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  • 1. NAME: Gavino, Arvenz C. DATE SUBMITTED: September 27, 2012COURSE/SECTION: BSIE/ENG204 OUTPUT F2 I. TOPIC: Social Stratification II. DATE : September 25, 2012 III. KEY CONCEPT: Social Stratification refers to the hierarchical arrangement of individual into divisions of power and wealth within a society. Stratification is the structured ranking of entire groups of people that perpetuates unequal economic rewards and power in a society. There are three elements of social stratification; class, status and power. Class is division of people in society by their relationship to the means of production. Status refers to the social position that an individual occupies in society. And power refers to the ability of an individual to get other people to do "what he wants them to do with or without their consent“. IV. PARTICIPATION IN DISCUSSION: First of all, I have learned new English term which is “stratification”. Stratification is a ranking of group of people in the society according to their wealth and unequal power. It is about the division of the society within status, wealth, prestige, power and class- that there are people who may not achieve all of these, some of them acquire power but not prestige, wealth but not power, and status but not wealth. I have learned also the reason why ranking of people are needed and how stratification is essential to a society. It is important to know ourSociology w/ anthropology/erik choi 1 1
  • 2. roles, our priority and it prevents conflict that can cause damages not only to the individual but to the whole group.Sociology w/ anthropology/erik choi 1 1