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Group Project White Caps Fc

  1. 1. Professional Sports MarketOh Canada!! Tier 1 Hockey - CanucksTier 2 Lacrosse - Ravens Baseball - Vancouver Giants BC Lions - FootballFailures - Basketball – NBA Grizzlies
  2. 2. Is Canada a football nation?? Sport Mens WomensCurling (WCF World Rankings) 1 2Ice hockey (IIHF World Ranking) 2 1Baseball (IBAF World Rankings) 7 3Rugby union (IRB World Rankings) 15 -Cricket (World Cricket League) 16 -Volleyball (FIVB World Rankings) 20 24Basketball (FIBA World Rankings) 23 12Tennis (ITF Rankings) 37 15Soccer (FIFA World Rankings) 80 9120,000 registered soccer players in British Columbia.More than basketball, football, hockey and baseball combined.
  3. 3. THE CHALLENGE Awareness, Fans, Sponsors and Television Ticket Sales airtime Canucks Crazy HockeyInternational Players Franchises International Coaches BudgetPromotions, Awareness Campaigns and Image creation
  4. 4. Launch CampaignAnnouncement Seat Selection Audience Social MediaOn Face Book Strategy Casting Endorsements Bill Boards Guerilla Models/ Marketing Stars 1 year 30 Day Campaign
  5. 5. Video
  6. 6. Authority & Endorsement Canadian Hero Vancouver Hero Hockey Hero International Coach
  7. 7. Big League & International Players
  8. 8. New Stadium
  9. 9. Online
  10. 10. Pricing Canucks Sold out. • Craigs list pricing; • Single ticket $120 • Pair $200
  11. 11. 30 day countdown Activation‘Countdown ‘til Kickoff’ Fratelli’s Bakery (Feb 26) Body-Painted Jersey (Mar 4) Downtown Building Projection (Mar 11) Mass blitz giving away scarves Breaking pinatas and blowing vuvuzelas
  12. 12. Billboards
  13. 13. Whitecaps Idol
  14. 14. Online You-tube CampaignsCoach – Providing Fans with TipsCountdown High Energy Street Soccer School Soccer AppearancesTargeting - Young professionals; Freestylers;Family; Young players
  15. 15. Guerilla Marketing Campaigns
  16. 16. Guerilla Marketing Campaigns
  17. 17. Will Vancouverites become soccer fans?
  18. 18. Primary Target Consumer• Male – 18 to 34• Ethnicity – international / cosmopolitan• Young Student Professional• Sports / action minded / Hockey fans• Ambitious• Psych/Behavioral • Lack of connection by internationals to historical Canadian sports.
  19. 19. Focus on Affect (Emotions)
  20. 20. Means end Chain Bundle of Value MediaAttributes Benefits Satisfaction Campaign
  21. 21. Means end Chain - Concrete ValueAttributes Bundle of Benefits Media Campaign Satisfaction Foreign, Global World Cup Connection, International Coach andRanking World class relevance; Players. European Football (MLS) Competitive Expertise and imagery. authority Viral marketing. Iconic Statues/Inukshuk.Vancouver Whitecaps is Vancouvers Excitement Vancouverisms (Rain, Based team New Tojo’s, Skytrain, Gastown, Grouse Mountain). Sport, Spend time together, follow Street soccer Credibility Soccer team performance. Grassroots program.
  22. 22. Means end Chain - Abstract Attributes Bundle of Benefits Value Satisfaction Media Campaigns Shared Interests / International Coach andInternational/ Global Citizen. On the Social Grouping / Players Profiled.Cosmopolitan world stage. Pride. Subculture European Football imagery. Leisure time Street & Office Soccer Fun Game Entertainment Excitement Humor in viral campaigns. Inspiration. Collectivism/ History, fan club. Jerseys and Club / Clan Diversity; Part of Sense of belonging merchandise. Community Different from Hockey. Cutting Edge. Cool New & not Multicultural selection of New Identity. Self Connection, Relevance Canadian. actors for viral campaigns. Expression & belonging
  23. 23. Persuasion and Influence Leverage established societal norms and behaviorsHeuristic (Heuristic) by engaging with references to Hockey, Vancouver city sites, people, places and venues. Develop a new story (Systematic process) that buildsSystematic on the Heuristic rule and brings new attitude.
  24. 24. Principles of compliance & forces to actCommitment/Consistency n/a Seat selection strategyScarcity 1 year & 30 day countdown Broad ethnic representationSocial Guerilla marketingValidation Vancouver community endorsements – Italian, Asian & Hispanic,
  25. 25. Principles of compliance & forces to act Star players *Eric Hassli* Model Billboard.Liking Tie to Canadian culture (Authority) ( Trevor lindon, Bryan Adams, BC lions endorsement ) International CoachAuthority Brian Adams, Sedin BrothersReciprocity Merchandise give-aways
  26. 26. Force-field analysis Forces to Act B Soccer Non A Canadian CountdownSeat Selection R Game 1 year/ 30 day R I Embarrassment Ethnic Community E representation Endorsement R S BoredomGuerilla Star playersMarketing T O International Fear & Regret Bill Boards Coaches and A Giveaways C T Price
  27. 27. Force-field analysis Barriers to act Soccer Non Countdown B T CanadianSeat Selection Game 1 year/ 30 day A OEthnic Community R Embarrassmentrepresentation Endorsement R AGuerilla Star players I C BoredomMarketing E TBill Boards International Coaches and R Fear & Regret Giveaways S Price
  28. 28. Force-field analysis Reducing the barriers Soccer Non Canadian Countdown GameSeat Selection Vancouver life 1 year/ 30 day Popular culture Embarrassment Numerous Video Ethnic Community executions representation Endorsement New StadiumGuerilla MLS Membership Star playersMarketing International Coach & Player roaster Boredom International $30 Ticket Bill Boards Coaches and Fear & Regret Giveaways Price
  29. 29. Force-field analysis CountdownSeat Selection 1 year/ 30 day Ethnic Community representation EndorsementGuerilla Star playersMarketing International Bill Boards Coaches and Giveaways
  30. 30. Channel factorsCan you identify any channel factors??
  31. 31. Will they be Successful??The first match was sold out – 25,000 fans.What worked? • Guerilla Marketing – Low budget and very creative. • Countdown • Positioning Whitecaps as Vancouver’s team (Community, international and multi-cultural.) • Endorsements /Authority
  32. 32. Will they be Successful??What did not work? Ethics – Attention versus Ethics Attention grabbing but inconsistent. Issues with Bell Public Outcry 400,000 hits versus next closest 10,000.
  33. 33. Will they be Successful??What Next? 30 day count down over How tokeep the momentum going? Maintain interest and excitement. Enrich connection – maintain focus on Affect. Instill new ritual – maintain systematic process. Build community – commitment & consistency with consumer base.
  34. 34. Thank you.. Questions?Angelo Veotte, Mayukh Debnath, Murray Jess and Vicky L.