working in the IT sector, Ajay wouldoften call up Vijay from London whenever he faced an ITproblem. Vijay would solve these issues almost effortlessly.
  2. 2. John, CEO of Ajay’s company thought he had no otheroption but to work with someone like Ajay since; He wanted to keep all the data in his own office. Interact with the employee face to face and hold regular meetings. He was also concerned about managing day to day work from a remote location.
  3. 3. Basically he wanted to work with a dedicated employee just like Ajay. Then one fine day John’s friend Marlon introduced him to VirtualEmployee.com and all his concerns were resolved.
  4. 4. VE does exactly what John needs. It provides:Keep all the data in his own office.1. Access to computer from John’s office.2. Virtualization – Employee directly works on VE Dell Servers.See/interact with the employee face to face.1. Video conference facility for face to face interaction2. Collaborative tools for sharing documents/presentations for meetings.
  5. 5. Concerned about managing day to day work froma remote location.Vijay works from VE office but reports DIRECTLY to John.Vijay works DEDICATEDLY for John.John is in complete control as he has access to his data at all times.John project manages the work and decides how Vijay works with him.
  6. 6. VE provides and manages a professional office environment in India on behalf of John.Employee services like payroll, taxes, and benefits etc. is managed by VE.Vijay is provided with all the necessary IT hardware and software.AND MUCH MORE…
  7. 7. And The Best part is….Now John can; Setup a branch office in India at “Zero” setup cost. Hire employees in any field or profession and not just IT. Visit his office at any time, no need of any permission Scale up and down with ease. No long term commitment. Monthly payment cycle.
  8. 8. Thank YouSo in short John can work with Vijay from INDIA just like heworks with Ajay in LONDON.Call us or fill in the Get Started form for more details.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTOADF_s86Y&feature=youtu.becall us – (+1) 760 284 4609 | (+44) 208 099 3086Get Started - http://www.virtualemployee.com/get-started