Advantages of's Recruitment Process


Published on's unique recruitment process has six distinct advantages, ranging from freedom to handpick candidate resumes to testing them and interviewing them face-to-face in real time. The end result? A 'customised' employee, perfectly suited for you!

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Advantages of's Recruitment Process

  1. 1. Advantages of VirtualEmployee.coms Recruitment Process
  2. 2. VirtualEmployee.coms UniqueRecruitment Process  Our HR team will recruit anyone in India for you  You are not just limited to working with our in-house staff  We provide you with the employee you are looking to hire  We have access to the massive talent pool that is India  You get a CUSTOMIZED EMPLOYEE
  3. 3. Six Significant Advantages OfOur Recruitment Process  It is just like recruiting locally – with the same control and flexibility  We search for the exact skills that you wish in an employee  You get ample opportunity to thoroughly assess the ability of all the candidates  You have access a huge talent pool because we will recruit anyone in India for your job vacancy  Our technical project consultants are involved in the recruitment process  Our recruitment service is completely free, so you have nothing to lose
  4. 4. Get a Customised Employee  Our expert recruitment managers make sure you get an employee who is the right fit for you  Only those resumes are sent to you which closely match your criteria  You are spared the tedious task of sifting through piles of resumes  So, you get enough time to throughly check the most suitable resumes
  5. 5. Our Dual Screening Process FiltersOnly The Best Candidates  First round of face-to-face interviews with our Recruitment Managers and, if need be, with Senior Technical Project Managers  Tests for gauging the technical skill sets of the shortlisted candidates  Further shortlisting of candidates who successfully pass these tests  A final round of face-to-face interviews with selected candidates conducted by the client
  6. 6. Pick And Choose From A VastTalent Pool  India has one of the largest technical talent pools in the world  From software professionals to legal experts, engineering geniuses and finance wizards; from skilled Internet marketers to talented content writers, a client can hire the very best and we get them for you
  7. 7. Assign Tests To YourCandidates Thats right. Just as you would assign tests to a local candidate to test their technical ability and skill sets, you can do the same when you are hiring a Virtual Employee. You can assign tests to the shortlisted candidates who will answer these tests within the supervised office of
  8. 8. Interview Candidates ViaVideo Conference  One of the biggest advantages of our recruitment process  Clients can interview candidates face-to-face via Video Conference in real time  See and hear your candidate instead of just a telephonic conversation over an international connection  Gauge the candidates body language and personality  Make a more informed decision
  9. 9. Be In Control Of The HiringProcess • The VE Advantage is that the client makes the final decision on who gets hired • A client doesnt have to make do with any randomly selected candidate or the first available in-house staff • Every employee gets handpicked by the client personally • This gives every client a sense of assurance and confidence in the employee who gets to work for them
  10. 10. Thank You… To have a complete look at the article visit:- Getting Your Employee- Advantages of our Recruitment Process- VE Advantage