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Wella Viva Communication Strategy Document

  1. 1. April 20Wella VivaCommunicationStrategy 2011“Are you a fiery lion hiding under a pale mane? Or maybe a sexy blackpanther, which has never really dared to go beyond Brunette? Viva Angelogives you options you never knew you had to live the life you want to…Let Viva take you there….” Veotte
  2. 2. Well Viva Communication Strategy What do I want to say?Wella Viva is about self-expression, playfulness and confidence. With Viva you are making astatement and changing your mood. Your hair and how it looks is an extension of your identity. Itallows you to live different lifestyles, be different people and try new things. What is my product or service benefit? And what is my Brand benefit?Brand Positioning Statement“Are you a fiery lion hiding under a pale mane? Or maybe a sexy black panther, which hasnever really dared to go beyond Brunette? Viva gives you options you never knew you had tolive the life you want to… Let Viva take you there….”1Wella Viva is an entry level hair colorant. It is focused on younger ladies who want to ‘play’ withtheir hair and are discovering their identity. Wella Viva is a part of the Wella Professional portfolio,which is famous for shaping the fashion trends of hair for more than five decades. Wella Viva givestheir consumer the opportunity to access these fashion styles and colors at a reasonable cost.Brand Values are: TRANSFORMATIONAL; Emotional benefits of beauty, cool, sociallyacceptable; Remake identity, fashionable and Finding “True self.”1 Partially from www.Viva.com “Are you a fiery lion hiding under a pale mane? Or maybe a sexy black panther, which hasnever really dared to go beyond Brunette?”
  3. 3. The product provides a broad range of colors, including bright reds, metal blondes, purples andblacks. It provides average performance in terms of hair health, quality of materials andconditioning. Who is my target market?Target Customer2 : Anyone who wants to color their hairCampaign Target : Young (12-29) female; fashion oriented; school, workingMedia Target : New Category Users (NCU)Creative Target : Young lady, seeking self-expression, recognition and social status. She is the decider, purchaser and user in most casesCategory Need : Color hair, positive social perception; self-confidenceBenefits : Transformational, Self-expression, social acceptanceThe primary media target is new category users. Viva is an entry level brand, which draws in newusers based on fashion, rebellion and seeking a ‘new’ identity. This builds the habit of coloring andmoves them into the other Wella Professional brands.A secondary target market is the brand loyals, currently using Viva as a form of self-expression. Itwould help if the campaign can re-affirm the reasons they choose Viva.2 See Figure 1: Long Form Positioning Statement
  4. 4. What is the customer need or want?The Wella Viva consumer has either a present or latent need to be cool, fashionable, desirable and /or confident.Wella Viva is driven by extreme positive emotions: • Sensory gratification : With a new fashionable look. • Social Approval : To fit in, be noticed and be cool. Vehicle for self-expression. • Social affirmation : I had not thought of coloring my hair, and it looks cool.The consumer needs a trusted confident, who is knowledgeable about fashion to help her discoverparts of herself she has never explored.This is a high involvement category and support in terms of believability of trusted confident (WellaProfessional) is critical to drive action. This is done through engaging and involving the consumerin choices in a safe environment to drive experimental new brand usage. There is High risk associated with the outcome for the consumer, so the event needs to beslowly coached and made more easily accessible. 3Importance : Self-Expression & FashionDelivery : Height of Fashion; Fashion Advisor for cosmetic and clothes; recognized in Fashion industry as part of Wella Brand.Uniqueness : Fashion leader, color range3 See Figure 2: ‘Behavioural Sequence Model.’
  5. 5. We recommend the utilization of high-involvement / transformational brand preference tactics. Thiswould include: 1. The utilization of archetypical, emotional and instinctual selling propositions. We have done this before and examples are attached.4 2. The advert must be seen as emotional and authentic. 3. The transformational benefits can be extreme (potentially overclaimed.) 4. See the example where the range is showed at the end of the archetypical introduction, as credible informational benefits. (http://www.besthaircolor.org/833/viva-hair-color-by- wella/) 5. The presenter must be aspirational for our target audience.What worked well in the past are demonstrators, couponing, online simulations5 and competitions. How does my product meet their need better than competitors?Category IDU Review Importance or Desirability Delivery Uniqueness Self-Expression Wella Viva, 100% Color, Fashion Color Scheme High Fashion Trendsetter Highlights (Revlon, NNE, L’Oreal, Garnier- Permanence of color Grey Cover Nutrisse) No. of Brands or Roots number of shades4 See Figure 3 “Archetypes”5 See Figure 5 “Online Personality Quiz – Find your True Color.”
  6. 6. Entry level brands such as Wella Viva and 100% Color by Garnier are more cheaply priced, for theyoung female market, which tends to have lower disposable income. The willingness to pay of thetarget market is low, as this is generally an experimental product usage and benefits are largelypsychological rather than physically deliverable, as compared with more mainstream better qualitybrands.Wella Viva has more of a history through Wella Professional, which can be seen to have been quiteavant-garde6 versus Garnier which is market separately from L’Oreal, it’s holding company. Thisprovides Wella with a stronger delivery with respect to the trusted fashion advisor.The mass market brands such as Nice & Easy and L’Oreal are focused on an older demographic andthe importance is grey coverage, and fashion. These brands are priced at a premium and areexpected to deliver on key aspects such as hair health and long term permanence of color. What do I want customers to think, feel and do as a result of seeing my communication material?Communication Objectives: • Category Need: This has been covered in depth previously. Hence the marcomm campaign has to appeal to the category needs identified. Problem Avoidance, Sensory gratification, Social Approval, Negative ending motive or / and Social affirmation. • Brand Awareness: For Wella Viva, there is a need for both brand recall and recognition, as this is a high involvement category. This therefore requires both strong brand identification and the development of the category need for the consumer.6 See Historical Wella Fashion – Figure 3 “Wella The Fashion Advisor – 2010”
  7. 7. • Brand Preference: Our focus here is on those who are unaware or have a moderate preference. This goal will be in create a ‘strong preference’ in these two groups. • Brand Action Intention: In previous campaigns, we used the online personality hair color simulations. We found that attaching coupons to these consumers worked well to measure success through purchases with retailers, where we were able to track coupon usage. Creating brand action intention continues to be a major objective for this campaign. • Purchase Facilitation: Purchase behaviour shows that consumers make decisions both prior to coming the stores, as well as in the stores. Often the consumer comes to the store to buy a ‘color’ brand but makes the final choice of color and brand at the shelf. For this purpose, we are looking at the idea of partnering with the national ‘beauty retailer’ to run an in-store competition. We would like ideas on this type of campaign, were we could tie in the retailers beauty equity with Viva.Key Goals of Communication • 10% of ongoing consumers are NCU tracked through coupon redemption. • Increase brand recall of 40% amongst target audience by 50%. What is constraints are there?In terms of the Wella Viva brand the constraints are: • Limited budget. As this is entry level low priced product, we cannot afford any kind of television advertising. The choice of media must be oriented to what drives interaction with the target audience. We need to develop a ‘relationship’ with our target audience and
  8. 8. become their confident. Media which goes viral, or is seen as cool, at low cost will be ideal. See our website for how we have created an online interaction based on personality tests, which help reveal your true identity.7 The Viva Make-over competition worked very well for us as well, as there was user generated content and ‘free’ advertising through the media. • This is a young vibrant brand, which allows us to be more avant-garde than most clients. This needs to be kept in line with the ‘professional’ Wella brand, so that we do not bring into disrepute. • The timing of this campaign needs to be ready to roll-out in Spring. It is now August 2011, and we need to ensure that any print media in support is briefed in by October 2011 for Spring Issue. This time constraint is critical, as there will be no flexibility with all suppliers focused on Christmas execution, and March being locked down. What media should be used?As briefed above, we would like to look at alternative types of media, including specifically onlinesocial media. Traditionally, we have run strong in-store demonstrator programs, print advertising,and online competitions. We are open to alternative types of media. One of the ideas we have is ofpotentially looking at partnering with a beauty magazine, retailer or beauty / fashion show, which istargeted towards the correct demographic. Any examples or ideas for this will be useful.7 Figure 6: Online Personality Testing
  9. 9. AppendixFigure 1: Long Form Positioning StatementVIVABrand Wella VivaTarget Customer 1. Target customer type and description Anyone who wants to color their hair. that includes all realistic potential and actual buyers. 2. Campaign Target audience Young (12-29) female; fashion oriented; school, working 3. Media Target New category users. 4. Creative target Young lady, seeking self-expression, recognition and social status. She is the decider, purchaser and user in most cases.Category Need 1. Customer need 2. Alternative brands that the target Semi-permanent brands like Loving Care or audience considers. lasting Color.Benefits 1. Key Benefit to be emphasized. Transformation 2. Key benefit claim chain Attributes: Color hair, Fashion advisor status (TRANSFORMATIONALLY Benefits: Radical or slight change; make-over MOTIVATED) – Purely positive end Emotional: TRANSFORMATIONAL; benefits benefit focus and emotional focus. of beauty, cool, socially acceptable; Find “True self.” 3. Entry-ticket benefit, or benefits, to be Fashionista. Wella Professional is a salon brand mentioned: with Wella Professionals the best in the world. 4. Inferior benefit to be traded off with Product may not last as long as ‘natural’ hair lower price and short to medium lasting colorants. The key benefit for the consumer is not coverage to be deliberately omitted. grey coverage. It is to be changed frequently and make a different statement regularly.
  10. 10. Figure 2. Behavioural Sequence ModelWHAT Need Arousal Information search and Store choice and Usage evaluation alternatives purchaseWHO Young female: Friends, fashion advisors, Mother, customer, Consumer Feeling drab; new user, season; going to new education,WHERE Learning institution, Online, fashion Home, social Home or friends office, party, magazines, television, in gathering, store, house. stores.WHEN Any time On the spot with some 1-15 days from 1-7 days from flexibility. In the store, decision. purchase. looking at the different colors.HOW Moving to a new Friends, rock-stars, movie Decide color, brand, 4 to 6 weeks(frequency) year of school, stars, fashion shows, range before or in changing job, finding music videos, MTV, store. High risk – new partner, Joining seeking information. new social group.
  12. 12. Figure 4: Wella – The Fashion Advisor (2010) 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 2000
  13. 13. Figure 5: Viva Make-over CompetitionWella invites you to discover your creative talent by taking part in the Wella Viva Makeover "MoreColor. More Fun" online competition. Simply visit www.viva-color.com and get the chance to walkaway with a sexy new Nokia 8800 or a funky 4GB iPod Nano.Figure 6: Online Personality TestsOutcomes